Waiakea Water Heals the Body

The bottled Waiakea water uniquely starts its journey in the volcanoes of Hawaii, more specifically the Mauna Loa volcano. Waiakea water goes through a pure and natural filtration process. Melting snow caps and rain falling into the volcano runs through porous volcanic rocks before reaching the foot of the volcano where it is collected. Filtering through this alkaline process gives the water a mineral composition of calcium, silica, sodium, and potassium.

Waiakea water is designed to help the human body regulate its own pH balance levels. The Waiakea water touts the following benefits:

  • Minerals that aid in the water’s unique taste and smooth feel
  • Hydration electrolytes to keep the body well fueled
  • Water is scientifically tested as pure
  • Free from radical damage

The Hawaiian based Waiakea, Inc. Company was founded in 2012 by its Chief Executive Officer Ryan Emmons. He was raised both in Hawaii and California. Later in life, he discovered that his parents had access to the Kea’au Aquifer at the bottom of the Mauna Loa volcano. Mr. Emmons wanted to create an alternative to clean and healthy bottled water.

The Waiakea Company sets its goal is built around worldwide sustainability, clean water, conservation measures, and healthy initiatives. Waiakea also donates its water to world-wide communities that do not have access to clean water.

In addition to the pure natural water of Waiakea, the water is bottled in nano-degradation plastic containers. Nano-degradable bottles doesn’t take years to degrade like traditional plastic bottles. Waiakea bottled water is a ‘green’ eco-friendly, fully degradable, and 100% recyclable product of TimePlast.

TimePlast is a U.S. company that specializes in nano manufacturing technology in the safe re-engineering of polymers. TimePlast has created nano plastic additives that weaken the plastic which makes its degradable process a great deal shorter.

Waiakea, Inc. was named one of Inc. Magazine’s 500 fastest growing companies in America. Emmons has been featured on Beverage World Magazine and was named a Bridge Entrepreneur by Social Venture Network.