Alex Hern: The Future of Technology

Alex Hern

Alex Hern is the man responsible for the technology company Tsunami XR. Tsunami XR is just one of the many projects for which Alex Hern has been a part. He attributes his success to his ability to focus in on one project at a time. He has even stated that at night when other people have typically shut down for the day he continues to work through his projects. He believes that working through these projects will prepare him to move it into the next stages. While other entrepreneurs are slitting their focus, Alex Hern has a completely dedicated himself to one project. He believes that this dedication is why the young startups that he is frequently known for nurturing do so well.

Tsunami XR is Alex Hern’s most recent foray into the world of technology. Over the years he has become a trusted resource for entrepreneurs looking to solidify their foothold into the technology market. Tsunami XR was created because of the shift in computer processing. In short, computers are moving from a market that is mostly driven by CPUs to one that is driven by GPU’s. With the CPU market less are able to be utilized and GPU’s offer a better type of computing power. This is one of the reasons why Tsunami XR has become so important. With the shift in priority, new types of software and applications are going to need to be available. Tsunami XR offers a variety of options to the discerning investor.

Overall, Alex Hern feels very confident that Tsunami XR will do well in the future. The need for this type of technology is important as the change in computation seems to be a minute. Some of the other technologies that he is very interested in implementing into Tsunami XR are AI technology and machine learning. These represent a very interesting portion of reality that has captivated the human mind for quite some time. Cloud-based computing is also going to be a major part of Tsunami XR in the future. Alex Hern is excited to see where the future takes his cutting-edge technology company.

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James Dondero: Celebrating Women

James Dondero has been a huge supporter of women. Highland Capital Management’s, Laurie Whetstone was a speaker at the Dallas Women’s Foundation Women and Wealth Event. This Foundation was created to help change the economic conditions of women and girls.

We all know that women don’t have equal pay in this society and the women of Highland Capital wanted to change that. They want to show young girls that they are valuable and can contribute things to society just like their male counterparts. Highland Capital believes that women are equal to men and celebrates the achievements that their women do. It does not matter what race, this foundation is for every woman who looks to achieve a goal towards her economic future. Dondero highly supports this and will stand the women that work for him. They work hard, and he honors their commitment to making a difference in their society. Follow James on Linkedin.

It’s very important that there are both male and female role models that will let young girls know that they can do the impossible and live out their drama of being whatever they wish to be. Whether it’s being a doctor or owning their business, girls are part of the focal point of the foundation. Making them apart of something specials show how carding everyone can be that contributes to this cause. Girls will have just as much of an impact on the workforce as boys, and it should be noted that they will want to achieve all there is to fulfill their goals. Read more about James Dondero on Bloomberg.

Yes, women should be celebrated. Highland Capital believes that all women should deserve a shot at financial freedom and wealth. James Dondero believes that women and girls are brighter and contribute much to our society. This a wonderful thing to have that support.