JD.com Offers Up Their Help

JD.com, which is also known to many as Jingdong Mall, as taken the unusual step of helping out the competition. The success of the giant retailer has left some of their competitors close to bankruptcy. There is little chance they could challenge the company. Jingdong Mall has the infrastructure to complete billions of transactions at the lowest price. If they continued with their business model, there is very little anyone could do to stop them. In a surprising move, they have offered some of their vast resources to help their competition. Clothing stores, restaurants, and bookstores have all felt the loss of revenue due to Jingdong. Their overheads are high and their inventory is low. JD.com has stepped in to try and revive some of these failing companies.


Jingdong is streamlining several aspects of the bookstores’ business. In the past bookstores have had to use multiple suppliers. That results in a great deal of paperwork and time spent dealing with various companies. Jingdong knows how to make the buying process faster. They are shipping the products people buy the same day, and their transport infrastructure means that the products are delivered within one or two days. Now Jingdong will supply the bookstores with their books. The vast inventory means that the customer of the traditional bookstore can get their product later that day or a day later. That is something the brick and mortar bookstore could never do.


It is a gesture from Jingdong to help the overall Chinese economy, and it is also a way for the Chinese to still go to real stores and do their shopping. It means that the entire process does not have to be done digitally. It will not be the last time Jingdong helps out what could be a rival. They are looking at keeping other businesses afloat through the use of their resources. Get Related Information Here.


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Alastair Borthwick the Author

Always a Little Further” written by Alastair Borthwick is about his experiences on hiking and climbing. His interest on this hobby came from Germany and Northern Europe where it was fresh diversion to the youth, it was known as the Wandervogel movement. Hiking and climbing reached Glasgow during a time when it was experiencing high rates of unemployment and with little money and time on their hands, hiking and climbing the mountains became prevalent. It became extremely popular that groups were formed known as ‘Creagh Dhu”. Borthwick shared an interest in this hobby that it influenced him to write his book which accounts for his comical exploration he comes across while hiking and climbing. Alastair Borthwick’s book had a special humorous twist from writers during this time who wrote about expeditions which were only intended for the well off.

During the war he had multiple jobs, like Battalion Intelligence Officer, lieutenant, and captain. His biggest challenge during the war was when he was transferred to the 5th Seaforth Highlanders. He led a group of 600 men with obscure inaccurate maps and used his own judgement to sneak pass the Germany, the Germany were shock that the troop strategically were beyond them. The war events influenced his other book “Sans Peur” which was written in 1946 it depicted detailed occurrences his participation in the war.

Alastair Borthwick was born in Rutherglen, Lanarkshire in Scotland in 1913. He grew up in Toon and as a teenager moved to Glasgow. He worked at Evening Times as a copytaker at age sixteen and then at Glasgow Weekly Harold where he wrote on several topics. In 1940 he married Anne Corbett and had a son. He had numerous positions as a writer and in television and radio broadcasting. He combined his writing abilities with his personal experiences and wrote two books.

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What Does Felipe Montoro Jens Think about the CNI Research Concerning Stationary Works in Brazil?

According to the study by NCI (National Confederation of Industry), there are currently 2,796 paralyzed works in Brazil. The area of infrastructure is the most affected because the report showed that 447 enterprises were interrupted at the implementation phase. Also, there are 517 paralyzed works, 16 airports, 30 highways, 6 ports, 5 waterways, 5 railways, and 8 mobility works that have been paralyzed. Felipe Montoro Jens believes that the interruptions consume government resources and the society does not benefit from the projects.

These interruptions are as a result of the economic crisis that the government of Brazil is experiencing, which has forced it to reduce on spending. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, the reduced spending by the government has led to the interruption of significant projects. It has also affected municipal and state projects, thus cutting on investments and leading to stoppage of various infrastructural works. More about Felipe Montoro Jens at infomoney.com


How to reduce the infrastructural problems

NCI recommended the below six measures that the government can implement to minimize the interruption of infrastructure works:

  • Improve macro-planning
  • Identify the appropriate execution modality
  • Focus on efficient micro-planning
  • Better equip teams
  • Develop more balanced contracts
  • Improve internal control

Felipe Montoro Jens believes that the government should urgently find solutions for the stationary works. He also added that the government should have attention with targets and programs so as not to repeat the same mistake.

Felipe Montoro Jens claims that the government does not want to learn from the surveys by NCI and that is why the problems still exist which affect the economy and the society as a whole.

According to Felipe Montoro Jens, the government of Brazil should collaborate with NCI because the institution will help it get suggestions for improving and building laws and policies which will strengthen various productive sectors and also modernize the country.

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How Prominent Brazilian Businessman, Jose Auriemo Neto made it to the List of the 500 Most Influential Personalities in Fashion

Jose Auriemo Neto is a successful Brazilian businessman who operates in the real estate sector at the JHSF Participacoes. Mr. Neto was recently named as one of the most influential people in the list of BoF 500 by the “Business of Fashion”, a body that recognizes the most excellent fashion markets in the globe. The 2018 new edition was held in New York where Jose Auriemo Neto was among the Brazilians that were honoured during the gala dinner that was conducted by the prestigious English publication. Jose Auriemo Neto’s recognition by the Business of Fashion could be primarily attributed to his works in significantly improving the face of fashion in Brazil through the creation of malls.

Further, it is because of his hard work through the JHSF Company that he has for the last ten years created malls that houses some of the most popular international fashion brands. A good example is one of his very first malls that opened in 2012 known as Cidade Jardim Shopping that has more than five international fashion brands in full operation. Also, some of these global known fashion brands in other of his malls include Pucci, Brunello Cuccinelli, Valentine, Rene, and Hermes among others. Furthermore, this has been made possible by the fact that JHSF Company is one of the top most companies that leads in the property development sector where Mr. Neto works closely with his partners Jimmy Choo and Hermes. To know more about the company click here.

About Jose Auriemo Neto’s Company, JHSF Participacoes

Jose Auriemo Neto heads the JHSF Company as the chairman and its CEO where he took over the company after his father in the early 1990s. The company focuses on the development of both residential and commercial properties in Brazil and has been involved in the construction of several up-scale buildings. In its portfolio include the malls, where the company is best known for the development of some of the unique classic shopping arcades. The malls include Ponta Negra Shopping Centre located in Manaus, Metro Tucuruvi, and the Cidade Jardim Shopping Complex based Sao Paulo among others. In addition to its shopping centres, JHSF Participacoes is also the constructor behind an executive airport, some of the up-class hotels in Brazil, and other commercial buildings as well.


The Future And Present Of JD.com – How It Came To Be


JD.com, also known by many as Jingdong Mall, is one of the best retail companies that exist in China. The company deals with all types of products from food, electronics, clothes, jewelry, cosmetics and many others. The company started long before Amazon and eBay became big. Through hard work of its employees, gaining the trust of its clients, having more investors interested in it, being authentic and practicing first delivery, it has created a good image for itself and grown to something big.

Jingdong has a fast delivery system that makes it more preferable: 3hours to deliver around Beijing, 6 hours around all the urban areas of China and 20 hours to deliver for areas that are interior. However, they are still working on their delivery system out of China. For a package that should be delivered to Washington D.C. it will take a minimum of 6days and a maximum of 10 days.

In their venture to better their technologies and improve on their levels of innovations, JD.com opened a lab for blockchain technologies. in this project the team has partners up with Wu College Computing that is located at New Jersey of IT and Institute Software at the C.A.S. the project is also meant to better the understanding of JD.com clients on the chain used to supply their products s they can be at ease knowing they are safe thus gaining their trust and loyalty.

The company has also brought into action the new “JD Cloud Warehouse Management Solution”. This is supposed to help small businesses to upgrade their management system. It is also for helping businesses that have underutilized warehouses rent them to other businesses that need extra space. The companies using this solution also get an added value of using JD.com delivery system.

The company has also introduced the use of reusable packages. The packages are green in color and cuboid in shape. One such package can fit anything whether an electronic device, jewelry, clothes or cosmetic and can be used for about 10 deliveries before it is considered unusable. This new measure is so as to maintain the environment. It is also the clients wish to either use the packaging or not. For those that use the package, they earn points that are redeemable on JD. com for any product. The client is also requested to return the packaging after delivery. Visit This Page for more information.


More on: https://www.businessinsider.com/who-is-the-amazon-of-china-alibaba-dangdang-or-jingdong-2011-9


How Did The Early Life Of Gregory James Aziz Prepare Him For The Big Role At National Steel Car?

Gregory James Aziz has had a long and illustrious career path that culminated in taking the lead at national steel car, the rail freight car manufacturer. He picked up the company and resuscitated it before helping it regain its rightful position in the world of rail freight car manufacturing. Through a wealth of experience in evaluating businesses performance and even greater entrepreneurial skills horned throughout his life, he was able to pool in resources necessary to lift the company off the ground and back to profitability. But how did his early life prepare him for this:



Having started his educational journey at Ridley College, James Aziz went on to join the University of Western Ontario and majored in Economic. He would rely much on the knowledge and skills gained here in his future endeavors both at his family company as well as during his tenure as an investment banker.


Working at the family company

Soon after his graduation, Greg Aziz joined his family company, Affiliated Foods, a wholesale food business serving the expansive Canadian market. While he joined in the supervisory level, his leadership skills would see him climb up the management ladder. Over the next two decades, he would influence the growth of the family company and played a key role in expanding its operations.

During this time Affiliated Foods grew into a leading fresh foods importer in the country as well as the largest distributor in Canada and parts of the United States. Here he learned firsthand, what it takes to run a successful business.


Experience as an investment banker

While the success with Affiliated Foods exposed Aziz’s leadership skills, it suppressed his entrepreneurial side. He, therefore, left his family company and ventured into the investment baking world in New York. The new role tested his entrepreneurial skills and ability to identify businesses in distress, but which had a great growth potential. One such business was the Canadian based National Steel Car Company. Go Here for more information.

By the time James Aziz took over its leadership, the company was operating below optimum production levels in addition to being marred with numerous other operations and leadership challenges. He would mobilize resources needed to help the company overcome most of these challenges including upgrading the technology used in the production factories, hire new staff, and initiate a marketing campaign.


Bottom line

The experience and entrepreneurial skills paid off less within the three years of taking over national steel car. Thanks to the contributions of Greg Aziz, the brand is now the largest manufacturer and distributor of Rail Freight car in North and Latin America. Plus, its innovative rail car designs compete favorably with competitors’ products globally.


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Bullish On “Freedom Checks”

Many corporations and American taxpayers are ecstatic about the new tax plan. Many corporations will be even more profitable after being able to take advantage of some of these new tax breaks. The American taxpayer is likely to get more money back this year in taxes. Individuals can use this extra money to pay bills, purchase something they like, or maybe make their savings work for them by investing in “Freedom Checks”. This investment opportunity is a great way for individuals to start earning a tax-free income and achieve better than average rates of return. When the investment community first heard about “Freedom Checks”, they dismissed them as a scam, but eventually, this investment opportunity has been proven to be real and can bring about some serious returns for wise investors who git in on this opportunity.

Matt Badiali is the man credited for introducing “Freedom Checks” to the world, but the truth is that sophisticated investors who understand the US tax code have been using this strategy for decades to generate a fantastic tax-free income stream. To begin receiving “Freedom checks”, an individual needs to invest in “Master Limited Partnerships”. In 1987 Congress passed legislation to allow these companies to operate without paying income taxes. MLPs must earn ninety percent of their income in operations related to oil, gas and other natural resources and they must distribute ninety percent of their revenue to their shareholders. Investors are rewarded by not having to pay any taxes on the “Freedom Checks” they receive from these companies.

Another reason Matt Badiali is so bullish on this investment opportunity is that he believes many of these companies are going to see their share prices appreciate greatly in the long-term. Many MLPs are in the oil and gas industry and the fracking boom in the United States has enabled many of these companies to be very profitable. If America continues to push for energy independence, these companies should see growth n the years to come, which will reflect in higher share prices, as well as higher distributions. Also, as the human population on Earth continues to grow, the demand for fuel will continue to grow.

Visit their website: https://freedomchecks.com/

Gregory Aziz: A True Leader


There’s a lot to discuss when it comes to the life of Gregory James Aziz. One of the most important things to consider when looking through the pages of his life is the history of his treasured business National Steel Car. This business started up in the very early 1900s. It answered a growing need for more shipping containers in the railroad industry. National Steel Car would create rolling stock for most of North America by the time they reached their peak. As the company began to grow in popularity it also grew. When it came to manufacturing at that time it was truly a force to be reckoned with.

1929 was a hard year for National Steel Car. In October the Great Depression swept across North America. This financial crisis would continue for the next 10 years. While many companies were closing their doors, National Steel Car wanted to find a way to survive. They did not understand how long the Great Depression would last, but they knew that they needed to make changes to ensure that they could come out of it. There were quickly changed to the fabrication of automobile parts. They started producing things like motors and frames. This gave them an opportunity to expand their expertise. The knowledge would prove to be foundational when they went back to their original manufacturing purpose.

11962 was the next big change for National Steel Car. They were spectating and purchased by a company named Dofasco. While Dofasco was in Hamilton, Ontario they did not have the resources necessary to spread management staff into National Steel Car. Eventually, it became clear that National Steel Car was not going to be a profitable subsidiary for Dofasco. By 1990 they had lost most of their control over the smaller company. Gregory Aziz made the decision to take the company off their hands. This was an offer that Dofasco eagerly accepted. National Steel Car became the property of Greg Aziz’s holding company in 1994. See Related Link for more information.

Although it might seem like it, James Aziz is more than a footnote in the history of National Steel Car. The history of the company is important because it gives a timeline of the booms it experienced in the crash. In appreciation of this history can show just how much work Greg Aziz has put into launching the company back into the modern era. The company is now more profitable than it has ever been. This is because of the work that Gregory Aziz is put into it. He will go down as one of the best company leaders National Steel Car has ever had.

Find her on: https://www.facebook.com/public/Greg-Aziz

Flavio Maluf Advice On The Current Tax Incentive Laws

“Dedicate yourself and seek perfection in what you do”. This is a great advice that this Eucatex Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Flavio Maluf gives to every upcoming entrepreneur who wants to reach heights. True to his advice, he has actualized it in his leadership at Eucatex.

In his recent publication on how businesses can benefit from tax incentives, Flavio Maluf highlights that many entrepreneurs in Brazil are finding it hard to kick because of the hefty yoke of tax that the government has imposed. That’s why Fiscal Incentive Laws is a very crucial issue that many businesses can take advantage of and gain some tangible benefits.

According to Flavio Maluf, these incentive laws allow entrepreneurs and businessmen use part of tax they pay the government in carrying out some developments and projects. Basically, the projects should benefit the society and should involve sporting, cultural, technological advancement, scientific discoveries and research, social development, health etc. Learn more about Flavio Maluf at InfoMoney.

The aim of these incentives is to enhance developments and growth in the society. Nevertheless, this should not be mistaken for evading tax payments; it’s just a strategic way of spending the tax. Through these societal projects, the companies, organizations, and entrepreneurs will build a very good image for their clients. That definitely translates to spending less money on advertising their products and services.

These incentives vary according to specific regions, states, municipalities and even federals which mean that an entrepreneur should know the operational incentives regulations and laws in their locality.

Flavio Maluf studied Mechanical Engineering at Armando AlvaresPenteadoFoundation but this was not long-lived because his passion for entrepreneurship consumed from within leading him to study a business course. By 1987, he was well equipped to enter the market and luckily he joined Eucatex which was a family business.

Though he was born in a wealthy and well up family, he was not blinded by what his father owned, he worked hard and smart like any other young person. This could be what his uncle, who was then the CEO of Eucatex Group, saw in him. After 9 years of joiningEucatex and working the Industrial area, Flavio Maluf joined the executive team and after one year in 1997, he clinched the leadership of the company which he has been heading. He has been leading it to heights even globally. Read more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/flavio-maluf


National Steel Car Under New Leadership Of Gregory Aziz


Gregory Aziz bought the National Steel Car in 1994 from a steel-making company known as Dofasco. Aziz was working in the banking sector when the opportunity to purchase this company was placed on the table. At the time he was helping different people to understand what needs to be done to make it through sensible investments. When this opportunity presented itself, he gladly took it and started the journey of building the company into one of the biggest engineering companies in the region. The former owners of the company feared that the company would collapse since production was too low. They wanted to dispose of it off before it collapsed. Luckily, it would never come to an end since Greg was there to take the opportunity of the moment. Today, NSC is the best producer of the railroad freight cars. When Gregory James Aziz bought this company, it was the first time that he owned a company.

When Greg Aziz bought this company, the number of employees working for the firm then was about 600. After he took over, he did not terminate anyone’s contract. He knew that he would need more workforce and therefore reduction was not an option. Aziz added other experts who could help the company in other matters that touched on engineering. Since the production capacity of the firm was too low, there needed to be professionals who would work on the system so that production could be revamped. Today, the company has over 2,000 employees. Under the leadership, the company enhanced the lives of many people. Production capacity in the company also changed due to the renovation. A company that was producing about 3,500 rolling stocks annually is now producing 12,000 over the same period. Refer to This Article for additional information.

The National Steel Car has undergone a serious change in the past two decades. The changes which have taken place has led to the certification of the business by various bodies. In 2015, it received the ISO certification for promoting good engineering practices in manufacturing. TTX SECO awards also recognized the company for producing the best quality products. It received these awards for 13 years in a row. There are just some of the accomplishments that this company has made in the recent years.

The overall effect of the work that Greg Aziz has done is that there has been a significant impact of the company and for the community that lives around the National Steel Car.

More about Aziz on: https://remote.com/greg-aziz