Securus Technology –The Solution to all Prison Life Problems

Being in the correctional services can block you from so many developments in the world. This is because your freedom of movement is taken from you. You also do not have the liberty of assessing the internet now and then. For an inmate who has been serving a 20-year sentence and above, the world is a different world by the time they are released.

Some of this convicts suffer depression because of difficulty in adjusting. They feel out of place. They feel misplaced. Many convicts have had to enroll in therapy to know how to keep up with the changes. Even worse, some have deliberately committed a crime to go back and continue with their prison life. At least that is what their normal is.

Other complaints that the convict’s relatives have had in the past is the distant nature of the convicts. After spending a long duration in prison, the family bond is broken. They feel indifferent and seek solitude. The family members have to stay mending the relationship for months.

Securus Technology has permanently solved these problems. The high tech company has come up with gadgets that got you covered.

For the adjusting issues, the company has come up with embedded emails. The convict signs up, and through this, they receive pictures and the new developments in the outside world. The convicts, therefore, have an idea of what to expect once released. This has reduced the anxiety problems. The family members have testified this program as a miracle worker.

The distant nature of convicts after being released is no longer something to worry about with Securus. The Securus Technology has come up with gadgets that allow communication on a daily basis. The inmate can make calls, both audio and video to keep in touch. The family can also call from the comfort of their home. The regular communication has managed to keep the inmates bonded to their families as they serve their sentences.


Elysium Health’s Place in the Supplement Business – Where Does Basis Fit?

Elysium Health, a leader in creating and distributing supplements aimed at helping humans living healthier lives for long periods of time, released Basis, their first supplement, in 2015.

As long as consumers take two capsules per day for at least four weeks, their concentrations of NAD+ — short for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide — rose, on average, a whopping ninety percent.

Thousands of people still take the supplement today and experience improved and sustained NAD+ levels, as long as consumers continue to take the supplement once every day. As a result, their cellular health, DNA regularity, circadian rhythm, energy creation, and bodily functions maintained themselves at a high level.

Where is Basis today?

The cellular health supplement Basis is more prevalent than ever before. Many people in North America take various supplements, although few of them have been clinically proven to hold true to the claims they allege.

Basis has been clinically proven, as of earlier this year, to increase and sustain levels of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide in people who take the naturally-occurring chemical compound.

In the clinical study, 120 people from the ages of 60 to 80 participated in the fully legitimate trial. The randomized, placebo-present, double-blind trial gave an equal number of participants either: a placebo, 250 milligrams of nicotinamide riboside and 50 milligrams of pterostilbene, or twice the above dose – 500 milligrams of nicotinamide riboside and 100 milligrams of pterostilbene.

After four weeks, each participant’s blood levels were tested for the concentration of NAD+ and how much it changed, if any, from baseline. As the experts at Elysium Health expected, NAD+ rose between 40% and 90%, depending on how high the dose that participants consumed was – the higher the dose, the closer to the average concentration of 90% was achieved.

Participants were found to have no adverse effects as a direct result of consuming Basis. Further, the supplement Elysium Health created in 2015 was found to be safe for everyday use.

The eight-week study found that the participants’ levels of NAD+ were sustained for each and every day they consumed the combination of nicotinamide riboside and pterostilbene, the same combination that is found in Basis.

What is Elysium Health?

Elysium Health is an organization that creates supplements. It was created as a merger between three people, one of whom was a scientist. The researcher, Dr. Leonard Guarente, is employed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as its Director of MIT’s Glenn Laboratory for the Science of Aging. Dr. Guarente remains with the organization today, helping Elysium Health lead the supplement industry.

Waiakea Water Heals the Body

The bottled Waiakea water uniquely starts its journey in the volcanoes of Hawaii, more specifically the Mauna Loa volcano. Waiakea water goes through a pure and natural filtration process. Melting snow caps and rain falling into the volcano runs through porous volcanic rocks before reaching the foot of the volcano where it is collected. Filtering through this alkaline process gives the water a mineral composition of calcium, silica, sodium, and potassium.

Waiakea water is designed to help the human body regulate its own pH balance levels. The Waiakea water touts the following benefits:

  • Minerals that aid in the water’s unique taste and smooth feel
  • Hydration electrolytes to keep the body well fueled
  • Water is scientifically tested as pure
  • Free from radical damage

The Hawaiian based Waiakea, Inc. Company was founded in 2012 by its Chief Executive Officer Ryan Emmons. He was raised both in Hawaii and California. Later in life, he discovered that his parents had access to the Kea’au Aquifer at the bottom of the Mauna Loa volcano. Mr. Emmons wanted to create an alternative to clean and healthy bottled water.

The Waiakea Company sets its goal is built around worldwide sustainability, clean water, conservation measures, and healthy initiatives. Waiakea also donates its water to world-wide communities that do not have access to clean water.

In addition to the pure natural water of Waiakea, the water is bottled in nano-degradation plastic containers. Nano-degradable bottles doesn’t take years to degrade like traditional plastic bottles. Waiakea bottled water is a ‘green’ eco-friendly, fully degradable, and 100% recyclable product of TimePlast.

TimePlast is a U.S. company that specializes in nano manufacturing technology in the safe re-engineering of polymers. TimePlast has created nano plastic additives that weaken the plastic which makes its degradable process a great deal shorter.

Waiakea, Inc. was named one of Inc. Magazine’s 500 fastest growing companies in America. Emmons has been featured on Beverage World Magazine and was named a Bridge Entrepreneur by Social Venture Network.

Louis Chenevert has Paved a Road of Legacies

Louis Chenevert has left a legendary path in the world of business. Many people see what he has accomplished and desire that they can do the same. Well nobody can genuinely fill his shoes, his life’s legacy informs us on what we can do to have the same kind of success in our lives.

Louis began by gaining a bachelor’s degree in production management at one of the University of Montreal’s affiliate programs, HEC Montreal. Graduating at the top of his class, he was the natural pick for the corporate world.

After he graduated, Louis Chenevert received a phone call for General Motors offering him a position within the company. After only two years, he would be promoted to a general production manager overseeing of the Pontiac line. Louis would serve here for 14 years before receiving another lucrative offer.

Louis would leave General Motors and go work for the company Pratt & Whitney. Pratt & Whitney specialized in aerospace manufacturing. This was something that Louis knew very little about, but Pratt and Whitney knew that through his constant learning he would be the pick they needed to become president of their company.

Louis would serve Pratt & Whitney well during his time as president by raising their stock prices by 100% and increasing their market share by an additional 12%. However, Louis would not continue with Pratt & Whitney forever. Another, more significant company, the United Technologies Corporation, had its eye on Louis.

Louis would then become the CEO and chairman of the board for the company UTC. He would raise their value by acquiring companies such as Pratt & Whitney, Otis, and even Goodrich. The total of these acquisitions cost well over $21 billion.

While that amount may surprise many people, it was able to raise the value of UTC by another 42 billion dollars. This allowed UTC to control its market completely.

After his time with the United Technologies Corporation, Louis would go on and become a consultant with Goldman Sachs. Here he served in the banking division, and since retiring spends time with his family and on his hobbies.

American Institute of Architects Promotes Healthcare with Architectural Designs

     Robert Ivy is currently the deputy president of American Institute of Architects which began its operations in 1857. The organization was founded by passionate architects who aim at improving the construction and building industries. Besides, their other goal was to invent rich designs for their property. The American Institute of Architects has its main offices in Washington D.C. despite starting its operations in New York City.

Most of all, The American Institute of Architects is actively involved in philanthropic works that aim at uplifting upcoming architects through scholarships and many other types of support. Their contributions to the building industry have greatly improved professionalism and credibility in offering their services. Thomas V. Vonier who is the company’s president is the main reason behind its success because of his great leadership and managerial skills.

The American Institute of Architects is a major contributor to the growth and development of the United States of America’s economy. Besides, Robert Ivy and his fellow associates have also ventured into activities that focus on improving public health care delivery, providing solutions to disaster management and even sponsoring students’ research in different higher learning institutions. The company wishes to extend their services to a span of about ten years. As a result, Robert Ivy is positive that their commitments will bear fruits at the end of their mission.

According to Robert Ivy, he believes that architecture and design can as well be major role players in improving health care for the citizens of the United States of America. This has been possible through the draining of swamps and demolishing of poor housing conditions that may pose health risks to the people living in those areas. Still, on healthcare, Robert Ivy is positive that buildings can be designed with numerous staircases just to primarily impact on the exercise. These design strategies have positively influenced the recession in the number of patients suffering from lifestyle conditions such as diabetes and coronary heart diseases. Additionally, he points out that the location of buildings also plays a major role in delivering better health care. For this to be effective, architects consider the availability of water, fresh air, sunlight and many other necessities before putting up a foundation for any building.

Most of all, the raw materials used in constructing and designing buildings also affects the health of their occupants. Choosing the right materials is what every architect is after. Robert Ivy and his fellow associates at The American Institute of Architects have indeed become champions in improving healthcare and the welfare of the United States of America’s citizens.


Logan Stout developed IDLife as a health company revolutionary designed to provide nutritional supplements based on the client’s unique needs. Center for Disease Control reports that over 65% women and over 75% men in the United States are obese and carrying with them a number of health risks. In the past, people have taken products to deal with obesity but have experienced regrets as no results are shown. IDLife has introduced personalized nutrition for individuals who have chosen supplementation as part of the solution to their weight and health issues.

IDLife recognizes the fact that no two people are alike, people differ in terms of existing health problems, Learned behaviors leading to the derailing of health fitness programs, genetics, and medication use. IDLife realized that many of the wellness products available in the market target one size to fit all approaches. This makes them fail to deliver the desired results.

IDLife is unique due to a number of factors. To start with, it is changing the face of supplement market. This is by providing target options on nutrition for the masses. Secondly, it has motivated investors and powerful executives driven by the intrinsic desire to see others succeed. The other factor, IDLife supplements are backed up by proven science ensuring that they are of superior quality and serve their purpose. IDLife source for high-quality ingredients to provide supplements that live up to their name.

About Logan Stout

Born and raised in Richardson, Texas, Logan Stout graduated from J.J. Pearce High School. He holds a business degree, Summa Cum Laude from Paloma and has a Psychology degree from the University of Dallas. He is a former basket player and while in high school, he played for baseball and varsity basket in every season.

Logan Stout serves as the Chief Executive Officer at IDLife a wellness company he founded in 2014. He is an established leader and author and trains potential business owners. In a short time, he has managed to take IDLife to the solid top 100 MLM companies in the world.

Logan Stout Philanthropic work

Premier Baseball Academy was founded by Logan Stout to serve as indoor baseball training classes’ premier location. It offers classes on Premier Spring Training, Situational Hitting Clinics, Army Velocity Classes and Hitting Leagues among others. Logan Stout has used his resources recently in helping out the Hurricane Harvey Victims through Texas by delivering a convoy of trucks and boats of essential items and allowing his employees focus on the urgent rescue mission.

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Lifeline Screening: Information For All Ages

Your lifeline screening is also just a delicate procedure. We guarantee to keep you educated and safe during the whole period of this approach to heart health. We will treat you with the utmost courtesy and protect your privacy. Your solitude is among the most important concerns throughout the task. We’ll even assist you to locate our office in the event that you require assistance addressing us. We now have experienced patients who want assistance with transportation; this is no problem. If that is you, then we’ll create the appropriate accommodations for the trip. It’s very important that you just make it into your own screening. We promise to maintain our services’ affordability for you personally and we’ll continue to work with your healthcare plan in a commendable way.

When preparing to get the lifeline screening, you need to be positive you have on loose fitting and comfy clothing. This will definitely work to your advantage. After you arrive, you may probably be greeted at the front desk and also exhibited with your documents. The paper work is a very important area of the procedure. We request you establish twenty-five minutes before your scheduled appointment so that you’ve got time for those forms. The forms will acquaint our medical practitioners with your medical maintenance and medical history.

From the waiting area, you’ll soon be comfortable. The chairs are lavish and cushioned. We follow our appointment program meticulously, therefore don’t hesitate to grab some water or use the restroom because we won’t skip you. We promise you that this won’t happen.

Read more: How Life Line Screening Can Help You Lead a Healthier, Longer Life

Once your physician is ready for you, you will go straight back in to the screening region; you’ll be placed behind a privacy drape. This will be to the highest possible security and relaxation. Your physician will ask you some questions and also the screening will soon commence.

Based upon your problem, you’ll have multiple evaluations that your physician performs. The first will probably be a considerably small blood test. A little instrument is going to be employed to pull the sample from your index or middle finger according to It won’t hurt in any respect. The blood is going to soon be protected as will your own results. The physician will need your weight and height. Once these evaluations are complete, your physician will let you know if any of these results are out of the ordinary for someone in your average height, weight, and age range. One’s status should always be in accordance with your actual age and dimensions. If needed, you’ll be given a bone density screening. You will remove your shoe and a health care provider will put your foot inside of our state of the art ultra-sound equipment. It is a quick, easy, and painless test.

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Ricardo Tosto mentors young lawyers in Brazil

Brazil a country with the highest number of law schools in the world. If the total number of law schools in the country were to be put together, they would exceed the number of law schools in the whole world. The net result has been a country with a huge number of lawyers. Although this number is huge, not all of them have been given that mandate to practice law. Only a small percentage of these lawyers have completed the process of registration with the Brazilian Bar Association. This is the body that has been given the mandate to regulate the legal profession.

The process of registering as a lawyer in Brazil is rigorous. One must first go to an institution of higher learning and graduate with a law degree. After graduating, then one is required to move to a school of law, only after sitting and passing the bar examination is one allowed to register as a lawyer. This is a profession that is highly regulated and not many people make the cut. After law school, most of the graduates will go for an internship in a law firm of their choice. There are many law firms that one could choose from. One of the most popular is the Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados.

About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto has been in the legal field for many years, he is one of the professionals lawyer who has mentored many other lawyers. Many lawyers looking for an internship after graduating will come to his law firm for the best internship experience. Ricardo Tosto attracts high profile cases that give interns a real experience of handling cases in a professional way.

Ricardo Tosto is not only a lawyer Ricardo Tosto writes for various magazines and newspapers in the country. He writes opinion pieces about various legal and political issues in the country.

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Gregory Aziz, A Transformative Leader Who Was Able To Save National Steel Car From Collapsing

Gregory James Aziz commonly referred to as Greg Aziz was born in the year 1949 in London Ontario Canada. Greg pursued his Education at Ridley College and later the University of Western Ontario where he studied Economics. Greg Since 1994 has been at the helm of National Steel Car Serving as Chairman, President, and CEO. National Steel Car is the top global railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing firm. James Aziz is also a family man who is married to a beautiful wife, Irene. Greg together with his wife is involved in a couple of charitable activities and among them is the sponsoring of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Event that takes place annually in Canada.


Aziz in 1971 Joined the family business Affiliated Foods which is a business that deals with the distribution of wholesale foodstuff. Affiliated Foods under the guidance of Greg Aziz within 16 years grew to become one of the leading worldwide importers of fresh food. Affiliated Foods mainly import food supplies from countries such as Europe, Central, and South America. After receiving the Food Supplies from this nations Affiliated Foods distributes them to wholesale markets in the US and Eastern Canada.


James Aziz in the 1980s through the 90s worked in the city of New York in the banking sector as an investor. It is in the year 1994 when an opportunity of purchasing National Steel Car from Dofasco presented itself and Greg grabbed the opportunity with both hands. Greg bought the company with an objective of transforming it into leading railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing company. Five years down the line that is from 1994 to 1999 Greg was able to turn around things and a company that previously used to manufacture about 3,500 cars per year began manufacturing more than 12,000 cars each year. Greg Aziz was able to transform the company through his strong leadership skills and emphasis on some of the critical areas in the company which include the human resource sector where he invested substantial capital. Besides the human resource changes, Greg capitalized on the great engineering capabilities of the company and encouraged team building. Other achievements that Greg made with the five-year period include the increase in the number of employees from the initial 600 to over 3000.


National Steel Car Stands out as the only ISO 9001:2008 certified company in the whole of Northern America. In addition to the certification, the company has had a series of recertification for the last 18 years. National Steel Car has also received numerous awards such as the TTX SECO award which honors quality. Get More Info Here.

All About The Enigma Gregory Aziz

Gregory Aziz is the Chairman, CEO, and President of National Steel Car. The company is the leading manufacturer of freight car for railroads in the world. It has its headquarters in Hamilton.

Gregory Aziz’s birthplace was in London, Ontario in 1949. He went to school at the Ridley College. He, later on, majored in economics in University.


His first stint in employment was at his family’s wholesale food company, which he joined in 1971. While at Affiliated Food, the company grew over the 16 years he was there to become a major fresh food importer from Central and South America, and Europe. The company grew its distribution network to cover most of Canada to the East and the US.


He, later on, joined the investment-banking world in the 80s in New York and the early 90s. During his time there, Greg Aziz successfully oversaw the purchase of National Steel Car. The aim was to restore this once former leader of the largest freight car maker in N. America.


Gregory J Aziz successfully capitalized on the company’s capabilities in the area of car engineering. He combined this with a lot of team building and a major investment in human resource. Through these efforts, James Aziz expanded the company’s manufacturing output from just 3500 cars a year to 12000 cars annually by 1999. He also grew the company’s workforce form just 600 in 1994 to over 3000 in the same period. Refer to This Article.

Today, thanks in part to the efforts of Greg Aziz, the country has been able to bring innovativeness into railroad car manufacture and build thousands of cars every year. The company is today the only railroad carmaker in North America, a record it has held for over 18 years. Besides that, it has consistently received the TTX SECO high-quality service award since 1996.


Besides its success in manufacturing, the company has also been quite successful in its corporate social responsibility to the community of Hamilton. It has sponsored various courses such as the Salvation Army, the United Way, the Hamilton Opera, and many other local charities.


The company is deeply rooted in family and each year, thousands of former and present employees, together with their kids, attend a Christmas party hosted by National Steel Car. During this party, they participate in the company’s food drive for the food banks in the area.

Greg Aziz and his wife sponsor the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair; it happens to be the biggest agricultural fair in Canada.