SEC and Frank-Dodd Act Encourage Whistleblowers to Call Out Securities Violators

Whistleblowers from many facets of life are reporting securities violations to the SEC. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act were created by U.S. Congress in 2010. It is the biggest overhaul of any United States financial regulations since the occurrence of the Great Depression.

The Dodd-Frank Act created a new whistleblower program. This Act allows whistleblowers to get protected employment and financial incentives to report potential violations of federal securities laws. Whistleblowers report to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Labaton Sucharow is the first law firm in the U.S. to focus exclusively on advocating and protecting whistleblowers. This law firm has the best financial analysts, investigators and forensic accountants. They all have extensive experience in state law enforcement and provide the best possible representation.

Jordan Thomas is the leader of the firm. He has experience as an Assistant Director and as a Chief Litigation Counsel in the SEC’s Enforcement Division. While he worked for the SEC, he was in a leadership position with developing the Whistleblower Program. He created drafts of the proposed legislation. He also was involved with the final implementing rules.

According to the program’s regulations, the SEC must pay whistleblowers 10-30% of monetary sanctions that are collected because of successful SEC enforcement. The sanctions must be greater than $1 million. Upon reaching this threshold, the whistleblower may be able to get additional awards based on collected monetary sanctions. Additionally, such related actions must be brought by other regulatory agencies and law enforcement organizations.

According to the Dodd-Frank Act, it is unlawful for any employer to retaliate against a whistleblower. Whistleblowers are also allowed to report any securities violations anonymously, as long as he/she is represented by an attorney.

If interested in the SEC Whistleblower Program or to receive a case evaluation, the potential client should contact the legal team. There are many different ways to contact the law firm, including phone, email or through the website. The firm also offers free consultations/case evaluations. All of the consultations are confidential and have the protection of the attorney-client privilege.

During the first consultation, potential clients are not required to give the names of the violators. It is, however, encouraged that the names are provided.

Contact an SEC whistleblower lawyer today.

A life Surrounded with Entrepreneurship and Growth Inspiration “Dick DeVos”

Introduction Dick DeVos is one of the people I see brilliant when it comes from commercial or industrial leadership. One might suggest that this innovation and leadership passion might have originated from his father “Richard DeVos” who founded Amway Corporation together with Jay Van Andel. Amway Company is a supply and sales network company that help in distributing personal care and household products through dealers who then form a chain of others until the consumer is reached.   Working in his father’s founded company, I see his leadership ability to have been molded here. Dick began working with the corporation 1974 where he was given various responsibilities later to be promoted to being the vice president. DeVos then left the company and started a new business venture called Windquest Group involved with marketing and manufacture of closet and storage organ. Still being involved in the management of Windquest group he was appointed to manage national Basket Association’s Orland Magic Basketball Franchise by his father. DeVos later succeeded his father at Amway Company. He decided to restructure the company by creating an umbrella firm called Alticor Corporation that comprised Quixtar, Amway and Access companies. The newly restructured business was also expanded into six continents and operated in more than 50 countries. Political Life After increasing the bringing dramatic growth in his father’s company, I can summarize DeVos as inspiring and focused on personal development since he decided to grow further by being part of politics. According to article, Dick DeVos later retired as the president of Alticor in 2002 to manage his private venture “Windquest Group.” DeVos went on to become part of politics in 2006 by running for the state governor seat of Michigan. He became recognized for his wealth during the run of governorship though he lost by 14 percent margin. Marriage Life Dick DeVos is married to the daughter of Edgar Prince called Elizabeth Prince or Betsy. I have realized that DeVos is still surrounded by great people in his life since Edgar Prince is also an achiever in commerce since he is the founder, president, and owner of Prince Corporation of Holland located at Michigan. The brother of Dick’s wife is also a great entrepreneur since he is founded Blackwater Private Security firm from North Carolina, which he also manages as the president. Dick DeVos and his wife have managed to have four children, and they are Elissa, Ryan, Rick, and Andrea.



You can’t launch new ideas with an old thinking, and this is just some of the few tweets you can stumble on while going through the twitter handle of the CEO and chairman of Coriant company veteran Shaygan Kheradpir.
Shaygan Kheradpir took over the leadership of Coriant from the then CEO Pat DiPietro, who was directed to the chairmanship of the company. Before then Kheradpir had been a CEO at the age of 28 while working with Juniper Networks.
His leadership at Juniper had lasted for about eleven months before he resigned to take up his new role at Coriant having an upper hand in the company has he had worked with them company before as an operating partner.
The role of Kheradpir as the CEO of Coriant will be to drive new sales of equipment to meet service providers 100G and haul the transport deployments in with the Marlin Equity Partners.
Kheradpir’s key task as CEO will be to drive new sales of its equipment to meet service providers’ 100G to haul transport deployments. Shaygan Kheradpir holds a good profile upon his name after jump starting his carrier at GTE as an executive officer before moving out to Verizon to be the chief information officer and executive vice president at the same time.
Kheradpir has also worked in the banking industry an operations officer for the world famous bank, Barclays.
The new CEO of the optical transport vendor got lots of experience as he has managed to work with a good number of companies over the years and now his biggest task is to help the company grow against other competitors in the industry.
The revenues of Coriant optical suffered loss by a margin of 11 percent while their competitors like ZTE and Infinera recorded profits of 26 and 23 percent accordingly.
Under the leadership of Kheradpir, the company will be looking forward to meeting the needs of their customers as a way of establishing a good track record of supplying pocket optical systems.
Kheradpir studied at the Cornell University where he graduated with a bachelor and Ph.D. in Engineering. Upon his shoulder also rests 28 years of experience that has helped his company be the leading solution in innovative networking across 100 countries.
According to Kheradpir, he uses every stage of his job to make an impact in the company, and that is why they have been winning deals from important customers.Top of Form



Should You Use Wen Conditioner?

If your hair is thin or dry, it can be a challenge to find shampoos and conditioners that will make a difference in the health and overall look of your tresses. WEN hair products promised on their QVC commercial to make your hair shinier and moisturized with the use of natural plant extracts. Emily McClure from Bustle samples Wen conditioner for a week and discovered that the product could be beneficial.

McClure did point out that it takes a lot of conditioner to make sure that the hair is moisturized, but it’s worth it. She used the product for three days straight, and found that her hair felt thicker and wasn’t as frizzy. On day four of the experiment, she didn’t wash her hair, but it was still well moisturized and didn’t keep a curl for very long.

Emily’s friends complimented her on her hair near the end of the week, which let her know that the Wen hair conditioner was working, even though she’d only been using it for nearly a week. Overall, McClure says that sephora sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner is ideal for women who want to add more volume to their hair. She also says the conditioner can protect and nourish hair, which makes it suitable for women who style their hair on a daily basis. Check out their facebook page.

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Skout Starts on a Mission to Become Social Media Giant

There is a lot of buzz in the air. People can feel the energy. Skout is setting out to become the social media giant that Facebook has become. It is evident from the trail that this company blazing. Both companies have strong registered user numbers, and both have similarities in the leadership roles at each of the respective companies.

Facebook has a global presences with more than a billion users. Skout has a worldwide presence as well with millions of users that log on each day. Facebook has a female executive, Sheryl Sandberg, that is overseeing a lot of the operations as the Chief Operations Officer for Facebook. For Skout, there is a strong female leader found in Chief Financial Officer Laura Dunn. These women have been raised differently, but their roles in social media have lots of of similarities.

The ultimate thrust for social media apps like Skout is the sheer number of people that sign up for those apps. When people experience something that they like it is natural for them to tell someone else. This word of mouth buzz is the thing that makes more people consider downloading the app. That is what draws so many people to the Skout application. People hear about it from their friends and this inspires them to sign up.

The other people that find Skout may have no friends. This may be a site that allows them to socialize and build friendships. People have the opportunity to chat, and some people actually meet people that they will fall in love with online. The possibilities are endless with Skout, and CFO Laura Dunn likes this road of endless options.

People have become fans of the Skout site because it gives them the opportunity to get to know people that may not be on Facebook. Many people are deactivating accounts for one social media site to join another. There were tons of inactive accounts for MySpace once Facebook came along. Now there is a migration from Facebook to Skout. What Skout hopes to do is keep people from deactivating accounts by keeping them interested in the wave of features that are available with this app.

Skout may be among the best when it comes to diversity in apps. This is the type of app that has managed to allow people to travel virtually and find love while they are still in their pajamas.