Arthur Becker’s Approach to Real Estate

Arthur Becker is something of a phenom within the New York real estate scene. Becker works as the Managing Partner at Madison Partners, LLC and it is his carefully curated work choices that has led the development team to such success. Becker comes from a work history in the financial field and he branched out to begin his hunt for real estate success back in 2011. Since then the team at Madison Partners have been slowly but surely establishing themselves near the top of the field. Let’s dig into what Arthur Becker does best in order to learn from his techniques.

To understand how far Arthur Becker has come you really need to know where he started. Becker was initially working as a stockbroker who bought and sold tech companies during the boom. Becker would end up striking it rich by making a few smart deals. He would go on to become the CEO at Zinio as well as the CEO of NaviSite. Both of these companies were tech giants that accomplished huge things within the industry. Still, with all of this tech background it was clear that Becker wanted to push more toward real estate. Becker finally got his chance in 2011 when he opened the doors to Madison Partners, LLC.

Arthur Becker prides himself on having a flexible approach to his day to day work based around the fact that he can chase the aspect of the business that he enjoys. Becker primarily focuses on scouting locations, making deals, and attending meetings. Above all else, Becker makes sure to put himself in the same room as people he respects. For Becker to find success he has to be working with smart, talented, and hardworking individuals.

According to The Real Deal, for entrepreneurs looking to get an edge Arthur Becker cites passion and self-control as his most important traits. Becker knows what he wants to do but he also knows that he has to follow his head, not his heart, in order to make balanced and critical decisions. Becker also advises to ‘stay flexible’ in strategy making and strategy applications as that will be key to success. Check out his profile to lean more.