The Success of Status Labs

With more and more businesses entering the public eye, online reputation management is more important than ever. Keeping a positive image is important to anyone who relies on the public opinion for support. A positive image can be achieved by constant SEO content as well as a risk management plan for any unexpected negative impacts on a reputation. A company that specializes in online reputation management has become one of the more popular aspects of a business to invest in because without the public support, businesses and public figures that rely on support begin to fail. With that said, one of the best companies to go to for instant support is Status Labs, a firm that specializes in online reputation management.

Status Labs is an up and coming company that has been founded recently by Darius Fisher. His political background as well as his writing skills have given him the tools that he needs in order to take part in the risk management business. Status Labs is proud to announce that they have over 1,500 dedicated clients who have been pleased with the work from Status Labs. The 1,500 clients that Status Labs has obtained have come from over 35 different countries all around the world.

Status Labs currently has offices in locations such as Texas, New York City, and even in Brazil. In recent news, Status Labs has relocated in New York City to a location in Manhattan in order to continue to grow the company. The facility is larger and will be able to accommodate the five new personal that Darius Fisher and his team plan to hire with the recent expansion and fast growth of the company.

Darius Fisher is excited for this new expansion and is proud of his employees for their hard work that they have put into in order to offer each client a unique service. The team at Status Labs understands the importance of using SEO for positive content and has taken advantage of this. With online reputation management becoming more and more necessary, Status Labs’ Tumblr shows that they are at the forefront as one of the best companies for the job.

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Portia Kersten, CFO for Skout Proves that Women can do Well in Business

Portia Kersten is currently the chief financial officer for Skout. The company is the leading and also the largest international platform where individuals can meet and make new friends. She has a lot of experience in her work, having worked for over a decade in the early stages and also the high growing companies in different parts of the country. She has managed to maximize growth potential, raise capital, operationalize for scale and also get successfully exists for the institutions she has worked for. One of the main reasons she has managed to well is because she is qualified, having graduated from Columbia University, with an MBA.

She grew up in a poor family, and she had a lot of imaginations that she received from her books. These books gave her the inspiration to do bigger things and her role models as a young girl were only the individuals who had managed to fight all odds and become successful people at the end of the day. One of her favorite models was Charles Dickens.

In her career, Portia has managed to work for several companies, both the big and the small. Some of the companies she worked for such as GE helped her to learn about the best practices and this is why she is able to run a big company like Skout without any major problems. Every company she works for brings a new challenge in her life, and it makes her a better person for the next position.

Portia has also been successful in balancing her working and life quite well. Although she admits that it is a difficult task, she says that she takes everything at a time. Her personal and professional life is well balanced, and she believes that everything should be efficient.

Working for Skout at such a big position has not been a walk in the park. She has had her share of challenges. The staff at the company have been difficult to handle, and the amount of work she performs due to her position is quite challenges.

Portia advises other women who want to become important people like her in the society to embrace versatility. She advises women to embrace the fact that they are business people first and then finance people at the end of it all. She also advises them to have patience. She has proven that women can do very well in the male-dominated industry.

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Use Wen by Chaz to help with fine hair

WEN hair, is a line of hair care products on website that naturally cleanse your hair without using harsh chemicals, that can damage your hair. Wen’s products are great for anyone, whether you have fine or full hair. The hair care products can take a few days to adjust to your hair type and as a result, it works great. Wen Cleansing Conditioner will make your hair shiny, fuller, add moisture and give it bounce. The cleansing conditioner works as shampoo, conditioner, detangler, deep conditioner and leave-in conditioner. This product helps to reduce or even eliminate hair falling out. Wen is magic in a bottle and can be seen a QVC TV commercials.

In order for the products to work correctly, you must read all instructions, read reviews and also develop a routine daily to truly care for your hair. Wen requires you to use a little more product than say an average shampoo or conditioner, but it won’t weigh your hair down. It is great even if you like to curl your hair because the curls fall faster and last longer. Wen can be used with any of your daily hair care products. If you have thin, greasy, or even frizzy hair I would recommend Wen to help your hair look and feel so much fuller and healthier. Wen hair is available online via Amazon:

Philanthropist Michael Zomber Devotes Time for Volunteering and Supporting Non-Profit Organizations

Michael Zomber is known nationally as a critically acclaimed writer, documentary film producer, historian, and philanthropist. Throughout his career, he has written screenplays, novels and documentaries. Soul of the Samurai is one of his documentary films that was co-produced through Renascent Films LLC, a company owned by the Zomber family. As a historian and arms & armor antique collector, Mr. Zomber has contributed facts about the culture of the Japanese and the history behind his weapon collections. Michael and Andrea Zomber have devoted countless of hours volunteering and supporting non-profit organizations, including UNICEF, Amnesty International, Doctors Without Borders, Get Lit’s, and other institutions.

While Michael Zomber served nearly two years in a U.S. prison, he devoted his time to help the inmates study to pass GED exams. He also wrote legal documents to help some of the prisoners with legal issues. Mr. Zomber proclaimed his innocents when he was indicted and convicted for mail and wire fraud. The U.S. Court of Appeals eventually threw out the conviction against him. Since Mr. Zomber release, he is devoting much of his time producing and filming a new documentary, Alone. He and his wife are supporting non-profit organizations in their endeavors to promote world peace, freedom of speech, justice, and humanitarian relief.

Renascent Films and the Zombers help hundreds of thousands of children around the world through UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, The Smile Train, and Get Lit′s. The mission of the Zombers is to help UNICEF feed and provide medical healthcare to children with fatal diseases, such as AIDS and malaria. Michael Zomber contributes financial support to the Doctors Without Borders organization to provide emergency relief to people experiencing natural disasters and warfare fatalities. The Smile Train places smiles on the faces of children with cleft palate by performing free surgeries. Nationally, the Zombers supports Get Lit′s, an organization in Southern California that helps low income high school students.

Michael Zomber has worked in the filming industry for 18 years and collected antique arms & armor for more than 40 years. He appeared as a quest on the History Channel Series, Tales of the Gun. Mr. Zomber is passionate about helping people, including those in prison or individuals needing humanitarian relief and emergency healthcare. He supports the Randolph Bourne Institute, Amnesty International, and Global Exchange to promote freedom of speech and international social and economic justice.  Follow along with Michael on Facebook, as he continues to explore history through ancient weaponry.

George Soros’ Prediction for the European Union

In recent news, George Soros, a prominent billionaire has made headlines through his warnings of how the refugee crisis is now putting the European Union into a financial crisis. George Soros argues that unless there is a massive cash injection, the European Union will soon collapse. In a new essay that was written for the New York Review of Books, George Soros claims that refugees who are 100 percent legitimate much actually be offered a chance to obtain asylum and to reach their destination in Europe. Mr. Soros also states that in order for the European Union not to collapse, he believes that the international organization must begin surging money. This would help the European Union respond more effectively to the current crisis.

George Soros is a man who recognizes the reasons for the crisis. Many immigrants on who come from the Middle East and Africa look to Europe for the strong institutions as a promise to a better life. In 2015 alone, millions of immigrants came from the Middle East and from Africa in order to escape the terror behind them. George Soros specifically states that the number of refugees that Europe can absorb each year ranges from 300,000 to 500,000. This number cannot go past one million.

As a sympathizer to this crisis, Mr. Soros believes that anyone who is truly in grave danger from living where they lived, should be able to seek asylum. Any refugee who came from a suffering background should not be turned away. As a result, Mr. George Soros also proposes that an estimated $34 billion is needed for the European Union to officially carryout this plan. Though this may seem like a lot, Mr. Soros argues that a failure to provide this amount of money would be even more detrimental to the European Union. Mr. Soros proposes that this amount of money will come from each of the 26 nation-states that are recognized within the European Union.

For the short-term, Mr. Soros believes that a surge in funding is needed. In the long-run, Mr. Soros argues that the European Union’s Multi-annual Financial Framework on should be amended to include a budget for this surge. Soros specifically states that the money for this surge should come from the European Financial Stabilization Mechanism as well as the Balance of Payments Assistance Facility. This currently contains an estimated amount of $68 billion which is not being put to use as of currently.

George Soros is a highly educated individual who is not only a prominent and successful investor, but is also a political activist. Mr. Soros has been politically active around the world ever since the 1970s. His political activism began when he began funding the education of young and black individuals from South Africa to attend the University of Cape Town in the apartheid. George Soros is a passionate individual who has been speaking with an open and passionate mind for over 40 years. With this new prediction of the European Union, he has gained the attention of many European Union members.

Student Author’s On Wikipedia

Academics in Sydney, Australia are starting to take a more serious look at Wikipedia. They’ve learned that students in higher education are simply not interested in the traditional way of learning and have embarked on an adventure to let their university students write Wiki articles and make Wikipedia edits. This is a learning experience for the students and the lecturers at the University of Sydney. Students can create a Wikipedia page and they look at the feedback presented by others that read their articles. This is a way for students in academic writing courses to receive feedback from peers, teachers, and others from around the world. Truly, it is a real learning experience.

Wikipedia Is A Personal Branding And Marketing Tool

Getting started with a business online is difficult today. This is due to the increase in competition. Individuals, small business, and large corporations look for a way to get noticed. Therefore, it is vital for them to build a brand through sound marketing efforts. One of the most overlooked ways to build a brand is through Wikipedia business page creation. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that is visited by millions on a daily basis. Think of the potential. Any business page on the site might be viewed by thousands, or even millions daily. Some business owners in the know, are already building their brand by posting their biography or business articles on Wikipedia. Afterwards, most notice a large increase in traffic on their site and increased brand recognition.

Get Your Wiki

Communicating with great articles is a skill that some business owner’s do not share. Therefore, they would like an experienced writer to compose their business pages for Wikipedia. Finding the right person to complete the task is difficult for some. However, Get Your Wiki – a Wikipedia writing company – has made it easier by providing top grade Wikipedia editors for hire that will create, edit, and update a Wikipedia page for every client.

Get Your Wiki writer’s are experienced, veteran writers that are knowledgeable on writing for Wikipedia. They understand Wikipedia’s very strict guidelines. In addition, when you hire Wikipedia editors, they guarantee the client that the business pages and articles written by the Get Your Wiki staff are accepted. Certainly, the professional Get Your Wiki writer’s take all of the stress out of writing articles for Wikipedia. In fact, they make it an extremely easy, and stress-free process for their clients. Get Your Wiki writer’s are waiting to compose your business page. Contact them today for more information.

Getting Your Dog Excited About Food With Beneful

Eating should never be a chore. We enjoy what we eat in my household. We cook our own food at home often, and we go out to eat sometimes. However, we always find something tasty to sink our teeth into. I think that it should be the same case for animals. When we got our puppy, we decided to get him food that gets him excited.

Get Your Dog Excited About His Meal

Getting your dog excited about his meal is as simple as finding a food that tastes good to him. You will want to find something that has a lot of real, high quality ingredients. I suggest trying Beneful Chopped Blends for your dog. It looks like a food good enough for people, and it is certainly fit for the kind of dog that you want to treat right. Purinastore made sure it has finely chopped pieces of real meats and real vegetables in it to offer your dog an explosion of flavor.

Another great wet food that Beneful makes is called Beneful Incredibites Wet Food. This wet food is high in protein, so you know it will give your dog the kind of energy that he needs to run and play with you when you take him on walks. Both wet foods come in several flavors to give your dog something new to taste. makes a bunch of snacks for dogs that most pet owners prefer to bring along on walks. I see people at the dog park with Beneful Baked Delights all the time. I also see people carrying Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Ridges, which are treats to help with tarter control in dogs.

The best dry food from Beneful would depend on what type of dog you have. If you have a small dog, then it might be best to pick up Beneful Dry Dog Food Incredibites next time you visit the pet store. This dry dog food is made in smaller pieces in order to fit in the mouths of smaller breeds of dogs. They have two different flavors to choose from as well. They give tips thru the Beneful Youtube Channel for all the Dog owners!



Relating To Eachother On Skout By Laughing Up A Storm

My perception of laughter is that it is helpful to laugh sometimes because it relieves stress. Generally, we like to laugh when we are around new people because it helps us show who we are deep down. Having a sense of humor is a valuable asset whenever you are trying to make new friends. If you are meeting someone for the first time, then you might experience some nervous laughter. However, you should not be worried whether or not it seems nervous. People like to help other people laugh. Laughing with friends feels great because you are relating to each other in a fun way.

You might want to laugh after you meet someone for the first time through Skout’s platform. This can indicate that you are comfortable being around this person. It is generally a good sign for a friendship if you can let go over the serious aspects of life in order to laugh. It can bring people together during a time that might seem awkward. Laughing is a great way to express your inner personality and sense of humor. Skout is a social media and networking application that is free to use. They actually just researched humor by surveying their users, and the results are published in a compelling article from PR Newswire.

Results Of Skout’s Survey On Humor

Skout felt that it was important to survey their users’ sense of humor because it is National Humor Month, and they want to help their users enjoy the application the use to make new friends. They found through their research that their users are more likely to favorite profiles that have pictures of a user laughing on them. The reason may be that people laughing are showing that they can have fun with life.

They also found a number of interesting things out about the people who are using their platform. Apparently, Skout’s users are quite funny and enjoy sharing their sense of humor. According to a poll from Skout that involved 3,000 of their users, 75 percent of people think that they are funny people. Also, 94 percent of the users polled for this survey agree that they enjoy helping others laugh. It feels good to laugh with new friends. This is how we relate to each other and create lasting memories. To read more about this, go to PR Newswire’s article on Skout.

Martin Lustgarten’s Investment Advice Helps People Globally

Martin Lustgarten’s experience in international investment, and he gives people the help that they need when they ask. He has an international portfolio, and he is sure that is going to be able to show people how to invest internationally. Mr. Lustgarten has Austrian and Venezuelan heritage, but he invests in places all over the world. Someone who lives in America or Europe might not ever invest out of their comfort zone, but Mr. Lustgarten has no comfort zone. He will invest anywhere, and he is not going to be loyal to an investment just because of sentiment.


He teaches people that they need to be shrewd when they start investing, and he explains to them how they can pick the right investments by country. A country might be a really nice place to vacation, but that does not mean that people are going to be able to invest there. Mr. Lustgarten can teach people how to invest in countries in Africa and Asia that are emerging, but that means that they have a lo more potential.


Mr. Lustgarten also wants to make sure that he shows people how they are going to make more money just by making sure that they have gone to the right places to invest.  Someone could send their money to the gold market in Nigeria, or they could invest in commodities in Romania. There are thousands of options, and Martin Lustgarten is open to all of them.


The best part of this is that people are getting advice from someone who makes a lot of money doing the job that he does. He is the kind of person who is going to make sure that he has a solid portfolio, and he is not going to look away from any investment. He will make sure he is making the most money possible, and he helps people make the same decisions.

Why CEO Brad Reifler Chose to Partner with Easter Seals Dixons Center

Forefront Capital Advisors has entered into a partnership deal with Easter Seals Dixon Center. Brad Reifler, the company’s founder who also happens to be its CEO, made the announcement of the partnership on February 29, 2016. The partnership will see Forefront Capital Advisors donate $ 3 million to Easter Seals Dixon Center.

Brad Reifler explained the reason behind choosing Easter Seals Dixon Center ahead of other organizations: The Easter Seals Dixon Center has done an incredible job in changing the lives of veterans and those of military families for the better. They have done so by changing how people view these great men and women who have selflessly offered themselves to serve the United States. All this is aimed at highlighting the potential of these veterans and ultimately offer them opportunities to positively impact on their lives together with their families. Easter Seals Dixon Center connects these individuals with the organizations that give veterans together with their families opportunities to get employment, health care and education.

Apart from advising their clients on their financial future, Forefront Capital Advisors also seeks to positively impact the lives of veterans. They believe that veterans need to have a secure and stable financial future just like everyone else if they are to be successful long after they have finished their service. The partnership with Easter Seals Dixon Center is therefore a fantastic move in their quest to fulfill their mission.

The $3 million donated by Forefront Capital Advisors is aimed at funding the programs and operations of Easter Seals Dixon Center and especially those aimed at helping veterans in such things like caregiver training services, job training, healthcare and education.

Brad Reifler is an entrepreneur and investor who has been in the field for more than 30 years now. He is the founder of Forefront Capital Management. He currently serves in the position of the company’s CEO where his responsibility is to help in providing for expert investment advice to institutional investors.

Brad started his career back in 1982 after he graduated with Economics and Political Science degree from Bowdoin College. Bloomberg shows he started by establishing the Reifler Trading Corporation. This company was established with the aim of executing global derivatives. The company was very successful and was sold to Refco, his grandfather’s company, in 2000. After that, he formed another company, Pali Capital, where he served as the CEO from 1995 to 2008. Brad helped this company to grow rapidly and to make sustained profits of more than $200 million each year. The company also expanded beyond the United States to United Kingdom and Australia.  For more information, check out Brad Reifler’s Reuters article about opening up his company to the middle class.