Matthew Fleeger — The Man Behind Gulf Coast Western

Matthew Fleeger’s Humble Beginnings

Matthew Fleeger has a degree from Southern Methodist University in Texas, where he studied business, finance, and marketing. Matthew understood early that he wanted to follow in his father’s foot steps, so he devoted his time to getting his business skills together. To gain the experience he needed for the oil and gas industry, Matthew Fleeger took on various executive leadership roles within the industry. He worked within many major oil and gas companies based in Texas, and finally started a career within his father’s company, Gulf Coast Western.

In 1993, Matthew left Gulf Coast Western and took his extensive experience and put it to work by founding his own company, MedSolutions, Inc a management company. MedSolutions specializes in removing, transporting and disposing of medical waste from medical institutions. With Matthew holding the reins and using his savvy skills, MedSolutions soared to the top as one of the industries leading healthcare waste management companies. Stericycle, Inc. noticed Matthew’s prowess in founding and marketing MedSolutions and paid a lump sum of $59 million for its purchase.

Besides his acquisition, marketing, and business skills; Matthew had a knack for starting up small business and making them mega stars in the their industry. Matthew set his eyes on the tanning industry and founded two small companies that are now worth millions. The two companies he founded and flourished with his leadership are Palm Beach Tan and Mystic Tan, both are formidable companies.

Welcome Back, Matthew Fleeger – Gulf Coast Western

After the sale of his company, MedSolutions, Matthew returned to Gulf Coast Western to lead it into the future. Matthew took on the leadership role as President and Chief Executive Officer at Gulf Coast. Matthew Fleeger has proven that he is the perfect fit for Gulf Coast Western with his multiple talents and experience that he has gradually gained over the years. Matthew will truly continue the family legacy, by forging a new era for Gulf Coast Western, and furthering its climb up the ladder as a top oil and gas company.

Randal Nardone; an Inspiration to Many Young Entrepreneurs and Investors

When it comes to the financial world, Randal Nardone is one man you can count on to deliver wonderful results no matter the environment he is placed in or the challenges at hand. Other than finance, he is also skilled in investment management, investment banking, and the real estate market. After working in different firms, Randal decided to merge his unique set of skills and partner up with two other people, just as skilled as him, to start Fortress Investment Group.

Currently, Randal Nardone is the Chief Executive Officer of the firm. As the Chief Executive Officer, Nardone is responsible for overseeing the overall operations of the firm and ensuring everything runs smoothly. As a member of the firm’s board, he also makes key decisions that are aimed at facilitating the growth and expansion of the firm. Read the article at to know more about Randal.

Randal attended the University of Connecticut and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology and English. He is also a holder of a Juris Doctor from the Boston University School of Law. Mr. Nardone’s career began at Thatcher Proffitt & Wood. He, later on, left the law firm and joined Blackrock Financial Management Incorporation. This is a firm that deals in asset management and helping firms and individuals make proper decisions to secure a better financial future.

After working at Blackrock Financial Management for some time, Randal Nardone went on to join UBS. He served as the firm’s managing director from 1997 to 1998. It was after leaving UBS that he partnered up with Rob Kauffman and Wesley R Edens to start Fortress Investment Group. Headquartered in New York, New York, United States of America, Fortress Investment Group is a leading asset managing firm. The company focuses on managing alternative assets such as private equity, credit, and hedge funds.

With Randal Nardone on board, Fortress Investment has been able to make some huge steps in the corporate world. One of these steps is the acquisition of stakes in numerous other companies that currently operate as Fortress Group’s subsidiaries. One of these subsidiaries is the Newcastle Investment Holdings Corporation, where Mr. Randal Nardone is the firm’s Vice President and Secretary. Other than that, he is also the Secretary of Impac Commercial Holdings Incorporation.



Robert Ivy: Why You Should Join A Professional Organization

Since 1996, Robert Ivy has been the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Architectural Institute. Ivy is also a world-renowned author, commentator, and writer in matters related to architecture and design. The AIA is a professional organization of all the architects operating in the United States. The organization has its headquarters in Washington D.C and offers education on matters related to current trends in the architectural field.

Additionally, the AIA offers community redevelopment, government advocacy, and public outreach services to safeguard the image of the design profession. Under the leadership of Robert Ivy, the AIA has experienced a tremendous growth in terms of membership and resources base. Currently, the organization has a membership of over 90,000 certified architects and related professionals. It has more than 217 chapters spread across the world.

Robert Ivy is an extensively experienced professional in the design industry. Before becoming the Chief Executive Officer and the Vice President of AIA, he served as the Editor –in- Chief of Architectural Record. Owing to his superior leadership skills and talent, he propelled the architectural magazine to become one of the popular publications for architects and designers across the world. Besides serving as the Editor –in- Chief of Architectural Record, Ivy also worked as the Editorial Director and Vice President of McGraw-Hill Construction Media. The publications under his oversight included the Architectural Record, The Magazine of Sustainable Design, Constructor, HQ Magazine and the ENR.

As the leader of the most popular architectural organization, Robert Ivy advises every professional, especially those building their careers to join a professional organization. According to his expert advice, belonging to a professional body comes with many advantages. He says that membership and belonging presents an excellent networking opportunity for members. The organizations host massive conferences, which bring together thousands of members. When members meet during these conferences, they develop informal connections as well as formal ties that can help young professionals to learn more about the available opportunities in the market. Additionally, organizations have other bodies such as young-professional networks, volunteer events, committees, and receptions that bring members together. Some may even have their own social network platforms where they share important ideas and concepts.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong’s Insight On Integrity And Business


Being the founder and CEO of, Richard Liu Qiangdong currently has a net worth of $11 billion according to Forbes. When he ventured into business, Richard Liu’s restaurant business failed, and he decided to venture into selling health products and computer parts in the year 1998. In the year 2004, he moved away from physical retailing and set up his online stores. Richard Liu Quiangdong’s business snowballed, and ten years later, appeared on NASDAQ listings, even though it ran on losses that year.

In an interview by Richard Liu, he admits that his journey as a businessman was never easy. He states that at one moment he was infected with the SARS. The onset of the infection was the point he decided to close his physical shops and set up online ones. The main reason behind this was to avoid affecting his clients with the disease since conversing with healthy people face-to-face put them at higher risks of contracting the disease.

However, one of the main challenges the company faced was competition e-Commerce company rivals such as The primary thing that made the company stand out from the rest is the fact that they decided not to sell any counterfeit products. Through this, the company grew to become of the largest e-commerce companies in the world right now. Looking at this fact, Richard Liu’s idea made his company successful was the creation of value for its clients.

Currently, ships its products worldwide. The firm has 500 logistics centers around the world and would, for instance, take fifteen days for products to reach New York. As such, the firm strives at giving its clients value for their money; with the company having a goal of becoming the biggest online retailer in the world in a few years to come. Visit This Page to learn more.

Conclusively, Richard Liu advises upcoming entrepreneurs to uphold integrity and willingness to take in the advice given to them by more experienced business people and the elderly. He cites these two things as the drivers that pushed him into what he is today. He, for instance, looks back at when he became a businessman, and his avoidance of counterfeit products earned him more clients than some of his competitors.

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Deirdre Baggot Leading The Fight For Patient Healthcare

The traditional payment structure for healthcare is built on quantity not quality, leading to patient dissatisfaction, re-testing and resulting poor patient aftercare. Deirdre Baggot is credited with making current reforms and overhauls to how healthcare organizations look at billing practice efficiencies. Deirdre Baggot, Ph.D., MBA, RN. has years of experience in all areas of healthcare administration and works to advise health facilities on the benefits of and how to implement strategies of bundled payment systems. She discusses how the Affordable Care Act and current payment models are negatively affecting the patients’ ability to pay for medical care and how these practices are having adverse effects to each facility’s bottom line. Read more about Deirdre Baggot on crunchbase

Idea Mensch has tracked Deirdre’s success. She has worked with over 200 hospitals and 60 billing bundles developing client relationships, and designing and implementing programs and strategies. The Medical Daily Times credits her efforts to having led to improvement in patient experiences and decreasing costs for clinical tests and results. Physicians and hospitals share in these savings. She also acts in an advisory capacity to healthcare providers’ senior leadership and health system boards. In addition, Deirdre works as an expert regarding bundled payments and MACRA for the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare services (CMA).

Deirdre Baggot has also been a primary and keynote speaker at a number of medical conferences. These include the American Heart Association, American College of Healthcare Executives, Bundled Payment Summit, SAS, Medtronic, Healthcare Financial Management Association, Pay-for-Performance Summit, Innovation Summit, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, and the Bundled Payment Congress.

Ms. Baggot attended the University of Colorado earning her Doctor of Philosophy degree. In Chicago she attended Loyola University Graduate School of Business and graduated with a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Deirdre also holds a Bachelor of Science for Nursing and was awarded a Gregory LaVert Scholar. She has been featured on a number of television and radio programs and has more than 20 papers to her credit.

Despite her unusually busy schedule with conference calls and meetings Baggot tries to limit these activities to where she is most needed. She remains active in researching new ideas, putting them in writing and consulting groups of peers for ideas, feedback and modifications. She is concerned that medical errors represent the third leading cause of death in the United States. Heart disease and cancer rank number 1 and 2. An estimated two million people will die this year of infections acquired at a hospital. She has made it a priority to engage patients as partners in their healthcare in America.

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How Did The Early Life Of Gregory James Aziz Prepare Him For The Big Role At National Steel Car?

Gregory James Aziz has had a long and illustrious career path that culminated in taking the lead at national steel car, the rail freight car manufacturer. He picked up the company and resuscitated it before helping it regain its rightful position in the world of rail freight car manufacturing. Through a wealth of experience in evaluating businesses performance and even greater entrepreneurial skills horned throughout his life, he was able to pool in resources necessary to lift the company off the ground and back to profitability. But how did his early life prepare him for this:



Having started his educational journey at Ridley College, James Aziz went on to join the University of Western Ontario and majored in Economic. He would rely much on the knowledge and skills gained here in his future endeavors both at his family company as well as during his tenure as an investment banker.


Working at the family company

Soon after his graduation, Greg Aziz joined his family company, Affiliated Foods, a wholesale food business serving the expansive Canadian market. While he joined in the supervisory level, his leadership skills would see him climb up the management ladder. Over the next two decades, he would influence the growth of the family company and played a key role in expanding its operations.

During this time Affiliated Foods grew into a leading fresh foods importer in the country as well as the largest distributor in Canada and parts of the United States. Here he learned firsthand, what it takes to run a successful business.


Experience as an investment banker

While the success with Affiliated Foods exposed Aziz’s leadership skills, it suppressed his entrepreneurial side. He, therefore, left his family company and ventured into the investment baking world in New York. The new role tested his entrepreneurial skills and ability to identify businesses in distress, but which had a great growth potential. One such business was the Canadian based National Steel Car Company. Go Here for more information.

By the time James Aziz took over its leadership, the company was operating below optimum production levels in addition to being marred with numerous other operations and leadership challenges. He would mobilize resources needed to help the company overcome most of these challenges including upgrading the technology used in the production factories, hire new staff, and initiate a marketing campaign.


Bottom line

The experience and entrepreneurial skills paid off less within the three years of taking over national steel car. Thanks to the contributions of Greg Aziz, the brand is now the largest manufacturer and distributor of Rail Freight car in North and Latin America. Plus, its innovative rail car designs compete favorably with competitors’ products globally.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong: Prioritizing And Growing His Business is one of China’s largest e-commerce platforms for general retail needs. The founder behind this platform is Mr. Richard Liu Qiangdong. Richard Liu has poured his heart and soul into He sat down to an interview with Mr. Rubenstein and

This interview was an opportunity for him to discuss the motivation behind his success with, where you went wrong with past successes, and how that informed his decisions in this endeavor. At this time, is valued as one of the leading retail businesses in China. They are worth almost a staggering $60 billion. It is a truly monumental feat that Richard Liu is accomplished with the business thus far.

The motivation behind was to create a retail environment that made the customer confident in their products. only previews the most desired and quality products. Some of the reason behind this is because Richard Liu learned early on in his career that business professionals should put a substantial amount of time into their ventures. As a student, he started his own restaurant. The restaurant failed, and Richard Liu explains to his interviewer that he believed it was because he did not put in the necessary time. He corrected that mistake when he began See This Page for more information. started as a brick-and-mortar location dubbed Jingdong Mall but found success when they started their online business in 2004. This is a reaction to a SARS outbreak. The management for Jingdong Mall thought that an online presence would be more conducive to the environment. They switch their focus and started working in the online community. This proved to be a very good move. Richard Liu Quiangdong tells Mr. Rubenstein that the business took off from there. The company remains at the top of the retail market.

Liu Quiagndong hopes that they will shift into the global market soon. offers a variety of products over many different facets of the retail industry. This is one of the ways that he believes they will be competitive with businesses like Richard Liu believes that a lot of his success has come from his ability to prioritize and grow the business.


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Felipe Montoro Jens Reports A Study In CNI About Unemployment In Brazil

According to the study “Great Unemployment: How To Confront The Problem?” by the Confederação Nacional da Indústria (CNI), the National Industry Confederation, a specialist in the Infrastructure Projects named Felipe Montoro Jens reported that out of 2,796 projects halted, 517 had to do with the infrastructure sector. This corresponded to be close to 18.5% and it costed the public bank about R$ 10.7 billion reals.

In the infrastructure care, the basic health is the most impaired area: 447 enterprises interrupted the execution phase. Then, among the 517 projects halted, 30 appear from highway constructions, 16 are airports, 8 are from public transportation, 6 are ports, 5 are railroad and 5 more were waterway jobs. More about of Felipe at

According to CNI, the economic crisis that Brazil is still experiencing generated the need to contain the expenses and led the federal government to interrupt important infrastructure projects. Montoro Jens claimed that although the more evident the case of the Union, the process of fiscal deterioration and the contraction of investments also affected the state of many projects in different counties, which have already cut investments and provoking the stop of infrastructure jobs.

For Brazil to avoid this type of situation of halt and delays, CNI six methods: (I) improve the major planning, (II) evaluate the most adequate form of execution, (III) perform effective micro-planning, (IV) prepare better equipment, (V) draft contracts that are more balanced, (VI) strengthen the internal control.

Montoro Jens emphasized that the study by CNI is part of a 43 document series about strategic topics that candidates for the presidency of the republic gave, in the elections of next October.

In conclusion, Felipe Montoro Jens reported on the economic crisis the Brazil is facing and the National Industry Confederation provided six strategies to help rebuild their infrastructure jobs, which was part of a series of documents provided by the presidency candidates.

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Gregory Aziz: A True Leader


There’s a lot to discuss when it comes to the life of Gregory James Aziz. One of the most important things to consider when looking through the pages of his life is the history of his treasured business National Steel Car. This business started up in the very early 1900s. It answered a growing need for more shipping containers in the railroad industry. National Steel Car would create rolling stock for most of North America by the time they reached their peak. As the company began to grow in popularity it also grew. When it came to manufacturing at that time it was truly a force to be reckoned with.

1929 was a hard year for National Steel Car. In October the Great Depression swept across North America. This financial crisis would continue for the next 10 years. While many companies were closing their doors, National Steel Car wanted to find a way to survive. They did not understand how long the Great Depression would last, but they knew that they needed to make changes to ensure that they could come out of it. There were quickly changed to the fabrication of automobile parts. They started producing things like motors and frames. This gave them an opportunity to expand their expertise. The knowledge would prove to be foundational when they went back to their original manufacturing purpose.

11962 was the next big change for National Steel Car. They were spectating and purchased by a company named Dofasco. While Dofasco was in Hamilton, Ontario they did not have the resources necessary to spread management staff into National Steel Car. Eventually, it became clear that National Steel Car was not going to be a profitable subsidiary for Dofasco. By 1990 they had lost most of their control over the smaller company. Gregory Aziz made the decision to take the company off their hands. This was an offer that Dofasco eagerly accepted. National Steel Car became the property of Greg Aziz’s holding company in 1994. See Related Link for more information.

Although it might seem like it, James Aziz is more than a footnote in the history of National Steel Car. The history of the company is important because it gives a timeline of the booms it experienced in the crash. In appreciation of this history can show just how much work Greg Aziz has put into launching the company back into the modern era. The company is now more profitable than it has ever been. This is because of the work that Gregory Aziz is put into it. He will go down as one of the best company leaders National Steel Car has ever had.

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Flavio Maluf Advice On The Current Tax Incentive Laws

“Dedicate yourself and seek perfection in what you do”. This is a great advice that this Eucatex Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Flavio Maluf gives to every upcoming entrepreneur who wants to reach heights. True to his advice, he has actualized it in his leadership at Eucatex.

In his recent publication on how businesses can benefit from tax incentives, Flavio Maluf highlights that many entrepreneurs in Brazil are finding it hard to kick because of the hefty yoke of tax that the government has imposed. That’s why Fiscal Incentive Laws is a very crucial issue that many businesses can take advantage of and gain some tangible benefits.

According to Flavio Maluf, these incentive laws allow entrepreneurs and businessmen use part of tax they pay the government in carrying out some developments and projects. Basically, the projects should benefit the society and should involve sporting, cultural, technological advancement, scientific discoveries and research, social development, health etc. Learn more about Flavio Maluf at InfoMoney.

The aim of these incentives is to enhance developments and growth in the society. Nevertheless, this should not be mistaken for evading tax payments; it’s just a strategic way of spending the tax. Through these societal projects, the companies, organizations, and entrepreneurs will build a very good image for their clients. That definitely translates to spending less money on advertising their products and services.

These incentives vary according to specific regions, states, municipalities and even federals which mean that an entrepreneur should know the operational incentives regulations and laws in their locality.

Flavio Maluf studied Mechanical Engineering at Armando AlvaresPenteadoFoundation but this was not long-lived because his passion for entrepreneurship consumed from within leading him to study a business course. By 1987, he was well equipped to enter the market and luckily he joined Eucatex which was a family business.

Though he was born in a wealthy and well up family, he was not blinded by what his father owned, he worked hard and smart like any other young person. This could be what his uncle, who was then the CEO of Eucatex Group, saw in him. After 9 years of joiningEucatex and working the Industrial area, Flavio Maluf joined the executive team and after one year in 1997, he clinched the leadership of the company which he has been heading. He has been leading it to heights even globally. Read more: