Sanjay Shah And His Autism Rocks Fund

Sanjay Shah is the creator of Autism Rocks. Shah is a man that has always been ambitious. Shah believed that he wanted to work in Medicine for many years. After beginning his college education, he realized that medicine was not for him, so he changed his major. Sanjay Shah decided that he was going to finish college and get a degree in accounting. Shah showed exceptional skill when it came to accounting and banking. Soon he was working in some of the most well known banks in all of Europe.

In 2009 there was a big financial crisis, and Shah found himself to be without a job. He was very upset because he needed to be able to continue to provide for himself and his family. Shah decided to make another big decision, and he started his own brokerage company. That company is known as Solo Capital.

Shah Started Autism Rocks because of his young son that was diagnosed with Autism. Autism is still not very well understood, and Shah wanted to be able to get more information about Autism.  Shah decided that he was going to start Autism Rocks. Autism Rocks is a foundation that holds concerts; all of the funds that come from the concert go to research for Autism. Some very famous individuals such as Prince, Drake, and Snoop Dog have all performed in these concerts.

Shah along with his wife have made many contributions to Autism Rocks. Many individuals and families that live with Autism have received many benefits from this foundation. Autism Rocks has enabled these families to get more information about Autism, and it has also helped the rest of the world to be more aware of Autism.