Jason Hope Fights Aging and Death

Jason Hope is a noted entrepreneur, futurist and philanthropist who turned his Mobile Technology company into a huge success. He has since gone on to achieve great acclaim as a futurist who is promoting both the Internet of Things and the end of human aging.

Hope obtained his degree from Arizona State University, then went on to earn an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. In an interview published online on Idea Mensch, Hope gives a lot of great advice to young entrepreneurs and everybody else who wishes to achieve success in the future. When asked how he brings ideas to life, Hope replies he does it by keeping things simple. People destroy lots of good ideas by overcomplicating them. And his habit of envisioning the long-term meaning of his ideas is what makes him productive. He brings ideas and projects to life because he has faith in them. He knows they are beneficial, and good for everyone. That gives him the drive, stamina, passion and energy to act. He backs up everything he does 100%.

That’s why Hope would tell his younger self, if he could, to keep his eyes on the bigger picture. Don’t focus on small details. When he was younger he burned out on a lot of projects because he let the little details and difficulties get to him. He still tackles the smaller steps, but he does so one step at a time, keeping his eyes on the big picture so he understands the long-term benefit. That’s what drives this remarkable, multi-talented entrepreneur and benefactor. He advises young entrepreneurs to work on just one idea at a time. They should devote their attention to what generates their primary income. Too many business people let other projects distract them from their main goal.

He maintains his vision even when other people do not agree with him. He’s convinced aging can be reversed and prevented through the use of drugs that rejuvenate cells. That’s why he supports the SENS Research Foundation. He donated $500,000 to SENS in 2010, and continues to back their research into extending human life.

SENS has identified seven types of cell damage involved in aging. They carry out research on technologies to systematically repair and reverse each type of aging. When humanity can prevent and reverse all times of the cell damage that results in aging, then people can remain young and healthy indefinitely.

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Ted Bauman: Is Bitcoin Cash the Solution to the Bitcoin Problem?

According to financial guru Ted Bauman, the problem with Bitcoin is that it can not process enough transactions per second. Bitcoin can process a paltry amount of transactions compared to the major financial companies. For example, Visa can process up to twenty four thousand transactions every second, while Bitcoin can only process six and a half transactions per second. It works right now because few people use it compared to other currencies. However, even now it can take up to an hour for a transaction to take place. It is simply not feasible to be used as a real currency for everyone in the world. Follow Ted Bauman at stocktwits.com

However, Ted Bauman points out that there have been steps taken to fix this problem. Bitcoin uses a blockchain technology. Ted Bauman pointed out that if you decrease the amount of data in each block, the network will not be so overloaded. Another solution is to increase the number of blocks that you have. Some people came up with the segregated witness technique to try and decrease the amount of data in each block. Others did the hard fork technique, which eventually led to the creation of a whole new cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Cash. People who already had Bitcoin then became the owners of the same amount of Bitcoin Cash for free.

The truth is that the segregated witness technology was canceled not long ago. That is why the price of Bitcoin Cash went up. However, there still seems to be no real solution to the problem. There are other cryptocurrencies out there that do not have this problem. Ethereum has its own solutions. Bitcoin Cash does not seem to be taking over Bitcoin itself, though it does have a higher price than Ethereum.

Regardless, says Ted Bauman, this is a serious issue. If Bitcoin does not fix this problem, then it will simply be impossible to use it. If you need to get out of a parking garage, for example, and you can only pay with Bitcoin, then it can take you an hour just for the payment to go through. You will be stuck until then. The same goes for buying a soda from a vending machine if it accepts Bitcoin.

Ted Bauman, the editor of The Bauman Letter, has many years of experience in the financial market. He is an experienced analyst.Check:http://thesovereigninvestor.com/precisionprofits/ted-bauman/


Newly Transformed Obsidian Energy

Obsidian Energy is a trusted Oil and Gas production company based in Calgary, Canada, innovating the oil and gas industry today. Formerly Penn West Petroleum, Obsidian has experienced a significant rebuild of itself going thru a transition period, selling most of their assets to reduce debt in 2014 but has bounced back to becoming one of the mid-sized business leaders when it comes to producing natural gas. After 2 years of transformation within Obsidian Energy, since the year 2016, this company has become leaner, stronger, and is excited in looking forward to even a brighter future. The only way Obsidian has had the opportunity to rise to the occasion is from displaying three qualities, accountability, discipline, and relentlessness, which the President and CEO David French of Obsidian Energy leads the way doing.


The company was at the apex of its success and was even among the sixty most prominent firms in the Toronto stock Exchange and was also a Canadian Royalty Trust (CANROY).


Having this mindset and actually applying it, has had a ripple effect on not only the operations of Obsidian Energy as a whole, but on its business partners as well, showing the proof in their services. There are amazing things taking place now with Obsidian which are gaining industry leading results at a faster rate than expected. The cost of their services has decreased dramatically, and their presence in the oil and gas field is only getting stronger every day, from the initial plan they have lined out at the beginning of 2018 bringing nothing but positive results. Visit This Page to learn more.


There is a reason those three words that was mentioned earlier that defines Obsidian is so important. Those words have been the new standard going forward in making a good name for themselves and differentiating from the competition in oil and gas. One of the good things Obsidian Energy is now doing is already planning ahead for 2019, to add to their success moving forward by making their services in the marketplace more affordable.


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Jed McCaleb – The Innovator of Cryptocurrencies

Jed McCaleb is an expert in the field of artificial intelligence research and development. In 2014 he helped cofound a company called Stellar Developmental, which aims to provide low income individuals and members of the developing world by utilizing cryptocurrencies.

Stellar intends to forge a chain of networks between several different institutions. Using the technology provided by Stellar, the institutions will be able to offer services that were previously exclusive to only the middle and upper-classes.

Stellar has a very unique core audience it wishes to reach. While most companies are only targeting the rich and wealthy, Stellar is attempting to reach the poor and needy. Stellar’s core audience consists of low income individuals and families in developed countries, but mainly they want to reach developing countries that have no other financial options. Stellar refers to its audience as the unbanked because they have no one advising or assisting them with their liquid assets.

Jed McCaleb believes that artificial intelligence is far superior to blockchain and that it will achieve more in the financial sector than most people believe. This is the reason Jeb McCaleb has invested his time with Machine Intelligence Research Insitute (MIRI.) The institute is a nonprofit organization that dedicates their time and money to inventing new tools that will ensure a safe way to use artificial intelligence software in the near future.

Stellar and MIRI are not the only companies that Jed McCaleb has invested his time with. His first major venture was eDonkey200, a peer to peer file downloading network, which was the very first to use multi-source downloading(which is now peer to peer standard.)

Jed didn’t stop his world changing innovation there. Jed also created Mt. Gox, the world’s first bitcoin exchange, which is now owned by Tibanne Ltd and operated out of Tokyo, Japan.

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Find Security First In AvaTrade

Professionals in the financial markets encourage you to diversify your portfolio capital and by getting involved with more than one of the traditional investments. These options are the trading categories like stocks, bonds, precious metals and the foreign exchange market. Many professionals believe that their greatest level of security is in currencies.

The currencies of the world all rise and fall based on the developments of world economies. Currencies will ultimately stand as long as countries remain segregated in individual economies. The security of the foreign market is grounded in its ability to keep the nations of the world in constant advancement.

There’s One Way To Get The Right Exchange On Your Investments

The currencies of the world create a market that nations look to when better understanding the currency value of an economy. There’s a large technical process undertaken to finalize values and prices worldwide, and this process is why investors make their money. The economic accomplishment of a nation ultimately dictates the power of that nation’s money.

To truly understand this strength, other nations must be taken into consideration. These nations are all traded on the exchange and follow a valuing process that gauges the value of commerce. The process itself is an analysis that allows investors or those with financial interest to leverage the final price of major currencies and their economies.

Crypto-Technology That Makes The Broker Obsolete

The quickest way to get into the foreign exchange market is to better understand what AvaTrade is and how it works. If you can imagine a time when the stock broker was your best friend, then you can imagine the change brought to foreign exchange. The technology of AvaTrade lets you own a reliable platform to function all of the basics in forex.

You’ll uncover technical and fundamental analysis that gives you a clear overview of what the market is doing. The live data feed through AvaTrade is also relied on by the world’s leading day-traders, and you can get this same technology within your hands. Technology’s constant advancement is integrating crypto-currencies with forex platforms through safety and ease.

Oxford Club Helping People Invest Smartly

Oxford Club is a financial publishing house based out of Baltimore, Maryland. It was started around 1989, and since then has grown to become one of the most subscribed commercial publishing houses in the country. It currently has more than 157,000 members, and the count continues to increase with time. The primary aim of Oxford Club is to ensure that the members are getting the first-hand financial information they can use to make smart investment choices. The market is volatile, and there are many different investment tools available these days. It is hard for the people to comprehend where to invest, and which investment option to leave out and avoid.

Oxford Club helps its members to know where to invest when to invest, and with a range of other financial information, investment tips, and guides. It helps the members to organize their finances and invest smartly. The investment tips offered by Oxford Club are primarily based on four primary principles, which includes that the person must always diversify their investment and must never put all their eggs in one basket. Oxford Club has helped many members make smart investment choices, which has helped them with their wealth creation goals. One of the principles of investment that the Oxford Club wants its members to remember is that they should always have an exit strategy when they invest.

Oxford Club also believes that the members should try and find new ways to save money on their investment. Many investments come with a lot of overhead expenses and fees, but Oxford Club provides tips to its members on how to invest so that these fees can be minimized. It would also help the members to save taxes, which is one of the key things that most people are looking for. The tips and tricks provided by Oxford Club to its members can be useful in organizing their finances.

Siteline Cabinetry For Custom Made Kitchens and Other Areas Of The Home

Have you recently purchased a home and are looking to make changes? Are you tired of the cabinets in your home? Are you looking for cabinets that are affordable but stylish? If so, Siteline Cabinetry is the new name that all homeowners should know. They offer the functionality that all homeowners like with a price like no other custom cabinet maker.

Maybe you are looking to update a laundry room or a bathroom, Siteline Cabinetry has cabinets for those areas as well. No matter what area of the home that you are trying to update, Siteline makes a cabinet choice available for you to choose from.

Maybe you have a space in the home that needs more storage space and you want something a bit more permanent and not something that needs to constantly be moved around. If so, Siteline Cabinetry can be used for all areas of the home. You can use the cabinets in the garage, laundry room, bathroom and more.

There is nothing more stylish and updated in a home other than custom made cabinets that are made to your specifications, your style and more importantly, your design. When you order custom made cabinets from other places, you will pay an arm and a leg. When you do that, well your going to need even lower cabinets to reach.

With Siteline, you can purchase those desirable custom, made to order cabinets and still keep both your arms and legs. When it comes to remodeling, it is very difficult to maneuver around the home with all the construction going on. For homeowners, it can be simplier to purchase your prefabricated cabinets from local stores but if you are willing to wait for your custom cabinets, you will not be disappointed that you had to wait for them to be made.

If you have the time to wait for your cabinets to be created and then delivered, you will not be sorry that you chose Siteline Cabinetry over your local hardware store. Your cabinets are going to be created by professionals and will meet even the highest of expectations.

More on Siteline Cabinetry: https://www.wood-furniture.biz/forums/entry.php/2210-Choosing-the-perfect-kitchen-cabinets-is-simple-with-Siteline-Cabinetry

Dr. Shafik Sachedina, A Leader With A Vision Of A Peaceful World

Early life and Education
Dr. Shafik was born in 1950 in Tanzania. Dr. Shafik attended the Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School, University of London and graduated with a Degree in Dental Surgery (DMD) in 1975. He has since been practicing his craft in England. Dr. Shafik has also acquired entrepreneurial interests in the healthcare sector. He also worked closely with Jamati Institutions and Aga Khan in voluntary services.

Dr. Shafik sits on the Board of Governors of Jamati Institution. He also holds various jobs in the tasks he does for the society and Ismaili Imamat including an affiliate of the Ismaili Leaders’ International Forum and member of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) Committee, Aiglemont.

He has previously worked in various positions, including the two terms he worked as the UK’s President of Ismaili Council.

The Institute of Ismaili Studies
It is a research institute located in London, the United Kingdom established by Aga Khan in 1977. The main aim of the institution is to encourage the knowledge of the Muslim societies and cultures, both contemporary and historical to promote a better perception of their relationships with other faiths and societies. The institute also serves as a meeting spot for the Ismaili community as it attempts to comprehend its thought and history, including the frequently overlooked areas of esoteric Shi’sm and Islam.

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The Institute of Ismaili Studies brings a comprehensive knowledge and expertise of different scholars and institutions to build awareness via publication, partnership, and initiatives in Islamic Studies field. It also hosts the world’s largest-known collection of Ismaili Codices. The institution also offers two graduate programmes: the Secondary Teacher Education Programme (STEP) and the Graduate Programme in Islamic Studies and Humanities (GPISH).

Shafik Sachedina in the effort to find solution in war-torn nations
On October 2, 2017, Dr. Shafik Sachedina led a delegation of the Aga Khan Foundation to the office of Deputy Foreign Minister and Special Presidential Representative for the Middle East and Africa to discuss the current situation in the Middle East and with emphasis on Afghanistan and Syria.

Shafik praised Russia for its efforts in trying to bring peace in the war-torn regions and its stand in the fight against terrorism and extremism. They emphasized on the current situation in Syria and how crucial an establishment of a constructive negotiation process between the opposition and the government to find a political solution in line with United Nation Security Council Resolution 2254 is.

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Alex Pall Gives Interesting Interview

For the past five years, one of the biggest names in the music industry has been The Chainsmokers. The Chainsmokers is a two-person group, which includes Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. Since they formed their group in 2012, the company has produced a number of different records that have done very well with critics and in the box office. The band is very well known for its unique sound and also giving a great experience to fans. The members are also more than willing to work with the media and give some very insightful interviews.


During a recent interview with Interview Magazine, Alex Pall gave a lot of insight into his experiences. The two band members met in a very unique way. Alex and Drew were both working as DJs during the early 2010s. At the time, Alex as in New York City and Drew was working in Maine. The two had a similar friend and manager that was able to connect the two knowing that they had a similar taste in music and belief in the direction of the industry.


Alex continued to state that he believed that both members thought the pairing would work from the beginning. Since they were both meeting for the first time, there was not a complicated background that had to be dealt with. Instead, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall was able to understand what they brought to the table. This allowed them to develop a cohesive plan for how they would perform and work together.


Another topic of the interview had to deal with how they would build an identity together. One of the concerns that many people have in this genre of music is being able to be identified as a musician. However, the two were able to work together to develop many unique sounds and songs that have been very popular with consumers today. Refer to This Article for related information.


Going forward, the two musicians will also look for new ways that they can grow their brand and music. They are looking at a number of unique sounds and song styles that will help to change the music industry for years to come.


View More: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Chainsmokers

Jeff Yastine Leading Financial Journalist With Two Decades of Experience

Jeff Yastine has been associated with the Banyan Hill Publishing since 2015 in the capacity of Editorial Director. He is also the editor of Total Wealth Insider. Jeff Yastine has had an elaborate career as a financial journalist and had an experience of over two decades. Before joining Banyan Hill Publishing, Jeff Yastine has worked as an anchor and correspondent for the PBS Nightly Business Report for the period 1994 to 2010. Jeff Yastine is himself a stock market investor and having been associated with the financial world for more than two decades has given him a broad insight as well as the financial expertise to predict trends. He has helped anticipate some of the crucial events in the financial market including the dot-com crisis as well as real estate crisis in the 2000s.

Jeff Yastine has reported some of the historical financial events as a financial journalist, which also includes the handover of Panama Canal, the financial impact of Hurricane Katrina, Deepwater Horizon oil spill that took place in 2010, and much more. He is amongst the most respected business journalists in the country and is also the contributor to the Banyan Hill Publishing’s weekly publications, Winning Investor Daily and Sovereign Investor Daily. In 2007, Jeff Yastine was also nominated for reporting on the public transport infrastructure under-funding in the United States, which made a massive impact in the political sphere. Learn more at Seeking Alpha about Jeff Yastine

Recently, Jeff Yastine reported that going ahead, the retail sector is going to witness a lot of mergers and acquisitions happening as retail e-commerce companies are trying to compete with Amazon and break its monopoly. Jeff Yastine there are many other retail companies that the investors should focus on other than Amazon, notably eBay, Kroger and Co., and Grainger. Jeff Yastine says that these companies have a fundamentally strong base and with little support from other rivals of Amazon, they can be in a position to take on Amazon, at least to some extent. Jeff Yastine’s predictions have had a significant impact on the financial world for many years, and rightly so.

When in 2017, Jeff Yastine mentioned about the growth of the Brazilian airplane manufacturer Embraer, it’s stock value shoot up by over 30 percent, and Boeing got interested in taking over the company. The influence of Jeff Yastine as a financial correspondent and journalist is immense, and he not only uses his business expertise to make economic forecasts but also helps through his articles and guides to educate people on how to manage their finances. Visit:https://plus.google.com/+JeffYastine