Sam Tabar: International Hedge Fund Management

In today’s business world, financial firms know the importance of hedge funds and the role they play in financial markets everywhere. As a result, hedge fund managers regularly meet with experts around the world to discuss how the latest trends in world markets will affect hedge funds. Therefore, it’s vital that those experts be able to not only have an in-depth knowledge of the subject, but also be able to convey the information to clients in an easy-to-understand manner. When it comes to having these and other abilities, there’s no one better than Sam Tabar. With experience as both an attorney and investment professional, Sam is as qualified as possible to help clients tackle the toughest issues.

With his vast international background in business and law, Sam knows exactly what it takes to have success in this arena. Having always had an interest in the Asia-Pacific region, makes it clear Sam set out early on to learn as much as he could about the economics and financial markets of that area. Meeting regularly with clients around the globe, he can be found meeting one day with company executives in Hong Kong and the next day be on Wall Street consulting with top executives from major U.S. companies.

Because of his excellent reputation, Sam has always been in high demand from top brokerage firms and law firms. One of his crowning achievements within the past several years has been his successful run with PMA Investment Advisors, where he was put in charge of one of the world’s largest and most profitable hedge funds. Despite the fund’s value of $2 billion, Sam was determined to see its value grow even more. As the company’s Director of Capital Strategies, Sam set out to use various cutting-edge strategies developed over the years to take his firm to the top of the industry. Meeting regularly with investors around the world, he eventually built up a file of more than 2,000 investors with whom he interacted with on a regular basis. As a result of his never-ending quest for excellence, Sam was able to increase the fund’s worth to nearly $4 billion, a feat experts never thought possible. Continuing to show he has the right stuff, Sam’s results speak for themselves.

Franchise Growth Expected in 2016


According to the Nightly Business Report, United States franchises are expected to grow by 1.7 percent by the end of the year. The International Franchise Association says that if their predictions are correct, there will be over 795,932 franchises by year end.
Additionally, hiring by those franchises is expected to increase throughout 2016 with an expected increase of 3.1 percent. If predictions are correct, then 9.1 million people will be working in a franchise.
Officials akin to Marc Sparks say that one of the reasons that more people will be looking to buy franchises is the weakness in the oil market. As people stop making money in oil, they naturally start looking for another area where they can invest their funds.
According to Forbes Magazine, some of the best franchises to consider buying include:


  • Brightway Insurance


  • MaidPro


  • Right at Home


  • Discovery Map


  • Just Between Friends

With the oil market expected to remain weak throughout 2016, the association may be right about this being the year to invest in a franchise.

Sanjay Shah And His Autism Rocks Fund

Sanjay Shah is the creator of Autism Rocks. Shah is a man that has always been ambitious. Shah believed that he wanted to work in Medicine for many years. After beginning his college education, he realized that medicine was not for him, so he changed his major. Sanjay Shah decided that he was going to finish college and get a degree in accounting. Shah showed exceptional skill when it came to accounting and banking. Soon he was working in some of the most well known banks in all of Europe.

In 2009 there was a big financial crisis, and Shah found himself to be without a job. He was very upset because he needed to be able to continue to provide for himself and his family. Shah decided to make another big decision, and he started his own brokerage company. That company is known as Solo Capital.

Shah Started Autism Rocks because of his young son that was diagnosed with Autism. Autism is still not very well understood, and Shah wanted to be able to get more information about Autism.  Shah decided that he was going to start Autism Rocks. Autism Rocks is a foundation that holds concerts; all of the funds that come from the concert go to research for Autism. Some very famous individuals such as Prince, Drake, and Snoop Dog have all performed in these concerts.

Shah along with his wife have made many contributions to Autism Rocks. Many individuals and families that live with Autism have received many benefits from this foundation. Autism Rocks has enabled these families to get more information about Autism, and it has also helped the rest of the world to be more aware of Autism.

The Defiant Doe Deere

With modern times upon us why be bound to the old traditional fashion rules? Defiance is what defines us in this day and age. Defiance is what Doe Deere offers and in a big way. Taking those old fashion no-no’s to a new level she helps people everywhere to break out of the ruts of looking like everyone else. Bold colors mixed with patterns that many would step away from she gives all of us the ability to look new and different while still fashionable and even elegant. Going against the grain is not only a bold new way to be but also fun and most importantly to many fashionable.

Colors should be fun and freeing not binding and stale. Why not show off that fun side that has been repressed for so many years? Patterns too need to be included. Leaving the fun of those crazy patterns out just isn’t fair to your wardrobe or you. Doe Deere helps those who want change break free from the repressive bonds ‘they’ in the fashion industry have placed on all of us. Showing off those colorful toed socks with open toed shoes should be a pleasure not a rule breaker. Another thing to consider is if you like those dark or neutral colors you should give some sort of color difference to break up that outfit. Makeup, nail, and hair colors can offer that.

Finally Doe Deere can help people break through the age barrier.  Youth is all around around you as well as inside of you. There is no reason to hold back your creative side because society has labeled you ‘over the hill’ or ‘too old’. Trends should be meant for all not just the young. You only have one life and Doe Deere helps all to live it to the fullest fashion wise. Break free of all the old rules that were conjured up by people whom don’t even know the real you. Doe Deere can help!

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Ross Abelow Savings Strays In New York City

Prominent New York City Attorney Ross Abelow proudly launched a gofundme campaign for New York City’s area animals shelters on January 13, 2016. He has chosen to head the campaign to raise $5000 for area shelters and he plans to distribute these funds to the shelters who have the greatest need, to help pay for vaccines, dental care, food, blankets and providing space so these poor abandoned animals stand a chance of finding a forever home.

During January, 2016 an estimated 1700 animals were brought into New York area shelters. Of those 1700 animals an estimated 300 healthy animals were euthanized. Some of the remaining animals were reunited with their families, others adopted by loving families, yet there are many more waiting for a home or death. As many as 20 healthy animals a day are being destroyed. Ross Abelow is hoping to help these animals survive.

Many area shelters are turning stray dogs away, as they are unable to house or care for these animals, in which case they are destroyed immediately. $5000 does not sound like much money, but to an animal shelter it helps fund the basic needs of these poor helpless animals. Many shelters accept financial donations as well as food and supplies. During the winter months the need for these items grows exponentially. Without food and shelter these animals chances of survival diminishes greatly.

A long time resident of New York City, Ross Abelow has spent a lifetime championing for the underdogs, ensuring they are given a voice to be heard. Ross has spent 27 years practicing law in some of New Yorks prominent legal firms prior to opening his own practice, Abelow and Cassandro LLC. in Jericho, New York. Ross Abelow received his juris doctor as a graduate of the Brooklyn School of Law in 1989. He was admitted to practice in the State of Connecticut in 1989 and was admitted to practice in the state of New York also in 1989.

Many of New York’s prominent attorneys specialize in certain legal areas of interest. Ross Abelow is no different, he chose to specialize in Matrimonial and Family Law, Corporate Litigations and Entertainment Law. During his free time he coaches his daughters basketball and softball teams.

How New York Attorneys Give Back to the Community

Many New York City attorneys work hard to defend the rights of their clients. They use their knowledge and experience to help their clients not only get the best outcome in a legal situation they are facing, but they help them to make decisions during a case that will benefit them over the long-term. Another way that many New York attorneys help people is by donating to charities and doing other work that benefits their community. Ross Abelow is one such attorney. He has launched a winter fundraiser that will benefit homeless animals in New York City.

Ross Abelow has been working as a lawyer in New York City for more than 26 years. He attended the Brooklyn Law school and then applied to practice law in New York State in 1990. Since that time he has been working as a matrimonial and family lawyer. At times, he will take cases that involve civil litigation and entertainment law. After more than 25 years of working at different firms in the city, he became a partner at his own law firm.

Ross Abelow decided to launch this campaign because he knows that when homeless animals are not taken care of during the winter months, they can die. As they are wandering the streets and are not able to find shelter or food, they can succumb to the terrible winter conditions and even die. Many sick animals are brought to New York homeless shelters, but sometimes the shelters have to turn animals away. They simply do not have the funding that is needed to purchase things like medicine and food for the animals that are brought in. Also, they do not have the space to house these animals. Ross Abelow hopes to raise $5,000 that can be donated to the shelters. Individuals can donate by going to the Go Fund Me page that was set up in his name. When they go to that page, they can learn more about Ross Abelow and also the winter campaign that he launched in January 2016.

He regularly updates the site and provides free legal information that has proved useful to readers. Individuals can become the his friends on Facebook and also receive helpful legal information.

Slyce Inc. Introduces New Enhance 3D Object Recognition Technology in 2015

According to Yahoo Finance, Slyce Inc. has released a breakdown of the most recent technological advancements of 2015 which have been made available to their clients. One of these technologies is the Enhanced 3D Object Recognition technology which was introduced during the 2015 financial year.

This new feature allows products to be recognized from retail catalogues in all categories. This technology was only made available to those retailers that operated in verticals but may be utilized in other segments in the future. These categories are appliances, tools, home decor, electronics and fashion. Visual search technology allows for the recognition of products from User Generated Content or UGC’s. This is performed in a very unique way using 2 separate flows. The Slyce Inc. uses both Human Assisted Flows alongside fully automated image recognition flows in order to make sense of the product in the image. These 2 algorithms allow the user to first search for the product in the image through the use of an existing database of products. If the product is not identified in the first flow it moves onto the second flow which allows the user to implement certain parameters or human flows to assist the process of recognition. The goal is for the software to math the correct product to that featured in the image. This is all done in real time and does not require any technological knowledge. It is a very intuitive process making it easier for all types of users to make use of this technology. The first flow or fully automated image recognition uses a statistical matching approach where the image used is compared to a large existing database of pre-indexed images. This database contains multiple images of the same product from various different angles reducing the risk of failure by the algorithm.

Shaygan Kheradphir Leading A Company to Excellence

A member of the Cornell University Engineering Council, as well as CEO and Chief chairman of the board at Coriant, Shaygan Kheradpir has made his mark in the technology industry. Shaygan came from Iran to the United States to attend Cornell University, where he earned his Doctoral Degree in Electrical Engineering.

In 1987, Shaygan landed his first job at GTE Laboratories. There he worked on network routing, management and control. All his hard work paid off when they appointed him Chief Information Officer. In 2000, GTE merged with Bell Atlantic to form Verizon Communication. Here Shaygan served as the President of Verizon’s e-business division, and became the companies first CIO/CTO. Eleven years later he decided to leave Verizon and he joined Barclays as Chief Operating Officer of the Global Retail and Business Bank. He stayed with Barclays for three years and then joined Juniper Networks as CEO. At Juniper, Shaygan developed an IOP (Intergrated Operating Plan) a restructing and cost-cutting plan. The IOP is designed to implement $160 million in cost-cuts with a return of $3 billion. A short period later Shaygan decided to leave Juniper and he joined Marlin Equity Partners where he was appointed CEO and Chairman of Board at Coriant.

Coriant is an innovative networking solutions corporation. The company was formed in 2013 from Marlin Equity Partners. It was founded upon four different networks, Nikia Siemens Network, Optical Networks, Tellabs and Sycamore. After only three short years the company now serves over 100 countries and is the leading supplier of optical solutions. In recent news Chief telecom selected Coriant hiT 7300 Multi-Haul Transport Platform to expand its Data Center. Coriant hiT 7300 Multi-Haul Transport Platform is just one of several operating divisions within Coriant. With extensive amount of networks involved they needed to create different divisions to handle different support solutions and to become more innovative and forward-thinking in the technology world.

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Human Rights Activist And Leader Paves The Way For The Freedom of Future Generations

The Human Rights Foundation, founded in 2005 by Thor Halvorssen, works to promote much needed basic human rights for everyone around the world. Today, the foundation is made up of dedicated and passionate individuals working to spread awareness and undertake issues on human rights. With all of the inequality and mistreatment going on today, it’s a breath of fresh air to see there are those who still wish to preserve the freedom and defend the rights of every human being. The Human Rights Foundation continually attempts to improve the liberties of those who need it, and they do so despite political opposition. The foundation has even managed to help people in what could be viewed as the most isolated and politically oppressed nation, North Korea.

Long before the establishment of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen had already started in his mission to protect human rights. Along with the Human Rights Foundation, Halvorssen also founded the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education just 6 years prior and operated as Executive Director up until 2004. Further pushing his interest in the protection of human rights, was his father being falsely accused and imprisoned in a Venezuelan jail, where he was tortured. It took a large amount of international intervention to get his father freed. Both Amnesty International and the International Society for Human Rights had to get involved in the case.

He has also been presented in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Foreign Policy, The Economist, The Washington Post, Time Magazine, The Daily Telegraph, New York Post, and GQ magazine for his views, opinions, and work on human rights around the globe. Halvorssen has personally produced several successful documentaries on human rights and freedom that gained some recognition and helped raise awareness. At present he is on the board of directors at the Human Rights Foundation, while maintaining the personal goal to bring equality to people of all walks of life.