Lime Crime Melds an Artistic Upbringing with Age-Old Dreams

Often, a person’s upbringing foreshadows the manner that they will live their adult life. Lime Crime is a cosmetic line that is constantly receiving media attention, but this attention focuses on both the products and the company’s unique CEO, Doe Deere. Most can pick this woman out from a crowd simply because her hair is often a vibrant color, her makeup is bold and unmistakable, and her fashion choices are chaotically beautiful. Despite her whimsical style, Deere is actually a fairly stellar female entrepreneur, which is why Galore Magazine could not pass up the opportunity to interview her.

Growing Up: An Artistic Talent That Sparked Lime Crime

The self-proclaimed Queen of Unicorns was born in Russia. In the interview, she described herself as being fairly artistic even in her childhood. “I would put as much color on myself as possible: clothes, accessories, my mom’s makeup,” stated the beauty. In addition to demonstrating artistic abilities from a young age, Deere described herself as being fairly imaginative as well. These characteristics possessed by everybody’s favorite female entrepreneur have influenced Lime Crime as well as its followers and even the beauty industry as a whole.

The Truth Behind the Queen’s Makeup Skills

Though she rocks a makeup brush nowadays, Deere did not begin her cosmetic line with profound skills. In the interview, she discussed memories from her childhood when her friends and her would have sleepovers and attempt to adorn their faces with the newest cosmetics. Deere was so bad at application that it became an inside joke among her friends. Thankfully, this female entrepreneur refined her skills and allowed her face to become a canvas for her bold lipsticks, eyeshadows, and blushes.

The Drive That Could Not Be Stilled

Aside from enjoying makeup, Doe Deere has always had a drive for success. Though she never imagined she would have a chart-topping makeup line, she did imagine herself being triumphant in some sort of artistic career. Initially intent on a music career, Deere realized that her calling was far deeper than that, which is when she began crafting dresses under the domain name, Lime Crime. When she grew sick of only seeing nude shades in the makeup store, she decided to share her colors with the world, a factor that sparked controversy, but that changed the industry for the better by making it be more accepting and creative.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner Gives Big Boost to Blogger’s Fine Frizzy Hair

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Emily has shoulder-length hair, and directions say to use 16-24 pumps of product each time you wash with Wen. Emily decided on just 10 pumps, equivalent for short-hair, because she thought the other was too excessive. Visit Guthy-Renker to know more about Wen.

Was that a mistake on Emily’s part? We had hoped she would be 100% unbiased, but her results still seemed excellent.

Whenever Emily washed with WEN on a daily morning routine, followed by blow-drying and styling, her locks looked beautiful like a celebrity. Her hair selfies showed gorgeous results for her readers to see with body, smoothness and high shine.

However, if Emily disrupted the WEN routine by switching to a nighttime schedule, her strands were greasy by morning. If Emily skipped a wash altogether, her hair did not have WEN lasting power and fell flat.

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