Video Visit App Solution Catches On!

Securus Technologies Video Visitation App (Android/Apple)
Just when you believed that the long ride to visit your friends or family members during times of incarceration was your only hope to make contact, modern technology provided by Securus Technologies has made it possible to connect and interact with those most important to you through a secure, non-obstructive app. And, it’s available in Android and Apple.

The Youtube like app, just launched in February of this year has managed to accrue well over 60,000 downloads for the Android version, and with its release for Apple most recently, some 5,000 downloads have already occurred.

This amazing app doesn’t just provide convenience through video calls, but also notifications of important events and even WiFi testing capabilities as well! For more on what the Video Visitation app can do, visit or

Based in Dallas, TX, Securus Technologies is a huge provider of technologies that are dedicated to convenient solutions within the law enforcement industry and beyond. The company serves over 3400 correctional institutions, and well over 1 million inmates. Securus Technologies was founded in 1986.

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Plans To Sabotage Open Society Foundation Hit A Snug

James O’Keefe efforts to infiltrate Open Society Foundation an organization funded by billionaire George Soros hit a snug after he failed to hung up his phone after the call. O’Keefe a conservative activist was recorded after he made the call to the organization with a fake name. He identified himself as Victor Kesh and left a message. After that he failed to hung up his phone and was heard telling another person not identified of about his plans on OSF.

In the voice mail O’Keefe can be heard talking about his interest in getting involved with the Open Society Foundation and what they do in Europe. In the audio O’Keefe claims to be a Hungarian-American. After the end of the call he is heard telling someone not to talk until he hangs up the Phone.

James O’Keefe is then heard telling the person his plan in the recording that is about 10 minutes. He can be heard saying that someone other than him to make hundreds of calls. He goes further to talk about his plans to create LinkedIn as a way of getting in to the Soros Foundation.

Chris Stone the President of Open Society Foundation on addressed the mater latter and said though the plans were amateurish, he did not find it funny at all. He added that attempts were dirty tricks against OSF.

Open Society Foundation was founded after Soros Foundation and the Hungarian Academy of Science signed a contract in May 1984. Afterwards other foundations in the region joined to help communism countries. In 1991, they joined with Fondation pour une Entraide Intellectuelle Européenne. Their objective being to help non-communist Easter European scientist with capitalist and anti-totalitarian ideas.
Read more: BUSTED: Conservative prankster James O’Keefe exposes his own ‘sting’ on George Soros group

Open Society Institute was created in the US in 1993. The organization would help Soros Foundation with its charity work in the former Soviet Union Central and Eastern Europe. The organization in 2010 changed its name from Open Society Institute to Open Society Foundation. This would better reflect its role which is funding civic groups in the world.

George Soros has for many years been involved in philanthropy. He began his charity work in 1970 when he began to offer students attend the University of Cape Town in south Africa during the apartheid period in South Africa. His funding has also been to promote democracy that is nonviolent. He has contributed a lot in the Soviet states. George Soros is estimated by PBS to have given over $4 billion dollars as of 2003.

Soros through his foundation was reported to have given over $50 million to eradicate poverty in Africa. He also gave Russian universities $50 to help in internet infrastructure. In the United States the foundation donated $742 and in total in that year 2007, the foundation gave a total of $7 billion. Soros has also helped many political causes in America. George Soros donated to Central for America Progress and has continued to support the organization through the Open Society Foundation. Visit to know more about George Soros

The OSF has active programs that are in more than sixty countries at round the world. The total expenditure averaging is approximated to $600 million every year.

Is the Wikipedia Community Getting Out Of Hand?


Wikipedia is one of the most important websites in the history of the world. This is the first expanse of human knowledge that essentially spans any subject. In you have the interest in making Wikipedia page, Get Your Wiki has some great resources for you as well as their expert Wikipedia publishing service. Over a long period of time, anyone can get their content published on the site if they follow the directions. The article from Science Daily is a great overview of the rules of posting and publishing content. Anyone who wants to make a difference in their overall content strategy should read through various articles on how to get content published. The great thing about this site is that it allows people of all stages to get content published in a positive manner. If you want to become a writer on the site, there are several things you need to know about online content creation.

Content is King

There are a lot of people who still have a backwards view on how to get page hits and views on their content. Instead of taking a quantity strategy, it is important to take your time to produce quality content that is going to attract readers and links when you create wiki page. Wikipedia has done a great job with Wikipedia revision and cleaning up the content on the site over the past couple of years. There are a lot of Wikipedia publishers who now use the site to share research done from papers for school, among other things. If you want to start contributing to the site, it is vital that you understand how important content quality is to the site. There are a lot of strict rules in place now for writers.

No Errors

Using a lot of sources is another big step for writers. It can take a lot of time to link in information from other sources. However, if you want to become a contributor on the site, these are the steps that are necessary. The website is a free source of information for people all over the world. Over the long term, it has been a great benefit to society as a whole. This is important to remember as you start to think about how to expand your footprint over time. There are many different ways in which people can take their writing to the next step in order to make company Wikipedia page happen. Always remember that quality is essential and be sure to include sources with your writing.


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50 Sparks to Outrageous Success

“They Can’t Eat You” is serial entrepreneur Marc Spark’s first contribution to the ever growing field of business growth instruction.

More than just an instructinal guide, in “They Can’t Eat You”, Spark’s will take readers through his own personal experiences with the successful business he has grown and continues to grow to this day. In the book, readers will find bits of wisdom and knowledge that Spark’s has gained along the way through trial and error. Follow these links: and

This book is easily described as unorthodox as it defies what many people acknowledge as the “path” to success. Spark’s did not receive high grades in high school. As a matter of fact, he averaged a C+ in most of his classes.

The sub title of the book itself is “My unorthodox path to outrageous success”. Accordinf to Crunchbase and Wikipedia, Marc Spark’s story certainly lives up to the title as only a high school graduate, he has successfully ran six companies and has made millions of dollars in the process. He shares all of these within his debut book.

As mentioned before, the first part of “They Can’t Eat You” is an overview of Marc Spark’s personal experience and history. It covers his “unorthodox path” and how he ended up being incredibly successful.

The book then continues on to give readers 50 ideas and opportunities that readers can use to grow their personal business and make it more successful. He calls these the Fifty Marc Sparks. More than simple ideas or tips, Spark goes into detail explaining to readers how they can immediately begin implementing the tips to grow business now.

Marc Spark’s grew up in Texas and has had experience in many start ups, some more successful than others. He started a software company that rose to sell over $200 million per year. Read more: Marc Sparks, A Business Success Story

In addition, he started a insurance holding company from scratch that rose just as fast as it fell within only a 90 day period. Despite some of his failures however, Sparks has come out on the top more than he has stayed down.

He has experience in over 60 startups that he has generated vast amounts of wisdom and knowledge from that he is now sharing in his book “They Can’t Eat You, My Unorthodox Path to Outrageous Success”.

From Oppression to Freedom: The Yeonmi Park Story

When she was younger, Yeonmi Park had no idea what the word “freedom” meant. Even her father had no idea about democracy. To Park’s family, their happiness was measured by having food on the table.
Such was life in North Korea. Park and her mother were able to escape one of the most oppressive countries on the planet, and after many harrowing experiences, made it to the Mongolian border, and ultimately a flight to South Korea, and the word she did not know up to that point, “freedom.”

Park’s story is detailed in her Amazon best-selling book In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. It is a story that has garnered the attention of thousands and made her a prominent figure in the human rights movement. In her book, Park tells of how her family lived in what most Westerners would consider poverty, even though her father worked as a government functionary. Park and her mother managed to cross the border into China, but were at the mercy of human traffickers who subjected them to various forms of abuse. Park’s father attempted to join them in their escape, but died of cancer.

Park did manage to escape her captors and make her way to South Korea. She now dedicates her life to shedding light on the oppression of the North Korean regime and the horrors of human trafficking. The government of Kim Jong-un has attempted to label Park as being an agent of the United States and a “celebrity defector.” But Park said in the New York Times interview, “I know the truth of North Korea. The oppression and their tragedy. It cannot be silenced.”

Solo Capital, Sanjay Shah

Solo Capital is a trading and investment firm that offers consulting and investment advice. Its founder, Sanjay Shah, has many years of experience in the investment and trading business, as he has worked as an accountant for many years. He has also owned many other companies that he has grown from the ground up, to be successful businesses that has allowed him to live a comfortable life with his family in Dubai. Solo Capital has been in operation for several years, and has expanded its services to the London area as well as the Dubai areas. The success of Solo Capital has allowed Sanjay Shah to semi-retire and in a way, take a back seat to the business and allow his business partners to take the reigns the rest of the way. Shah still has his sights on the proper functions of the business and the correct financial moves, however, he is excited to pursue some other areas of interest that he has recently engaged in.

As a pre-med student at King’s College, Sanjay Shah started the semester out quite confident. It didn’t take him too long to realize that he just didn’t want to do it anymore. It just wasn’t for him, so he took a career in Accounting and his career took off from there. His niche in the finance world was what he was meant to do, and it’s going to carry over into his charity he just produced.

Autism Rocks was founded by Shah in 2014 after he learned that his youngest son was diagnosed with the condition. It came as a surprise to him and his wife, and they weren’t exactly sure what to do. Shah wanted to help in some way, and decided that he would start a charity that would allow him to raise money to help raise awareness. Many people aren’t fully aware of the effects of the condition, nor the symptoms, and Shah has been able to donate some of the funds to research programs that help families better understand the condition. He hopes to be able to help those that truly need it.

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Darius Fisher Shows The Path For Reputation Management

When a former executive of Status Labs caused the firm a bit of bad press, company president Darius Fisher went to work doing what he does best. He worked on fixing the reputation of his company. The media created a hassle for Status Labs. Through enacted a host of innovative steps detailed in a Huffington Post article, Fisher and his company came out on top.


In the article, written by Fisher, the digital marketing expert notes that the best way to make a change in reputation is to make a change in behavior. The company made a change by removing the executive from a leadership position. Soon after, a community outreach program was launched. Status Labs invested a lot of time and effort working with local charitable endeavors. In doing this, the local community started to see a much more positive – and accurate – side of the company.


Another interesting change employed was to change the relationship between employees and management. Some employees were unnerved when Status Labs had to deal with media woes. Some employees left. By providing the employees who stayed with numerous perks, morale improved. Status Labs also enhanced internal communications. Keeping employees in the proverbial loop also aid morale.


Darius Fisher recently wrote at length about employee retention for Forbes’ website. The article shows the managerial genius of Fisher. The former copywriter and political consultant not only knows how to manage the “nuts and bolts” of a business, but also how to effectively work with personnel.


Under Fisher’s leadership, Status Labs has expanded into two cities outside its Austin home: New York and San Paulo. Fisher also received an acknowledgment from PR Week for his amazing digital marketing skills. He is a prolific writer and speaker on the subject of reputation management, and his commentary is always insightful.


Status Labs overcame a few hassles and is now a model startup success. In the coming years, Status Labs is sure to attract even more clients who are in need of a reputation fix.

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