Ian King’s Future Vision for Cryptocurrency

Ian King wrote an article for Banyan Hill Publishing entitled, “Bitcoin Thrives Against All Odds“. In it he announced the debut of his new business, a cryptocurrency advisory to help investors learn how to profit from that market. From that point, he begins his description of the history of bitcoin.

Bitcoin is very similar to the dollar in many ways. The faith in it as currency is bestowed upon it by the user and that is what gives it value. In fact, in 1933 President Franklin Delano Roosevelt severed the tie between gold and the U.S. dollar to allow the lowering of interest rates during the depression. That link was driving the rates up. And, in 1971, President Richard M. Nixon ended the practice of foreign governments being allowed to exchange dollars for gold. Now, the U.S. dollar is completely a fiat dollar; money or legal tender is solely given value by the belief in the government that backs it. Visit at ideamensch.com to know more.

The same is true for the bitcoin. There is a limited number of bitcoins produced. So cryptocurrency participants would acquire bitcoins at the going rate, which does fluctuate based on the limited supply, just like the dollar. He noted that bitcoin has had setbacks where is perceived value was lowered, but those instances were immediately followed by upswings in value.

Bitcoin has value because there will only be 21 bitcoins mined, consequently is has limited supply. Its value is perceived by peer-to-peer viewpoints. The bitcoin world is transparent and it is trusted. Since 2008, when the first bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto, bitcoin has fluctuated in value. At its inception, its value was around one cent or less. By 2009, it had risen in value to $27 per bitcoin. Today, its value is up to $2,726 each. It fluctuates wildly in its value, which is not a characteristic of the dollar, so in that way the two forms of currency vary greatly.

Ian King points out the fact that were it not for the value people assigned to money, it would simply be pieces of paper with a pyramid on one side and a face on the other. Just like people use the dollar to acquire goods and services, so do bitcoin users. Some of the merchants that accept dollars now also accept bitcoin. We place a value on bitcoin, as Ian King notes. And, so far Ian King and forward thinking persons like him have begun to see how profitable this new currency is and will be in the future. Read more: https://affiliatedork.com/banyan-hill-publishing-investment-advice


The RealReal Offers Designers Fashions That Are The Real Deal

The RealReal, a luxury consignment shop, has gained in popularity and notoriety, since its beginning in 2001. Julie Wainwright, Chief Executive Officer of the RealReal, founded the online shopping venture on the premise of bringing the best, authentic designer items to the public at a fraction of the original prices. The idea came to her when she and a friend were shopping in a consignment shop, and the friend bought several pieces of Chanel, Gucci, Prada, and Louis Vuitton, and saved money. Wainwright generated her plan and got started with her entrepreneurial endeavor. As of 2017, she had raised over $173 million dollars in capital.

Opening brick and motar shops was the next venture for Wainwright. She recently opened in SoHo, New York. Business selling luxury products, she also offers workshops for her more than fifteen hundred employees, and investors. The most important is the authenticity workshop where specialists in authenticating products demonstrate how to determine is an item is genuinely a designer product. One workshop was the authentication of the Birkin bags. They checked the stitching for size, and if they were handmade, they check the back side of zippers, and they check the smell. They go over an item with a fine tooth comb, so to speak. The onlookers were amazed at the process.

Julie Wainwright employs brand authenticators, gemologists, curators, and horologists to ensure that the luxury items for sale are indeed luxury designer items. These are the RealReal experts who give shoppers the sense of belonging to the elite world of designer fashions. The website of the RealReal has attracted more than eight million members since it was founded in 2011. Her ventures into having walk in stores is proving just as profitable as the website. Wainwright chooses to use gallery cards, like those found in museums, for her displays because she was raised around art. She views designer art as being high art, even though it is wearable. The RealReal wants to provide a different wxperience for buyers than what is offered at the other downtown consignment shops in the New York and surrounding areas.

Whitney Wolfe’s Convictions Help Her Protect Her Company And Her Users

One thing that can be said about success and innovation is that when an honest person with pure motives achieves those, it can attract the attention of someone who is rather shady and even ruthless. This is the case with Whitney Wolfe.

As the CEO of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe has taken a lot of time to think about everything that she would want and the cause that women like her are fighting for. Then she has done everything she can to build her brand. One thing that can be said about her brand is that it is her vehicle for equality. She also thinks about her customers and their beliefs. She does everything she can to protect them.

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With the success and growth of Bumble, certain people have decided that they wanted to take over. One set of people are the owners and leaders of The Match Group. They have not only tried to buy Bumble but have also threatened to sue Whitney Wolfe for the company. The main reason that they tried to file a lawsuit is that The Match Group wanted to buy Bumble, but Whitney Wolfe would not sell partially because she has a history with the group and therefore has an idea of what they intend to do with the company.

When responding to the lawsuit, Whitney Wolfe has released a statement about what The Match Group was doing and everything she is doing to protect Bumble, what it stands for, and its customers. While Bumble does allow men to join, it is meant for women to empower themselves with. She does not want women to lose something that has been significantly helpful to them. Therefore, she has stood her ground against The Match Group and has shown them that she is not someone that is going to just sit down and take any injustice.

Source: https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-business-case-and-plan-for-gender-equality-1523973681

Heather Russell Joins TransUnion In Top Level Position

It was recently announced that legal executive Heather Russell had joined TransUnion. She is their new chief legal officer as of June 4th and will also be the new executive vice president. She started her professional career in September 1997 when she was a law clerk in a US district court. Heather Russell is a 1993 graduate of The College of William and Mary, earning degrees in biology and English, and earned her law degree in 1997 at American University, Washington College of Law.

At TransUnion, Heather Russell will be responsible for all legal issues such as compliance, government relations, and corporate governance. She will report direct to the chief executive officer of TransUnion, Jim Peck, and will also have a seat on the Executive Committee of this firm. In announcing Heather Russell’s addition to the team Jim Pek said that he sees her as a strong leader who will help the executive team execute their growth strategy.

For almost eight years Heather Russell had worked at a law firm based in Washington D.C. called Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP and Associates. She also worked for Bank of America, as an associate general counsel, and at BNY Mellon where she led their legal department. Her background includes areas such as data privacy and security, compliance, consumer financial services, and consumer privacy functions among other skills.

In the announcement of her joining TransUnion, Heather Russell said that this company provides an important service for both other businesses and consumers. Businesses can make more informed decisions, she said, while consumers can get access to the services and products they need. Heather Russell is replacing John Blenke who announced that he would be retiring in 2018.

Hussain Sajwani Soars from Grass to Grace

Hitting of investment goals is exclusively dependent on how you become sure about pursuing your desired success. In many cases, the way to success may come with numerous setbacks that may result in a fall. However, when the fall is treated as a pointer that opens the way for a more significant success, people bounce back with astounding strategies that direct them to unlock their dreams. If in doubt, Hussain Sajwani’s interview is a perfect example that through thick and thin, success is possible.


Marking his Humble Starting Point

For Hussain Sajwani, his small family shop was just ideal for his start. At the tender age of only eight years old, his life began taking definite shape. None could doubt that Hussain Sajwani was making the right path to unfolding a fruitful future for himself. With a great dedication as an ambitious little boy, he joined his father every day after school in the business. This was never a waste of time as many may have thought, instead, it was a little school of business which ameliorated the small boy into a leading global Arab business king. Today, Hussain is a business mogul who is transforming Dubai with luxurious buildings through his real estate company, DAMAC properties.


A Remarkable Ascent

Even though Ali Sajwani, Hussain’s father, had a small shop, the ambition that this small enterprise inculcated in Hussein Sajwani was immeasurable. Right after his studies at Baghdad, his exemplary performance won him a scholarship to the U.S. where he joined the University of Washington and graduated with Economics and Industrial engineering. Therefore, the combination of his study and family firm formed a solid base for him to pursue business. With no time to waste, Sajwani the DAMAC owner went back to Dubai and joined Abu Dhabi National oil for his first job in 1982. Two years later, after garnering adequate capital, he founded a hotel venture following the growing opportunity of population influx in Dubai. With the enabling environment that was set by the government in 2002, Hussain Sajwani founded DAMAC Properties. Today, the venture has developed into a company that constructs deluxe projects in the world top cities thereby becoming the fourth-placed most successful Arab firms globally.


Surviving the Crash

Like any other business, DAMAC Properties experienced challenges in 2008 when the market crashed. Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, suffered the most as his clients were adversely affected by the crash that pounced on their investments. Instead of succumbing to depression, he decided to recall his father’s words on business and impending losses. Therefore, like his father once taught him that in business there would be hurricanes in the form of unexpected and uncalculated loss, he took it upon himself to dedicate his company to successful business strategies that have worked for other established firms. As such, Hussain Sajwani the DAMAC owner overcame the crash. Currently, DAMAC Properties is a revered real estate firm that serves millions of clients.

The Success of Businessman Hussain Sajwani

This man Hussain has never ceased to adventure and prosper in the world of business. The efforts he has is worth his success.

DAMAC owner Hussain was born in the Middle East. His father was involved in the business of selling imported pens and watches. Hussain Sajwani managed to acquire a governmental scholarship to go and study abroad. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics and industrial engineering. In 1981, Hussain secured a job with Abu Dhabi Oil Company where he worked for two years after which he decided to leave and start his own business.

Success follows those who take chances and risks in life. This was a risk-taking mission for Hussain, but he had to make it happen. He started a catering business that saw the Bechtel Corporation and the US Military as his customers. Hussain manned this business alone. His hopes for success never faded away, as he kept on pushing to reach where he wanted.

After some years of the catering business, Hussain started his own property management business. He formed DAMAC Group which is one of the pioneers of Dubai’s Property market. This business has since made Hussain one admired person by the whole world.

DAMAC Group is one of the most significant property development companies in the Middle East and the fastest growing global company as ranked by Forbes. DAMAC Group has ever since been associated with prominent business companies and people worldwide. The construction of the Tiger Woods Golf course was a milestone for DAMAC Properties which was admired by many.

Hussain’s success never drove him away from the community. He got himself involved in a humanitarian event of supporting the needy in the community. Hussain donated AED 2 million for the purchase of clothes for one million needy children which showed a sign of good heart from him.

Business for Hussain has earned him recognition in the global market. There is future hope for Hussain and Donald Trump through their business journey. On the other hand, Trump is looking to invest mainly in Dubai as well.

Broker Services Provided By Avatrade Review

AvaTrade is in Dublin in Ireland. It is an online forex and broker company. Since it was started it expanded quickly and serves more than 200,000 accounts globally. Its financial stability allows it to of a range of services and products to customers. It has different offices in major cities around the world. The company is regulated by several regulators with the central Bank of Ireland taking part in the regulation. In Japan, the company is well controlled by several agencies which offer oversight to its operations in the nation.


The company’s trade is reliable. Therefore; traders have found a solution to their problem concerning online trading. It is because it has operated for more than a decade participating in the same field. The company has maintained better services through its integrity and reliability in the online trading. AvaTrade holds licenses from European Union, British Virgil Islands, Australia, South Africa and Japan. Since 2009, AvaTrade has won numerous awards for its achievements among them being “Best Forex Broker 2016” and “Best Customer Support”. This authorisation makes customers have peaceful mind as they transact with the company.


AvaTrade has numerous trading platforms that it has made available for their customers. It provides customers with mobile trading platforms in mobile devices. It offers automated trading platforms which help the beginners to increase their trading profitability. It allows beginners who lack trading experience as they mirror to trades made by the experienced traders. It boosts the confidence of beginner traders and ends up engaging in more trading activities. The automated trading platforms include Rob ox, Mirror Trader, Zulu Trade, API Trading and MQL5 signal services.


AvaTrade provides standard trading account and demo trading account to its clients. Engaging in trade with this company is advantageous as there are bonuses, itself is a regulated broker, different choices of trading platforms, multilingual support as well as fixed and floating spreads. The company offers crypto trading facility which deals with financial derivatives such as CFDs. It provides commissions and spreads either fixed or floating spreads. Credit/debit cards and bank wire transfer merely fund trading accounts of the company. The withdrawals are similar to deposits and take five business days to be processed.

The Man And The Myth, Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is the definition of being half-man and half-amazing. The true definition of a hard worker. Mr. Seawright is probably one of the most underappreciated successful men today. Even though he is not a celebrity, he is very outstanding in his fields of work. Every position he has held with a company, he made many huge accomplishments. Follow Kevin Seawright on Twitter.

Hard-Worker Helps Multiple Companies Accelerate Their Business

Kevin has played a major role in quite a few companies. He successfully handled juggling multiple positions for ten years and four months. That lasted from January 2001 to April 2011.

His roles in companies are listed below:

* As a worker for the City of Baltimore, he was the Payroll Director and the Managing Fiscal Officer.

* He was the Chief Financial Officer for the Baltimore City Recreation & Pa.

* He worked a few positions as part of the Baltimore City Government. Mr. Seawright operated as a VP, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Finance Director, and Property Director.

Operations Vice President was Kevin’s occupation for Tito Contractors – Baltimore Community. He performed this role for 3 years; March 2011 to March 2014. Collington Episcopal Life Care Community is where Mr. Seawright dedicated one year and two months of his life. He worked as the Executive Director of Operations from March 2013 to April 2014.

He served one year and ten months as a part of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. Kevin balanced two positions here; Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (Community Property Development). In January of 2015, Kevin has new obligated to his current position. Currently, he is the Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer at RPS Solutions LLC.

One Major Of Many Accomplishments By Mr. Seawright

Kevin Seawright has too many amazing accomplishments to name them all here. He has a very well built reputation in helping companies succeed. He has multiple major achievements with every company he worked with. As one of his accomplishments, he managed every day operations for Baltimore City. That includes supervising 800 employees, dealing with 500 contractors, and 200 administration buildings. Plus, on top of all that, he also oversees 80,000 students.


Mr. Seawright is one of the hardest working men. Every business he was apart of has benefited in a huge way. He has done so much on the east coast of the United States. Baltimore is the main city Kevin Seawright has helped and his name is treated with high sincerity because of his achievements. He has also agreed to do voluntary work in Baltimore. I’m pretty sure that the University of Notre Dame and the city, Baltimore, highly appreciate and are proud of Kevin.

Visit: http://epodcastnetwork.com/kevin-seawright-on-continuing-education-and-notre-dames-executive-leadership-program/


Keep Your Assets Safe With Ted Bauman’s Tips

Ted Bauman likes to remind readers of his Banyan Hill newsletters that their savings shouldn’t just be tied up in bank accounts or IRAs. You need to be prepared for any number of turns in the market which is why Bauman recommends having gold, silver and even cash in your possession so that you can meet emergency needs. But having those assets aren’t enough; you also need to protect them. Read this article at Analyst of Finance to learn more.

Ted Bauman Says your primary ways of keeping your financial assets safe are through a home safe, a bank deposit box or a non-financial vault service. A safe is great if you can afford it and it’s built to withstand acts of nature, and you’ll always have access to it. Unfortunately, safes can always be cracked by burglars even if they’re technologically advanced. Bank deposit boxes offer various protection home safes don’t have, but you have pay separate insurance fees for the assets you store in them, and they could be subject in some cases to government confiscation. Foreign bank deposit boxes are better, but by far and away non-financial vaults are the best security. The government cannot come to seize assets from vaults unless they have cut through a lot of red tape with a court order to do so. Plus if you go with a foreign vault service, you can store physical cash in the vault and the IRS cannot tax or confiscate it.

Ted Bauman writes newsletters on using a variety of investments to boost your portfolio both in the stock market and outside of it. His insights are taken from experiences he’s had in 75 different countries and ways that he has found wealth outside of the usual vehicles. Bauman was born in Washington DC but traveled as a young man, and his bachelor’s and master’s degrees were both earned at Cape Town University in South Africa. He worked in the non-profit sector for many years primarily overseeing initiatives to fight poverty and homelessness and get people more access to financing. He was involved in urban development and low-cost housing solutions as director of Slum Dwellers International and worked with committees from the South African government, the UN and World Bank. Bauman retired from his life’s work in 2013 to become senior editor at Banyan Hill, but he still does research on many markets and helps investors find solutions to banking, healthcare, retirement, and a broad range of investments you don’t find too many other places. Visit: https://inspirery.com/ted-bauman/


CO-Founder Paul Herdsman Of NICE Global Incorporated These Business Strategies To Achieve Success

Being inspired with technology, Paul Herdsman found innovated ways to become an Entrepreneur. Owning a business that offers full solutions to it’s clients.


Incorporating these methods mentioned below into his everyday task, Paul is able to lower overhead costs while increasing revenue.


Paul Herdsman and his NICE Global focus on employee satisfaction, skills, and professional growth. Paul Herdsman is also a co-founder of Inbound Call Experts LLC that has headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. His primary areas of interest are entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology.



Grow your business into success by integrating Herdsman’s methods below.


Be Optimistic. Allow yourself to observe the full spectrum of your tasks or goals. Keep a favorable perspective on all your obligations. Always look to the brighter side of things and by laws of attraction, you can and will meet your goals. Acknowledge any dilemma’s and consider all your abilities to achieve and overcome them.


Take A Chance. Expect there is a chance at failing but accept the chance of success by taking that chance. Work out all the pro’s and cons with a positive prospective and take that chance to succeed. The first step is needed to continue walking.


Enjoy What You Do. To do the same thing or multiple things everyday will become boring, mind numbing and repetitive. A greater chance at success begins with enjoying what you do. Succeed doing what you love. Find your passion or spark inside and embrace it.


Envision Your Business. Detail and outline all business models and incorporate these methods to achieve a successful business. Understanding all tasks, responsibilities, resources, time and energy needed will allow you to make an outlined plan to achieve your business.


Team Work. Team work to make the dream work. Surrounding yourself with likeminded people will benefit you by having support from others. Utilizing skills from everyone to expand business opportunities will achieve greater success.


Eliminate Shortcuts. For those on their way to becoming an Entrepreneur will realize there is no instant success overnight. Put in the effort and you will be rewarded. Taking shortcuts could will cause more damage than it will produce in benefits. Putting in extra effort will allow you to be ahead of the game, thus making it easier to achieve next time.


Learning From your Mistakes. Mistakes create opportunities for growth. Realize the task at hand and how to complete achieving it. Reflect on mistakes to allow yourself opportunities to grow from them.


Know Your Clients. Knowing the clients, you assist will allow you to deliver solutions to keep them consistent. Stay connected and request feedback and or reviews. Embracing criticism to achieve better next time.


Above and Beyond. Delivering more than your clients expect will give them reasons to choose your company over the competition. Giving them that wow-factor will build confidence and trust within your company.


Be Persistent. Being mentally prepared for any goals or deadlines will allow you the stamina needed to create success. Keeping consistent on your work will allow you to remain persistent with your tasks.


Mentors. Find someone who can help or give advice. An outside perspective from someone who does exactly what you do will assist in growth and understanding. Having a great support system as part of your business foundation will enhance your success rate.


Saying No. Time is very valuable, and you will be presented with many opportunities that, may sound and look good from the surface but will take up much of your time. Learn to say no so you can focus your time and energy into what you can complete. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.


Embrace these methods and you will achieve a successful business!!


Learn more about Paul’s business strategies in his 12 Success Tips for Entrepreneurs From NICE Global CO-Founder Paul Herdsman



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