IoT Solutions From Gooee

Headed by co-founders Simon Coombes and Andrew Johnson, Gooee has established itself as a market leader in provision of exceptional enterprise IoT solutions to the expansive lighting world. The team at Gooee incorporates their years’ worth of experience and expertise to integrate the latest development in communication protocols, security, APIs and cloud architecture to create the ideal Gooee platform. The company’s IP portfolio covers more than twenty patents on sensing, networking, lighting control and data analytics. By integrating innovativeness in their work, Gooee ensures that their solutions are the most suitable for lighting and sensing environments.

The company’s most inventive technology yet is smart lighting, which enables you to have automatic, electronic and remote control of your home, including the devices, accessories, fixtures and appliances in your home. This genius form of technology gives the user flexibility since one can easily control it with timers or set schedules to monitor bulb status for instance.

However, this innovation requires many technologies in order to be fully functioning and give and consequently allow home automation. Smart lighting uses various networks which do different things for your home appliances. The most common ones, nevertheless, are networks for smart lights that automatically switch on when someone enters the room, or change color when a particular incident occurs.

The brilliance behind smart lighting lies in eliminating effort and giving you absolute control of you lighting appliances. At Gooee you will find both types of smart lights which include Sensor-integrated and non-sensor integrated. Sensor-integrated are fit with sensors that can recognize daylight or people, among other things, while the latter do not have sensors. Either way, Gooee ensure that with both inventions you will have complete control of your home’s lighting.