American Institute of Architects Promotes Healthcare with Architectural Designs

     Robert Ivy is currently the deputy president of American Institute of Architects which began its operations in 1857. The organization was founded by passionate architects who aim at improving the construction and building industries. Besides, their other goal was to invent rich designs for their property. The American Institute of Architects has its main offices in Washington D.C. despite starting its operations in New York City.

Most of all, The American Institute of Architects is actively involved in philanthropic works that aim at uplifting upcoming architects through scholarships and many other types of support. Their contributions to the building industry have greatly improved professionalism and credibility in offering their services. Thomas V. Vonier who is the company’s president is the main reason behind its success because of his great leadership and managerial skills.

The American Institute of Architects is a major contributor to the growth and development of the United States of America’s economy. Besides, Robert Ivy and his fellow associates have also ventured into activities that focus on improving public health care delivery, providing solutions to disaster management and even sponsoring students’ research in different higher learning institutions. The company wishes to extend their services to a span of about ten years. As a result, Robert Ivy is positive that their commitments will bear fruits at the end of their mission.

According to Robert Ivy, he believes that architecture and design can as well be major role players in improving health care for the citizens of the United States of America. This has been possible through the draining of swamps and demolishing of poor housing conditions that may pose health risks to the people living in those areas. Still, on healthcare, Robert Ivy is positive that buildings can be designed with numerous staircases just to primarily impact on the exercise. These design strategies have positively influenced the recession in the number of patients suffering from lifestyle conditions such as diabetes and coronary heart diseases. Additionally, he points out that the location of buildings also plays a major role in delivering better health care. For this to be effective, architects consider the availability of water, fresh air, sunlight and many other necessities before putting up a foundation for any building.

Most of all, the raw materials used in constructing and designing buildings also affects the health of their occupants. Choosing the right materials is what every architect is after. Robert Ivy and his fellow associates at The American Institute of Architects have indeed become champions in improving healthcare and the welfare of the United States of America’s citizens.