Jason Hope links Internet of Things to airline industry

Jason Hope is one of Arizona’s most prominent entrepreneurs. After a career spanning decades, Hope is now known for having founded some of the most successful technical companies in the history of Arizona and the United States as a whole.

As a founder of Jawa, Jason Hope proceeded Apple and Google to the premium content streaming business model by over a decade. His company turned out to be the first successful streamer of content to mobile devices, making him the effective creator of that business model. Jason Hope s also been involved with other tech businesses, including internet website developers, app developers and business-to business application providers.

Recently, Jason Hope sat down to discuss where he thought the Internet of Things would be headed in the future. Hope pointed out that, although many people believe that the Internet of Things is the very cutting edge of technology, many of the technologies that now comprise the Internet of Things that are quickly being adapted to many different consumer products have been around for decades and, in some cases, even more than a century.

Hope says that many people do not fully appreciate the extent to which the airline industry has helped bring about the revolutions in technology that we now all take for granted. One example the Hope points to is the VOR system. Short for Very High Frequency Omindirectional Range, the system represented one of the first successful radio beacons that was able to provide sophisticated navigation down to the level of a few feet of accuracy. This system has been in use for more than 80 years in airline travel. It has also been modified to help aircraft land with the help of what’s called the instrument landing system. This is another radio beacon system that uses directional radio waves to help aircraft automatically navigate to within a foot or two of accuracy. This system is not only incredibly effective, it also predates even the personal computer by decades.

Other aircraft systems that have been in existence for many decades are also being adopted for use with Internet of Things technology. Another example of an aircraft system that is providing the groundwork for many Internet of Things technologies is a transponder. This is the device that allows air traffic controllers to glean information about a jet location, altitude and type.

Transponder technology is being adapted today for use in everything from home autonomous vacuum cleaners to automated taxis.

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Jeff Yastine: The Financial Expert Behind Total Wealth Insider

Being able to identify the best routes that one can take towards a better financial future is always something that people try to attain. There are more than one ways to earn a reasonable amount to sustain oneself, and all it requires is a slight understanding of the financial field. However, not everyone is in possession of this kind of knowledge, and some people often struggle to understand the finer intricacies of finance.

Jeff Yastine is someone who was incredibly well versed in the financial field. Through the years, he has worked with a wide range of clients, offering them some of the very best regarding financial planning. Through the years, he has worked as an investor and a financial expert who has aided the growth of companies all over America.

Jeff Yastine has led a brilliant career, which is why he is regarded as someone who is incredibly knowledgeable about the field. Having worked with a wide range of financial plans, he understands most of the complex concepts of the field that are needed to have a successful career. He has also had abundant opportunities to grow professionally, which is another factor that has aided his overall professional growth. Visit Bloomberg.com to learn more.

Through his years working as a financial expert, he realized that people often face multiple problems when they are trying to seek a good route for them to take towards financial growth. Some of the most common practices that people within the financial field indulge in are things that common people sometimes see as unfathomable. Moreover, people need the guidance to be able to understand the proper routes that they should take towards development and the benefit of their financial situation.

Be able to guide people to make better financial decisions, Jeff Yastine decided to start up Total Wealth Insider, a blog that divulges into the intricacies of the financial field, making people understand the routes that they need to take, in a more straightforward manner. Through the blog, he talks about the stock market, investment options and other modes of improving one’s financial status.

Total Wealth Insider is released through Banyan Hill Publishing, a notable site that talks about different aspects of the financial field. The blog that Jeff Yastine releases have thousands of readers every week who regularly tune in to the work that he puts out to get the latest insight into the endeavors that they can take on or invest into. More information can be found by visiting: https://jeffyastineguru.com/



The History of OSI Group – America’s Top Food Supplier

OSI Industries is a true story of the American dream. The company began as a small family owned butchery to an international supplier of food. In fact, OSI Industries is still growing to this day, continuing to exceed expectations and break new ground.

Otto & Sons was the original name of the business, operated by Otto Kolschowsky, an immigrant, and his family. This was in the early 1900s, when Chicago had a large German-immigrant population.

Otto & Sons’ first big break came in the form of fast food giant McDonald’s, which, at the time, was just beginning to expand. Otto & Sons was the first supplier of beef to McDonald’s. This was in 1955, and the first McDonald’s opened in Des Plaines, Illinois. McDonald’s continued to grow until the point when Otto & Sons primary responsibility was supplying McDonald’s with fresh hamburger meat.

It would take 20 more years for Otto & Sons to transform into OSI, the name that went on to represent that company all over the globe. 1977 saw the company open its first manufacturing facility outside of their home state of Illinois. With McDonald’s incredible success, OSI Industries had to expand in order to keep up their responsibilities. In 1978, when McDonald’s went international, so did OSI. First came Germany then Spain; now, OSI is operational all over the United States and Europe.

Another period of great expansion for OSI was the 1990s and 2000s. OSI Industries expanded their horizons beyond Europe, expanding operations to India and Australia. In 2002, OSI even moved into China.

The last 15 years have seen expansion into Japan, additional expansion in Europe and Asia, and new buildings in their home state of Chicago. OSI now has a building located just outside of Chicago in a town called Aurora. The company has also began acquiring subsidies. Recently, OSI Industries has purchased Baho Food and Flagship Europe, which they renamed to Creative Foods Europe.

Contact OSI Industries : www.crunchbase.com/organization/osi-group

Anil Chaturvedi An Expert on Financial with Interest in European and Indian Trade Ties

As a seasoned and experienced banker with over forty years of experience in the banking industry, Anil Chaturvedi has been able to garner a lot of respect and accolades from the industry experts. Anil Chaturvedi has headed various financial organizations and banks over the years and provided the results that the organizations expected him to deliver. The marketing and revenue generating strategies that were implemented by Anil Chaturvedi, whether it was a stint at State Bank of India or ANZ Grindlays Bank were simply outstanding. It is due to his excellence in the banking and financial sector that Barron’s even named him as one of the Top Financial Advisors in the World.

Anil Chaturvedi is a highly qualified individual holding MBA degree from the reputed FMS College, Delhi and has also done BA in Economics Honors from Delhi University. Soon after completing his graduation, Anil Chaturvedi moved on to join the New York Branch of State Bank of India. At State Bank of India, Anil Chaturvedi was given the designation of manager of planning and development and was responsible for business development initiatives and marketing strategies and implementation. In a very short period of four years, Anil Chaturvedi was able to generate the revenue of more than $500 million from the new businesses and clients that he bought to the bank. It made State Bank of India declare him as the man of the year.

Anil Chaturvedi is currently the Managing Director of the private bank named Hinduja Bank in Switzerland. Anil Chaturvedi aims to expand the horizon of Hinduja Bank by not only attracting the non-resident Indians in Switzerland and European countries but also aims to spread awareness of flexibility of Indian trade laws among the European businesses. Since the new government took over India, the trade and economic laws have become much more business friendly. It has helped the foreign businesses to expand their business operations in the country without any hindrance. Anil Chaturvedi plans to bring many foreign businesses to India via Hinduja Bank, which would be beneficial for India as well as the bank. It would also help consolidate India’s position in the FDI sector.


Feel Rejuvenated and Lively With Jeunesse Global Products

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis were the great brains behind the birth of Jeunesse. They emerged from retirement to launch Jeunesse with the plan of creating a rewarding compensation plan in the direct selling industry and a desire to thrive. This has now created a worldwide revolutionary youth enhancement products platform that successfully shares innovative products, training, and support, thanks to technology.

Jeunesse now provides a whole group of products which they refer to as the Youth Empowerment System (Y.E.S), which combines powerful benefits into a synergistic system of supplements and skincare found nowhere else.

The firm’s products include:

Luminesce for rejuvenation of your skin. This is an anti-aging skin care line that radiance to your skin and rehabilitates youthful vitality, reduces wrinkles and fine lines appearance and divulge your unique glow.

Reserve. This is a special blend of super fruits containing vast antioxidants, which work together as a defense against free radical damage.

Instantly Ageless is a specially designed micro cream that helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, under-eye bags, pores and wrinkles within 2 minutes, and lasts up to 6 to 9 hours. Its primary target is the areas that have lost elasticity so as to reveal a visibly lifted and toned skin.

Finiti is a unique blend of fruits and vegetable components and is the firm’s most advanced supplement.

Nevo product contains real fruits juices that offer a fresh twist on energy in four refreshing formulas. This product is made of a number of ingredients among them being yerba mate, green tea, guarana and a wide range of vitamins. Each can contains fifty calories which are just the right amount of energy with no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners.

Zen Bodi is a product that targets the three key aspects of fitness, which are curbing appetite, burning fat and building muscle.

AM & PM Essentials

AM Essentials

This is an innovative formula that contains proprietary blends, essential minerals and key vitamins that help slow aging prematurely, improve mood and increase energy.

PM Essentials

This is a restorative formula that contains proprietary blends and vital nutrients that prepare your body for a restful sleep and fight against premature aging.

Other Jeunesse products are M1ND, NV, and Naara.


Lori Senecal – Game Changing Global Advertising Executive

As one looks at the background and experience of Lori Senecal, it is immediately apparent that she is not only a global executive leader, but also a trend setter and game changer. Ms Senecal served as Global Chief Executive Officer at Crispin Porter & Bogusky, LLC (CP+B) from March 2015 to December 2017. CP+B is a world renowned full-service advertising agency that was founded in 1988. According to Huffington Post, as the CEO of CP+B, Lori defined the unique, eclectic vision of leadership in the company. To quote from the CP+B website: “We are not ad people. But we are engineers, rule breakers, artists, scientists, filmmakers, aspiring guitarists, technologists, adventure junkies, anthropologists, and everything in between. All working together in a modern global network to make the most written about, talked about, and outrageously successful work in the world.”


Lori Senecal‘s success has surely been talked about and written about. In 2013, Ms Senecal was honored at the Advertising Women of New York (ADNY) Game Changer Awards, receiving the Quantum Leap award for leadership and innovation. Lori was recognized by AdAge in 2014 as one of the “Women to Watch.” She was named as only one of four “Agency Executives to Watch” by Advertising Age in 2016. In 2017, Ms Senecal was also recognized by Fast Company as one of the “Most Creative People in Business.”


Of course, all of this recognition did not come without hard work. Ms Senecal received a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) with a specialization in Marketing and Finance from McGill University (Montreal, Quebec). From there, Lori Senecal became the co-Founder of TAG Ideation at McCann Erickson in February 2003. She was promoted to Global Chief Innovation Officer at McCann Worldgroup in February 2006 and became President of McCann New York in July of 2007. Her career and experience accelerated once again when she took on the position of President and CEO of Kirshenbaum, Bond, Senecal + Partners (KBS) in September of 2009 and subsequently took on the role of Global CEO and Executive Chairman of KBS from March 2012 to March 2015.


Watch Lori Senecal’s full presentation on YouTube.



Best Lime Crime Products For Newbies

What girl hasn’t heard of Lime Crime?

If you have not yet heard of this amazing company, you are hearing about it now.

LC started off as a fashion line and is now one of the leading cosmetics lines in the country.

It is known worldwide and is available strictly through e-commerce.

Envisioned by and run by Russian-born entrepreneur and self-proclaimed Queen of Unicorns Doe Deere, the vegan company constantly pumps out new products that are cruelty-free and geared towards helping every woman and girl feel her most confident.

If you are new to the world of makeup, rest assured that we will walk you through the steps of how to apply some of the best LC products on the market.

Liquid Eyeliner

Eyeliner can be one of the trickier types of makeup to apply.

Of course, however, how tricky the application process is depends on what look you are going for.

If you are trying to achieve a cat eye or a winged effect, ensure that you have the look completely right prior to leaving the house.

Watch online tutorials by beauty gurus that show you step by step the correct way to apply eyeliner to achieve your desired look.

If you are seeking a more natural look, however, go ahead and apply a bit of eyeliner to your eyelid.

This small amount of eye makeup will make a huge difference in the appearance of your eyes without you having to worry so much about whether or not you applied it correctly.

Say Yes To Purple

Many people, including those at Lime Crime HQ agree that purple is the go-to color for spring 2018.

Lime Crime has even created an eyeshadow palette that focuses solely on the color purple.

This is the Venus 3 palette, and it has a few nude colors as well as a couple of different hues of purple.

One of the colors that really stands out in this palette is a very vibrant lilac.

The colors in this palette can be worn alone or collaborated to create one, amazing, whimsical look.

Randal Nardone- A force of Innovation Behind the Success of Fortress

Randal Nardone is the Interim Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder, principal and director at the investment firm, Fortress Investment Group. He co-founded and became the principal at the fortress in 1998. He was appointed to the board of directors in November 2006 and became the CEO in 2013. He also co-founded fortress investment fund IV and V and contributed to the fortress Registered Investment Trust.

Educational Background and work experience

Randal holds a Bachelor of Arts and science degree in English and biology from the University of Connecticut and a law degree from Boston University School of law. Before co-founding fortress, Randal Nardone was a managing director and member at UBS from 1997 to 1998 and a principal at Black Rock financial management. He was also a partner and member of the executive committee at law firm Thacher Proffitt and wood. He is the current CEO, principal, co-founder and director at Fortress investment group and leads many boards.

Boards and Advisory Roles

Randal holds other senior positions in other companies. He is the director at Brookdale Senior Living, spring leaf Holding and Gagfah. Randall holds an executive management role at New Investment Corp. He is the director at Eurocastle Investment Limited, the non-executive director at Alea Group holdings Bermuda Ltd, director of Florida East Coast Holdings Corp since 2008. He also holds leadership positions at Florida East Coast Railway, Impac commercial Holdings, and FM Falstaff Advisors

Randal Nardone on Forbes Billionaires list

You have heard of the worlds’ ‘billionaires listed in Forbes magazine. You are not a billionaire until you appear on Forbes. Randal is an official billionaire as he appeared in Forbes magazine in 2007. He holds 557 on the world’s billionaire list in the world.

Softbank’s Purchase of Fortress Investment Group

Soft Bank Group Corp completed the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group for $ 3.3 billion. The company bought Fortress and its Subsidiary shares. The Co-founders and principals satisfied with the conditions, they closed the transactions on July 12, 2017.

Fortress will operate under Softbank as an independent business in New York but lead still lead by fortress principals peter, Briger, Wes Edens and Randal Nardone. Randal said it was an excellent decision to merge fortress with Softbank Group as it will help fortress become a global company that is successful. Randal has been on the forefront to see the company he cofounded becomes successful. His desire to see fortress become global made him merge the company with Softbank Group Corp.

The newsletter written by Paul Mampilly about Precision Medicine

Paul Mampilly is still offering the readers what will assist them in their finances, the next pick in the newsletter that he wrote about the profit limited. In the newsletter, he has written about what he believes are the stocks available that will be able to offer the readers will high returns. According to the 90,000people that have read the newsletter, he seems to know what he is talking about. The tip that he emphasizes in the newsletter is the precision medicine. In the newsletter Paul Mampilly, the precision medicine there is the revolution brewing, and the company that will take advantage of the precision medicine they will become owners of portions in the healthcare market that are great. Read more about Paul Mampilly at Ideamensch.

Mr. Mampilly in the Midwest there is a company that is just about to start the development, and with years it’s going to become the greatest in the history. The breakthroughs are that in the new future the diseases that didn’t have a cure will have soon. He attended the Fordham University where he attained his masters of business administrations. In 1991 he started off his career path as the assistant portfolio manager where he was responsible in the managing of accounts worth a lot of money. In 2016, there was a wise decision that was made when he was employed by Kinetics Assets management where he was responsible for the taking care of the hedge funds. As Paul Mampilly leading the company there was the asset rise, and it rose to $25 billion, and the result that was received is that Barron gives the funds for the annual returns of 26%.

At that time that when his investment acumen was demonstrated when he was asked if he would like to participate in the prestigious competition investment that Templeton foundation sponsored. With that Paul Mampilly was able to turn the investment that he had made of $50 million to $88 million. Also, there are the impressive results that have been seen in the Paul personal account. In the investment that he made in April 2012 in the biotech firm Sarepta, but still in the process of developing there was the turn and in eight months there was the 2,539% profit. The other investment that Paul Mampilly gained a lot is the Netflix that he gained off when he sold the stock in May 2010 to acquire 634%. There are so many TV programs that have featured him like, CNBC, Fox Business News and Bloomberg TV. Check: http://inspirery.com/paul-mampilly/


Ian King’s Future Vision for Cryptocurrency

Ian King wrote an article for Banyan Hill Publishing entitled, “Bitcoin Thrives Against All Odds“. In it he announced the debut of his new business, a cryptocurrency advisory to help investors learn how to profit from that market. From that point, he begins his description of the history of bitcoin.

Bitcoin is very similar to the dollar in many ways. The faith in it as currency is bestowed upon it by the user and that is what gives it value. In fact, in 1933 President Franklin Delano Roosevelt severed the tie between gold and the U.S. dollar to allow the lowering of interest rates during the depression. That link was driving the rates up. And, in 1971, President Richard M. Nixon ended the practice of foreign governments being allowed to exchange dollars for gold. Now, the U.S. dollar is completely a fiat dollar; money or legal tender is solely given value by the belief in the government that backs it. Visit at ideamensch.com to know more.

The same is true for the bitcoin. There is a limited number of bitcoins produced. So cryptocurrency participants would acquire bitcoins at the going rate, which does fluctuate based on the limited supply, just like the dollar. He noted that bitcoin has had setbacks where is perceived value was lowered, but those instances were immediately followed by upswings in value.

Bitcoin has value because there will only be 21 bitcoins mined, consequently is has limited supply. Its value is perceived by peer-to-peer viewpoints. The bitcoin world is transparent and it is trusted. Since 2008, when the first bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto, bitcoin has fluctuated in value. At its inception, its value was around one cent or less. By 2009, it had risen in value to $27 per bitcoin. Today, its value is up to $2,726 each. It fluctuates wildly in its value, which is not a characteristic of the dollar, so in that way the two forms of currency vary greatly.

Ian King points out the fact that were it not for the value people assigned to money, it would simply be pieces of paper with a pyramid on one side and a face on the other. Just like people use the dollar to acquire goods and services, so do bitcoin users. Some of the merchants that accept dollars now also accept bitcoin. We place a value on bitcoin, as Ian King notes. And, so far Ian King and forward thinking persons like him have begun to see how profitable this new currency is and will be in the future. Read more: https://affiliatedork.com/banyan-hill-publishing-investment-advice