Tourism Expert Guilherme Paulus Recommends Visiting Confins On Your Next Trip To Brazil

Having established what is now Latin America’s largest tour provider, CVC Tours, and being a hotelier who owns GJP Hotels and Resorts, Guilherme Paulus is the authority when it comes to deciding where to visit in that part of the world. He started in the tourism industry in 1972 and joined the hospitality industry in the mid-1990s. He really enjoys sharing information about where people should go on vacation when they decide to visit Latin America.

Guilherme Paulus says that with CVC Tours he wanted to provide a travel experience for his customers that is second to none. He took this same attitude when starting his hotel chain. He places hotels in the best locations in Brazil and makes sure their personal services are top-notch. His hotels also feature excellent restaurants. His hotel chain is comprised of three separate brands. Wish is for those travelers who want a lot of luxury. Prodigy is for those who want luxury but also want value for where they stay. Linx is his budget-friendly option.

There are a lot of great places to stay in Brazil. Confins, MG is one that Guilherme Paulus says he really enjoys and recommends to travelers all the time. Confins is in the state of Minas Gerais. Its earliest claim to fame is that gold was discovered there in 1690. One of the big draws to this area is the Confins Caves which is of great interest to both paleontologists and archaeologists. It is also famous because a fossil named Luzia was discovered there which is 11,000 years old.

Guilherme Paulus says that hare a lot of things to do in the Confins region. He recommends going to the Lagoa Santa Regional Archaeology Museum. They have a number of very interesting fossils to view which have all been discovered in that part of Brazil. He also really like hiking in the Serra do Cipo National Park where there are amazing forests, caves, and waterfalls waiting to be discovered by new travelers. He says he built a hotel there, Linx Confins, which is the best place to both begin and end your journey there.

Wes Edens is Behind the Brightline Train System Being Constructed in the US

Wes Edens is one of the men responsible for Fortress Investment Group, which is an alternative investment business that was started up back in 1998 by Rob Kauffman, Randal Nardone, and Wes Edens. Together, these men co-founded what is one of the largest investment companies in the United States today with more than 40 billion dollars in assets floating around. Wes Edens has been major responsible for the overall development of the company, which he still maintains on the board of directors. By 2007, when Fortress Investment Group became public, Wes was already a billionaire, with a stake in the company worth over 2 billion dollars. According to Wes, his success comes from a strong motivation to succeed and an impatience to finish new tasks as fast as he can. On top of his huge financial success, Wes is also a successful philanthropist, giving back to the community through support in various different ways.

Despite being a huge success in the financial department, Wes Edens has many other business ventures still on his minds. Over the past decade, Wes has become much more involved with sports, which is a personal passion of his. Currently, Wes is the owner of various sports teams that play in different arenas, including professional basketball, with the Milwaukee Bucks, professional e-sports, with FlyQuest, and Aston Villa, a soccer team that Wes bought into with another billionaire.

Perhaps the most ambitious project for Wes yet is the construction of the Brightline train system in the US, the first ever private train system being built to help reduce traffic times throughout the country. For now, Brightline is being built throughout Florida to help reduce the massive congestion on the roads, which causes commuters to spend more than two hours driving instead of the 30 minutes it would take under normal traffic conditions.

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2012 Compassionate Doctor Certificate Recipient: Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Dallas, Texas. He is currently a member of the team of doctors who comprise the well-renowned Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. Dr. Jejurikar is known to be a highly-trained, exceptionally skilled surgeon, but his patients also seem to appreciate his interactions with them as well as rave about the fantastic work he has completed. This feedback on the doctor can be read as we provide a brief overview of the category. Dr. Sam Jejurikar ranked “Very Positive” in the following categories: thoroughness of evaluation, ability to answer questions, clarity of instructions, provider demonstrating caring attitude, and provider’s reputation. Dr. Jejurikar truly is ranked one of the top doctors in the United States based on his patient’s reviews.

This physician’s medical training was obtained at the University of Michigan Medical School in 1997 where he earned his medical degree and then additionally at the University of Michigan Hospitals and Healthcare Centers where he completed his residency and specialized in Plastic Surgery.

For Dr. Sameer Jejurikar, being a board-certified plastic surgeon is not solely about performing the optional procedures. He also does skin grafts, in fact performing more skin grafts that 96% of his peers. He also swiftly outperforms his colleagues in the area of adjacent tissue transfer, as it is stated that he does more than 70% of his peers.

In 2012 Dr. Sam Jejurikar was honored with the prestigious Compassionate Doctor Certificate. Out of the 870,000 practicing physicians in the United States of America, only 3% of those individuals were honored in this way in 2012. The Patient’s Choice Recognition program where patients vote for and rate their experiences with their doctors bestows this prestigious honor.

Upon learning of his recognition, Dr. Sam Jejurikar immediately expressed what an honor it is to him, the gratitude he extends to his own patients for selecting him, and his pleasure that his patients put in the effort to take the time to go out of their way to rate him and to give him positive reviews.


Anthony Constantinou And The Artificial Intelligence


Anthony Constantinou’s research interests are in Bayesian Artificial Intelligence for causal disclosure and intelligent decision making under uncertainty. Anthony Constantinou works together with scholastics and mechanical associations worldwide and he applies his research to a wide variety of areas including sports, finance, medicine, economics, and gaming.

On August 2018, Anthony Constantinou was appointed as a Turing Fellow. On July 2018, Anthony Constantinou was at Postdoctoral Research Associate position in Bayesian Artificial Intelligence. He has a full Ph.D. studentship in Bayesian Artificial Intelligence. He was awarded EPSRC Fellowship. On May 2018, Anthony Constantinou’s model Dolores which positioned second in the universal rivalry Machine Learning for Soccer has now been distributed in the Machine Learning journal. Find Additional Information Here.

In Apr 2018, The Significance Magazine (of the Royal Statistical Society and the American Statistical Association) had quite recently distributed Anthony Constantinou’s article “Things to think about Bayesian Networks”. On January 2018, Anthony Constantinou had 12 four-year Ph.D. studentships to begin on September 2018, offered through the EPSRC Center for Doctoral Training in Intelligent Games and Game Intelligence (IGGI). The studentships will support full expenses at the Home/EU rate, and give a yearly tax-exempt living stipend somewhere in the range of £14.5 and £16k, depending upon the host university. In December 2017, Anthony Constantinou had completed four 3-year Postdoctoral Fellowships in Health Data Science, supported by the Medical Research Council. In Feb 2017, Anthony Constantinou put forth a full Ph.D. studentship in Bayesian Artificial Intelligence for Decision Making Under Uncertainty.

His Publications include:

Dolores: A model that predicts football match results from everywhere in the world.

  • Things to know about Bayesian Networks.
  • The future of the London Buy-To-Let property market Simulation with fleeting Bayesian Networks.
  • From complex survey and interviews have taken to collect information to intelligent Bayesian models for medical support.
  • Incorporating expert information with data in causal probabilistic systems: Preserving information-driven desires when the expert factors remain unobserved.
  • Value of Information examination for Interventional and Counterfactual Bayesian systems in Forensic Medical Sciences.
  • Risk evaluation and risk management of savage reoffending among prisoners.
  • Determining the level of capacity of football groups by powerful evaluations dependent on the relative discrepancies in scores between foes.


Five Tips For Zooming Through Your Upwork To-Do List

It is important to stay focused if you want to get through your to-do list before the evening or weekend. However, you may find yourself procrastinating or feeling unmotivated during your work day. This is why the company Upwork has shared five tips for zooming through your to-do list.

Record Every Task

When you try to remember your to-do list, you wind up focusing on your unfinished tasks instead of your current task. It is better to record your tasks on a memo pad, software or mobile application. This way, you can focus on your current task until it is time to work on the next one.

Prepare Your List Early

When you create your list before going to bed each night, you are giving yourself more time to work in the morning. It also gives you time to select the task you are going to work on first.

Keep Your Tasks Together

You are wasting valuable time by looking for pieces of your to-do list in notebooks or on an application. Whether you are writing it down or using a software, you want to keep your entire to-do list in one place.

Assign Time Attributes

Every task on your list should have time attributes such as your start date, work hours, length of task and deadline. Use the time attributes to keep yourself from taking on too many tasks at once.

Assign Priorities

There is nothing like an unexpected event to threaten your work day. You can avoid missing your deadline by assigning a priority to each task. The task with the earliest deadline is the task you are going to work on first. It is easier to reschedule the task that is due next week than the task that is due in 12 hours.

Upwork is an online marketplace that makes it easy for freelancers to find work. The jobs are organized into categories such as article writing, web research and graphic design. You can take on jobs that allow you to showcase your skills and work with different clients.

You are sure to get through your tasks when you take the time to create an organized to-do list.

Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone

Starting a new company is a challenge that very few people can dare to take. Many people fear the stiff competition from firms that have been in the industry for long. In most cases, big names in industries make the competition too tough that new ones run at a loss and eventually fail. This is however not the case with Randal Nardone, the CEO, and co-founder of Fortress Investment Group.

Before starting the company, Randal Nardone was aware of the competition that awaited him in the industry. He was, however, ready to use his vast knowledge in the field of finance. Together with Wes Edens who is also an expert in matters of finance, Nardone worked hard to steer the company through the ups and downs of the industry.

Having held different positions in various firms, Randal Nardone had enough experience to help his new company survive the tides of the industry. Before starting Fortress Investment group in 1998, Randal Nardone worked at UBS where he held the position of Managing Director from 1997 to 1998. He also served as the director of Springleaf REIT Inc. since May 2011. Nardone who holds a J.D from the school of law at Boston University and a Bachelors degree in English and Biology from the University of Connecticut also holds positions in boards of different corporations including Florida East Coast Holdings.

The many years of service in the financial industry have helped Nardone gained much experience and had helped him grow both as a professional and a finance expert. As he interacted with clients while serving in different companies and positions, Nardone l knew right what he was expected to do to change customers experience for the better. Although he had an intention of venturing into law, Nardone has found success in the finance field and did not wish to depart any soon.

Currently, the Fortress Investment Group is ranked as one of the most known names on the stocks market. Many firms have decided to hand over their financial operations to the company because of its good portfolio that has been put together by Nardone.

Felipe Montoro Jens Reports A Study In CNI About Unemployment In Brazil

According to the study “Great Unemployment: How To Confront The Problem?” by the Confederação Nacional da Indústria (CNI), the National Industry Confederation, a specialist in the Infrastructure Projects named Felipe Montoro Jens reported that out of 2,796 projects halted, 517 had to do with the infrastructure sector. This corresponded to be close to 18.5% and it costed the public bank about R$ 10.7 billion reals.

In the infrastructure care, the basic health is the most impaired area: 447 enterprises interrupted the execution phase. Then, among the 517 projects halted, 30 appear from highway constructions, 16 are airports, 8 are from public transportation, 6 are ports, 5 are railroad and 5 more were waterway jobs. More about of Felipe at

According to CNI, the economic crisis that Brazil is still experiencing generated the need to contain the expenses and led the federal government to interrupt important infrastructure projects. Montoro Jens claimed that although the more evident the case of the Union, the process of fiscal deterioration and the contraction of investments also affected the state of many projects in different counties, which have already cut investments and provoking the stop of infrastructure jobs.

For Brazil to avoid this type of situation of halt and delays, CNI six methods: (I) improve the major planning, (II) evaluate the most adequate form of execution, (III) perform effective micro-planning, (IV) prepare better equipment, (V) draft contracts that are more balanced, (VI) strengthen the internal control.

Montoro Jens emphasized that the study by CNI is part of a 43 document series about strategic topics that candidates for the presidency of the republic gave, in the elections of next October.

In conclusion, Felipe Montoro Jens reported on the economic crisis the Brazil is facing and the National Industry Confederation provided six strategies to help rebuild their infrastructure jobs, which was part of a series of documents provided by the presidency candidates.

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The Rise of OSI Food Solutions


Since the inception of the company in 1909, the company has managed to beat all the odds in the market to become one of the largest privately owned entity in the United States with a net value of about six billion dollars. But the secret to their success is their unwavering support for their customers as well as well as treating their employees with utmost respect. At OSI Food solutions, they all believe that both the employees and the customers form one big family. The largest world brands depend on the company to provide them with their products worldwide. OSI Food solutions have managed to open over sixty-five facilities in about seventeen countries as well as providing employment opportunity to over twenty thousand workers globally.

The company has continued to grow through some mergers as well as acquiring new partners across the globe. OSI Food solutions have expanded to Asia as well as Europe. OSI group mainly focus on supplying high-quality meat products as well as chicken products to the world’s largest brands across the globe.

But what has led to their success as a company?

Ever since the business venture was started many years ago as a small corner butchery by the German Immigrant into the United States, the founder always had a vision of providing quality to the customers. What OSI Food solutions does is understanding the culture of its customers and blend in. They further build customer trust by seeking to get to know the plight of their customers well before supplying to them. Additionally, the management has a vast experience in the logistics systems as the organization has worked with the government among other ventures for a long time and they know how to supply their produce in faster and safer in the shortest time possible (In time).

Furthermore, the venture has partnered with some other businesses around the globe that are strategically located to provide services whenever they are needed. Last but not least is their ability to stick to their goal of delivering quality products to the customers at all times has further aided in pushing their agenda also.

Global Honour

In 2016, the company’s United Kingdom’s branch was given the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honour Award. The award recognized the excellent management in the environmental risks. There were only eighteen companies that were awarded during that year OSI Food solutions was one of them.

How Entrepreneur Guilherme Paulus Played A Major Role In The Development of Brazil In Different Sectors

In 1972 Guilherme Paulus co-founded CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens which later became the leading tour operator in Brazil. Guilherme Paulus is credited for promoting the tourism industry in the country for nearly five decades. At the young age of 24, he jumpstarted his career with CVC along with Carlos Vincente Cerchiari, an influential politician in the country, though he left after 4 years into the journey. Learn more about Guilherme Paulus at Crunchbase.

CVC reached its peak in a very short span of time due to the business strategies and out-of-the-box thinking of Guilherme. There came a point in time when he decided to sell the company for an astronomical figure of $750 million. At present, CVC generates about $5.2 billion in revenues annually. He was ambitious and was craving for creating more services that would benefit the country. After careful consideration and study of the requirements in diverse domains, Guilherme Paulus inaugurated GJP Hotels and Resorts in 2005. With over 15 hotels and resorts under his management, the firm flourished due to the top-of-the-class infrastructure and interior designing along with countless services and handpicked staff. Currently, there are plans to expand the chain of hotels in areas near to airports. Visit to know more about Guilherme Paulus.

Guilherme Paulus made tough decisions throughout his career and gambled a lot of money based on calculated risks. For example, he put his own money into a dying airliner called Webjet, which had just one operational aircraft at the time. But after the acquisition, it was named as the 3rd largest airlines in Brazil in 2011. Initially, he worked at IBM as an intern where he exhibited tremendous potential of a budding entrepreneur.

Guilherme Paulus has been actively taking part in philanthropic work as he understands the true meaning of social accountability. He has made huge donations to charities that serve different purposes in the society out of which PIET project is a very noble one. The project aims to provide free education to youngsters from low-income families and also provides them with an opportunity to work in the tourism industry. As of 2017, he was recognized as the Entrepreneur of the year due to his personal financing of $600 million for expanding GJP Hotels and Resorts throughout the country.


Betsy DeVos Is Someone With Little Inside Political Experience

Considering that Betsy DeVos is the current Secretary of Education for the country, it is surprising that she has as little inside political experience as she does. She has been a member of the Republican Party for some time and has fought for the causes that the party believes in, but that doesn’t mean that she has personally been an officeholder or had any real political power before she got into the role that she finds herself in now.


DeVos went from being essentially a nobody to having incredible political power in a Cabinet level position. However, she has also had to face an uphill battle to do the kinds of things that she desires to do in politics. This is because she doesn’t exactly have the ability to match up to the political experience that someone like Jeff Sessions has.


It was in her lack of experience that Betsy DeVos was not able to win the argument when she disagreed with Trump Administration officials about the overturning of Obama-era regulations that would have permitted transgender students to use whichever bathroom they felt comfortable with. Trump felt that he could and should do away with that, and so that is what his Administration did.


Betsy DeVos did not like the decision at all, but she was mismatched when it came to arguing against it. She just didn’t have the firepower to be able to combat someone like Sessions with his decades of experience in government.


Even though you can argue that Betsy DeVos simply does not have the experience in government that is typically called for to be successful, she certainly has the drive to get things done and accomplish the policy objectives that she desires so much for this country. Those who oppose her realize this and are afraid of the fact that she has been able to gain so much power in the government. Then there are those who agree with her and are pleased that she has been able to climb the ranks as highly as she has.


At the present moment, there are a lot of people who just don’t know what to make of Betsy DeVos. They may have disliked her strongly in the beginning only to find that their opinions have shifted somewhat as her tenure has carried on. They may be able to see some of the shades of grey that have crept through in her personality and the way that she carries herself. Some people have found this very difficult to argue with.


You can think whatever you like of Betsy DeVos, but you are probably missing some part of the picture if you view her in a one-dimensional way. She is far too complex of a person to be thought of like this. There are definitely things about her that will surprise you. All you have to do is figure out what it is exactly that can make her so dynamic. Keep following her career to be amazed by such an interesting person.


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