Responding to Negative Reviews

Businesses need to create a professional and positive image for their customers. The customers need to view the company as a reputable place to get quality products or services in a timely fashion. There are management firms founded specifically to help other companies and people to control their online reputations. In a world that revolves around online interactions, these reputation management firms bring businesses and customers together to create a needed image of positive professionalism.

Businesses are not the only ones that use these reputation management firms. There are many organizations, and people that are consistently in the public eye, that rely on these firms to manage their reputations in the online world. Politicians, for example, will have teams of people in a firm readily available to help put out fires and keep their client’s image intact. Tools are made available to clients that allow them to track mentions of their name or brand online, but an individual could do these searches themselves if the company is on a tight budget.

Negative Reputation Defender, such as a scathing review by a disgruntled customer or bad ‘insider’ information from an employee that had been fired, need to be handled immaterially. The company should respond to the customer’s review and assure them that this experience was a mishap. The company is willing and capable of making up for those negative experiences. This will show both the customer, and other potential customers, that the company cares. They want the best experience for the customer when dealing with their product or service.

Of course, reactive management is not the only way to keep an image positive in the online world. The organization will need to be proactive with social media to create an online brand that fits well with their product while being interactive with their customer base. This can be done by posting updates about new products, improvements being made, and uplifting stories about a customer’s experience with the product. Customers that come across their social media will be more inclined to enjoy their time shopping if they know the company values them as people.


How To Handle Discussions In A Way Beneficial To Reputation

There are times in social media where people are going to get into a discussion on matters that they don’t agree with. This is very risky for people who are trying to build a brand. One thing that is very important to understand is that people look at the way others handle discussions. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that he doesn’t escalate it. Anyone that escalates the matter is going to make himself look bad. Therefore, the better way to go about things is to take a few steps.
One step to take in the case of things possibly getting heated is to make sure that the person on the other end of the discussion knows that there is no anger, only friendliness to the discussion. Also, there is an art in disagreement. As one as one remains agreeable, he can still keep his reputation in tact with social media discussions. It is important to know that sometimes, things do get heated. Therefore, it is important to be able to prepare for that. The most important thing to do with social media accounts is to quickly exit from the discussion, in the case of things getting heated so that not too much bad blood could form in this case.

With social media, one could easily build a brand. At the same time, one could also destroy the image of his brand if he is not careful enough. One thing that should be avoided is the banning of an account. If one gets his account banned, that is not a good look for his online reputation. However, as long as one uses caution in how he responds to people, then he should be able to keep from getting his online reputation destroyed. All it takes is one nasty remark.



Should You Use Wen Conditioner?

If your hair is thin or dry, it can be a challenge to find shampoos and conditioners that will make a difference in the health and overall look of your tresses. WEN hair products promised on their QVC commercial to make your hair shinier and moisturized with the use of natural plant extracts. Emily McClure from Bustle samples Wen conditioner for a week and discovered that the product could be beneficial.

McClure did point out that it takes a lot of conditioner to make sure that the hair is moisturized, but it’s worth it. She used the product for three days straight, and found that her hair felt thicker and wasn’t as frizzy. On day four of the experiment, she didn’t wash her hair, but it was still well moisturized and didn’t keep a curl for very long.

Emily’s friends complimented her on her hair near the end of the week, which let her know that the Wen hair conditioner was working, even though she’d only been using it for nearly a week. Overall, McClure says that sephora sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner is ideal for women who want to add more volume to their hair. She also says the conditioner can protect and nourish hair, which makes it suitable for women who style their hair on a daily basis. Check out their facebook page.

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