FreedomPop Brings Affordable Phone Service To People

These days, people need phones. For one thing, it is necessary to have a phone to be able to do some business or get some work. However, there are many cases where people can’t afford phone services. As a result, they may find themselves in some kind of bind. After all, every carrier requires payment for customers to use the phone service. Fortunately, there is a solution for people that are on a tight budget. This takes a little bit of pressure off of them so that they don’t have to pinch pennies or look for every bit of loose change they could find. This company is FreedomPop.

FreedomPop is the company that has been built with the focus on providing service to people at a very affordable price. As a matter of fact, people are able to get a little bit of service for free whenever they find that their cash flow is very low to the point that it is eaten up by expenses. This business plan is what made FreedomPop very successful among people. The success of FreedomPop has led to an expansion of services to different markets and territories. FreedomPop has been founded with the vision of making sure that everyone is connected.

The way people can get FreedomPop is either with the use of refurbished Sprint products, or the use of their old Sprint device that has been unlocked because of being used for 2 years. Fortunately, there are wide variety of devices that could be used with the service. All one has to do is read the FreedomPop review in order to find what device would work best for the person. For people that are looking for an affordable service, FreedomPop is one carrier that is willing to provide people with service that is very affordable.

Madison Street Capital Creates Award-Winning Investment Banking Strategies


Investment banking is a form of banking that primarily focuses on helping companies, government agencies, and other entities to raise capital. Investment banks such as Madison Street Capital offer financial advisory services and M&A expertise.

A look at Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital, the Chicago-based firm, is one of the global investment banks known for excellence and integrity when it comes to service provision. The company pioneers in offering financial advisory services to private and public business entities as well as governments. Madison Street Capital is aware of the urgency associated with corporate finance and tries to deliver solutions to its clients as soon as they raise their concerns. This firm is all about helping its clients to fulfill their goals, and therefore, it handles business transactions in a manner that leaves both the customers and investors contented.

Madison Street Capital works alongside professionals who are quite experienced in the field of finance hence can tackle any challenge brought to them while meeting the unique needs of each client. The company’s diversified expertise is in the form of deal structuring, corporate finance, specialized financings, and marketing pricing. Madison Street Capital has other offices in other continents such as Asia, Africa, and North America. This global network is an indication that Madison Street Capital is the leading financial service provider in the world.
This company specializes in:
• Corporate Advisory: ESOP advisory, mergers, and acquisitions, capital restructuring, buyout advisory, private placements, bankruptcy, and reorganization services

• Business Valuation: Tax valuation and compliance

• Asset management: M&A, portfolio valuation, and financial sponsor coverage

• Financial opinion and consultations: Capital and solvency, and Independent 3rd party fairness solution

  • Business valuation for financial reporting: Share-based compensation, purchase price allocations, goodwill and intangible asset impairment, and structured finance product
  • Wealth preservation and tax planning: Business exit planning and tax planning

    Leadership of the company

    Charles Botchway who serves as the company’s chief executive officer heads this prestigious company. Other key officials in the company include Anthony Marsala, COO, Jaydip Sinha and Lester Rodgers serve as the general managing directors of the firm.

    The company’s achievements

    Thanks to the excellent nature of the Madison Street Capital’s reputation, the firm has bagged several awards and high-profile nominations. This year alone, Madison Street Capital was nominated for four awards, and it won three of them. The awards won include the 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Awards, the 8th Annual International M&A Advisor for Cross Border Deal of the year Awards, and the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards for Industrial Deal of the Year. The company was also named the finalist for the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year. In 2015, Madison Street Capital won the 10th Annual M&A Advisor Turnaround Awards Refinancing Deal of the Year.

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What Can A SEC Whistleblower Expect?

Whistleblowers save a lot of innocent people from suffering a great deal of unfortunate calamities. Financial calamities are among them. Hardworking people who put their money into hedge funds and other investment vehicles do not want to be ripped off. Yet, the news are filled far too frequently with tales of fiscal crooks robbing from those who entrusted them. Even corporations have been robbed by analysts and investment bankers whom the corporate board entered into good faith agreements with.

The sad reality here is the cloistered environment of the financial world means no one on the outside knows what may be occurring. Therefore, the Securities Exchange Commission and other legal entities are reliant on word from the inside to cast light on wrongdoing. This is where whistleblowers and their attorneys prove so helpful. By alerting the Securities Exchange Commission to illegal activities, whistleblowers help the SEC stop such things. In addition, the SEC could very well award a hugely generous sum to the whistleblower. With the proper representation of a SEC whistleblower lawyer, getting the reward may become a more streamlined process. The process is also a legal one derived from the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Bill passed by congress several years ago.

And the legal world of SEC whistleblowing is quite active. Labaton Sucharow is a law firm that reveals just how active things are. The firm only handles whistleblower cases and was the first to exclusively do so.

What did Dodd-Frank do for potential whistleblowers? There are a number of items in the law that greatly assist potential whistleblowers. Protections were put in place in the law. Legal protections may be the most important item in the legislation since these regulations make potential whistleblowers less fearful of coming forward. There is one item, however, that would probably motivate a whistleblower the most. This would be the reward clause in the legislation.

The law stipulates a whistleblower may collect 10% to 30% of recovered sanctions in excess of $1 million. Hence, a company that is fined $5 million could lead to a whistleblower receiving $500,000 to $1.5 million. Generous sums to be sure.

Blowing the whistle on a financial operation that is running below board is a complex endeavor. To deal with the situation properly, working with a SEC whistleblower attorney might be the best plan.

Handy and the Booking Boom

Handy has been influential in the booking industry. They have followed in the footsteps of other mega booking companies like Uber and have grown a great deal in the short time that they have been in business. This has allowed them to connect with people that they never thought that they would and build up huge profits in that time. When Handy first started, they only dreamed of getting to the point that they are currently at. Their success has changed the way that they see themselves in the future of the booking industry and with the people that they service.

People who clean homes may struggle with the inability to find someone who needs their home cleaned. People don’t exactly advertise that they are looking for a housekeeper and this is something that most people who clean homes need to rely on references for. The market is there, it just needs to have a better way for people to find homes that need to be cleaned. For that reason, Handy has given the people who clean homes a place where they can make sure that they are doing the most and where they are finding the different things for the clients that they have.

If someone needed their home cleaned in the past, they would have gone to a friend or family member who had a housekeeper and asked them what the best option was. This was tedious and, sometimes, embarrassing. recognized that people didn’t necessarily want to do this and this became a major foundation for the way that their platform is set up. People can read testimonials about house cleaners and even see the services that they offer right on the website. None of their friends ever needs to know that they use a house cleaner.

Handy has been able to help people make a one-time booking, a standing appointment with a cleaner and even emergency services. The company has mainly stayed within the house cleaning and housekeeping market, but they hope to go further past that in the future. While they know that they will stay within the home services market, they do not want to be stuck with only cleaning jobs for the rest of their time in business. They want to expand to include home services like repairmen and even some professionals like plumbers or electricians who can help them out with their needs.


Steve Murray Passes Away

Steve Murray is one of the renowned founding partners of CCMP Capital. He is also a much-respected individual in the country, especially because of his achievements in the hedge fund industry. Murray is a great deal maker on Wikipedia who has been very successful in business. Steve Murray started working for CCMP Capital many years ago, and he worked hard to raise its capital. Steve Murray is also a member of several boards in the country.

After working for CCMP Capital for many years, Steve Murray announced that he was leaving the private equity company early last year. According to reports published by a popular newspaper, Steve Murray will no longer be working as the CEO of the successful company. Murray’s decision came as a shock to many people in the country. Many clients have a lot of faith in him, and most of them are worried that the company will collapse without him. These customers believe that Steve Murray was the main reason the company was performing well.

Before resigning from the CEO position, Steve Murray played a crucial role in raising over three billion dollars for the company’s funding on This is actually one of the largest amounts the company has raised since it was founded many years. Newspapers from all over the country say that Steve Murray was one of the executives in CCMP Capital who influenced the decision-making process.

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CCMP Capital is a well-known private equity firm in the United States. The institution is believed to have its headquarters in New York City. CCMP Capital has several offices in other parts of the globe. As one of the founding partners of the private equity firm, Steve worked hard to ensure that the company earned enough revenue. CCMP Capital is considered to be one of the most successful institutions that are privately owned.

After Steve Murray had announced his plans to leave CCMP Capital and his position as the CEO, reporters were all over, looking for him. Fortune Magazine, one of the most trusted newspapers in the country reported that Steve had resigned because of health problems. The magazine said that Steve would spend some time getting medical care.

Just one month after his resignation, it was announced that Steve Murray had passed away at the age of fifty-two. This was a sad situation for his clients and colleagues. Greg Brenneman, the recently appointed CEO of CCMP Capital, said that the company had lost one of its most trusted deal makers.

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IoT Solutions From Gooee

Headed by co-founders Simon Coombes and Andrew Johnson, Gooee has established itself as a market leader in provision of exceptional enterprise IoT solutions to the expansive lighting world. The team at Gooee incorporates their years’ worth of experience and expertise to integrate the latest development in communication protocols, security, APIs and cloud architecture to create the ideal Gooee platform. The company’s IP portfolio covers more than twenty patents on sensing, networking, lighting control and data analytics. By integrating innovativeness in their work, Gooee ensures that their solutions are the most suitable for lighting and sensing environments.

The company’s most inventive technology yet is smart lighting, which enables you to have automatic, electronic and remote control of your home, including the devices, accessories, fixtures and appliances in your home. This genius form of technology gives the user flexibility since one can easily control it with timers or set schedules to monitor bulb status for instance.

However, this innovation requires many technologies in order to be fully functioning and give and consequently allow home automation. Smart lighting uses various networks which do different things for your home appliances. The most common ones, nevertheless, are networks for smart lights that automatically switch on when someone enters the room, or change color when a particular incident occurs.

The brilliance behind smart lighting lies in eliminating effort and giving you absolute control of you lighting appliances. At Gooee you will find both types of smart lights which include Sensor-integrated and non-sensor integrated. Sensor-integrated are fit with sensors that can recognize daylight or people, among other things, while the latter do not have sensors. Either way, Gooee ensure that with both inventions you will have complete control of your home’s lighting.

San Luis Obispo Assisted Living Facility the Manse on Marsh Announces Farron Bernhardt as New CEO



The Manse on Marsh in San Luis Obispo’s downtown, introduced Bernhardt Farron as the senior award-winning community’s new CEO. For more than three decades, Farron comes back to the Manse and holds a senior housing leadership position. In the recent past, Farron was the current Vice President of Assisted Living for Neighborhood Development and Nevada Housing. For a long time now, Farron has a developed reputation for his collaborative approach and immense management strategies. His qualities are well-received in the Manse on Marsh community engagement of staff and residents.


Most families have the manse on marsh as their top choice senior living community every time. Because of this, our commitment to life-enriching and vibrant experiences are our most important priority. Farron said that he is honored to be part of the steering team. He looks forward to engaging in collaborative activities with the residents. Moreover, he wants to ensure that Manse on Marsh has the highest standards of senior care and excellence far beyond the central coast. Because he believes in a vision, he is a man of his words.


Manse on Marsh recently won a second Care Award. According to, Manse on Marsh is one of the best senior care providers in the country. Farron has added value to the steering team of the company. For most, he is the new Chief Executive Officer of Manse on Marsh. He says that he has made many commitments to ensure that senior citizens get the most of our care. He is looking forward to the technological and innovative enhancements brought by the steering team. Everyone will call The Manse on Marsh their home.


Manse on Marsh is situated in San Luis Obispo downtown. This is the heart of Central Coast. This is the closest home for families seeking senior citizen care in Paso Robles, Arroyo Grande, and other neighboring communities. Their social amenities include private homes and spacious flats, convenient transportation, restaurant-quality open dining, laundry and maid services, social activities, attentive caregivers, and nurse on staff. They also offer discrete personal assistance to those in need. This is the ultimate home for senior citizens in the communities.

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Malini Saba: A Real Life Fairy Tale

Malini Saba is truly one of the best success stories that there is. The way she has lived her life so far almost seems like it should be right out of the pages of a fairy tale. She went from a very poor country to becoming an extremely successful businesswoman and philanthropist, and her name is known worldwide for her exploits.


Malini was born on the island nation of Sir Lanka and moved to the United States at the age of 19. She did not really know what she wanted to do at the time, but she new that her education was first and foremost. As she was studying, she became deeply interested in the world of business. She found investments extremely interesting in particular. She pursued this field and would go out to investment firms in her spare time and ask them about their strategies and what makes their businesses work. She even tried to join several venture capital firms, getting turned down because she was apparently not venture capitalist material. Well, Malini destroyed all expectation when she created her own firm called Saban.


Saban now owns investments in several different industry sectors and commodities. It is extremely successful and has investments all over the world. Even with a few bouts of corruption trying to shut her down, Malini kept going and building her business. Her strategy was bold and extremely risky. She wanted to invest where others refused to, finding those investments to be way to risky for their liking. She also invests in countries that are deemed to risky to touch for most investors. She has said many times that she does not care what the trends are or what is good right now, she wants to be involved in what will be a good investment in the future.


Just adding to this fairy tale is the fact that Malini is also a very generous philanthropist. She has given out millions of dollars to causes that are dear to her. She also created her own nonprofit organization that is focused on helping women called Stree. This organization helps women all across Asia, Africa, and Europe get healthcare, help with legal matters, and training in business and entrepreneurship. Malini believes that all women have a right to get the chances that she had, and she knows firsthand how debilitating poverty can be. But with a little help, anybody can be anything that they want.



FreedomPop Is Offering Hotspots And Wi-Fi For Internet Access

Many don’t realize what hotspots are. Some are just so used to using their cell phone when they need Internet service, and some people use their home Internet service only and no other forms of Internet services. Hotspots are great for those who always have places to go and things to do but need access to the Internet all the time. There are a couple different kinds of hotspots, and a FreedomPop review will provide the necessary info on them both. One type of hotspot that FreedomPop provides are the portable ones, which are very small in size but powerful enough to bring 4G LTE Internet service in a portable form.

The next type of hotspot is provided through Wi-Fi service, and these hotspots are all located in different businesses, companies, stores and more, and they provide Wi-Fi service to those who have paid for the FreedomPop Wi-Fi service each month. FreedomPop only charges five dollars per month for the Wi-Fi service that they offer, and anyone who gets the service can use it as much as they want to every month. Renewing the Wi-Fi service each month only costs five dollars, so the user will always have access to the millions of hotspots that FreedomPop provides.

These hotspots are great because they provide great service and are available to anyone, even to people who don’t have any other FreedomPop services. Some feel that they must have cell phone service from FreedomPop to get the Wi-Fi service or to purchase a hotspot, but this information couldn’t be further from the truth. Other cell phone companies provide several services and don’t require a customer to have each service, so FreedomPop does the same thing. Customer can use their Wi-Fi service at will as well as their portable hotspots.

FreedomPop provides their portable hotspots at a great price for less than $100, depending on which hotspot is chosen because there are several of them. The user will also be happy to know that every month that they have service, they’ll be able to enjoy 500 MB of free data from FreedomPop. The hotspot works all over the United States and will still get the great 4G LTE speeds that many people love, which is great for uploads, downloads, watching videos, streaming music and more. It’s time to take advantage of the other services that FreedomPop has besides their great cell phone service.

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White Shark Media Listens to Feedback

One thing that could be said for White Shark Media as a marketing firm is that they listen to feedback. Just the fact that people are able to interact with the company makes them more accessible. People are more willing to do business with an accessible company as opposed to a company that is rather reclusive. For one thing, accessibility is a sign of trustworthiness. If a company tends to avoid its customers, then that is a bad sign. Therefore, it is important for people to make sure that they are able to get their questions answered when they are dealing with a company.


One of the common complaints that people have about a company when they rule them as scammers is that the representatives do not answer them when they run into a problem. This is one of the signs of a company that is not legitimate across the board. Every industry seems to have that company that does not offer customer service. Fortunately, White Shark Media not only provides customer service, but they are also attentive in the services they provide for the user. This is very fortunate for both White Shark Media and the clients because they need a way to make sure that everything is okay.


White Shark Media is also able to listen to feedback and change according to the feedback. This is not to say that they take on every change that the customers request. For one thing, White Shark Media has to think things through before they go ahead and decide whether or not the change is worth implementing. The whole point of making the adjustments is so that people will be able to get better service from them. If the changes actually take away from the quality of the service, then it is not a change that is worth having.