The Simple Beauty Of Organo Gold Coffee


OrganoGold has been growing organic coffee and tea for over 40 years since their inception, and Bernardo Chua has allowed the company to grow to serve all of Asia. He recently brought the company to America, and their healthy products are among the most popular teas and coffees in the world. This article explains how OrganoGold has targeted healthy products, and how Bernardo Chua is leading the line.

#1: Bernardo Has Brought OrganoGold To America

OrganoGold has come to America under the leadership of the award winning Bernardo Chua, and Bernardo wants to introduce his business plan in America the way it is in Asia. Bernardo has brought along a new energy drink known as GanoExcel, and he is using private sellers who have worked with the company for some time. The North American market has hundreds of millions of people who have never heard of OrganoGold before, and Bernardo wants to meet with these customers as soon as possible.

#2: Why Is Organic Growing Important At OrganoGold?

The company has used organic growing principles since their inception, and growers across the 7000 islands of the Philippines have been using the same techniques for a long time. Bernardo pays proper wages to all his growers, and he continues to use organic techniques to ensure the flavor of the coffee and tea is superior to the competition. Anyone who has tried OrganoGold can taste the difference.

#3: What Do The Private Sellers Do?

Private sellers purchase products from OrganoGold, and the sellers sell to their customers at a profit. OrganoGold makes money on every sale, and the sellers may run businesses out of their homes. Millions of people in Asia have taken advantage of the business model at OrganoGold in Asia, and more North Americans will see the same benefits when joining the OrganoGold family.

Just viewing one of his speeches makes it clear Bernardo Chua’s leadership at OrganoGold has provided a firm foundation to sell coffee and tea without interruption. Their company has spent decades serving up the best coffee and teas in the industry, and they will continue to do so once they move to America. The GanoExcel energy has become one of the most important parts of their new business plan.   You can find Bernardo on Facebook for follow up.