The Defiant Doe Deere

With modern times upon us why be bound to the old traditional fashion rules? Defiance is what defines us in this day and age. Defiance is what Doe Deere offers and in a big way. Taking those old fashion no-no’s to a new level she helps people everywhere to break out of the ruts of looking like everyone else. Bold colors mixed with patterns that many would step away from she gives all of us the ability to look new and different while still fashionable and even elegant. Going against the grain is not only a bold new way to be but also fun and most importantly to many fashionable.

Colors should be fun and freeing not binding and stale. Why not show off that fun side that has been repressed for so many years? Patterns too need to be included. Leaving the fun of those crazy patterns out just isn’t fair to your wardrobe or you. Doe Deere helps those who want change break free from the repressive bonds ‘they’ in the fashion industry have placed on all of us. Showing off those colorful toed socks with open toed shoes should be a pleasure not a rule breaker. Another thing to consider is if you like those dark or neutral colors you should give some sort of color difference to break up that outfit. Makeup, nail, and hair colors can offer that.

Finally Doe Deere can help people break through the age barrier.  Youth is all around around you as well as inside of you. There is no reason to hold back your creative side because society has labeled you ‘over the hill’ or ‘too old’. Trends should be meant for all not just the young. You only have one life and Doe Deere helps all to live it to the fullest fashion wise. Break free of all the old rules that were conjured up by people whom don’t even know the real you. Doe Deere can help!

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