Anil Chaturvedi An Expert on Financial with Interest in European and Indian Trade Ties

As a seasoned and experienced banker with over forty years of experience in the banking industry, Anil Chaturvedi has been able to garner a lot of respect and accolades from the industry experts. Anil Chaturvedi has headed various financial organizations and banks over the years and provided the results that the organizations expected him to deliver. The marketing and revenue generating strategies that were implemented by Anil Chaturvedi, whether it was a stint at State Bank of India or ANZ Grindlays Bank were simply outstanding. It is due to his excellence in the banking and financial sector that Barron’s even named him as one of the Top Financial Advisors in the World.

Anil Chaturvedi is a highly qualified individual holding MBA degree from the reputed FMS College, Delhi and has also done BA in Economics Honors from Delhi University. Soon after completing his graduation, Anil Chaturvedi moved on to join the New York Branch of State Bank of India. At State Bank of India, Anil Chaturvedi was given the designation of manager of planning and development and was responsible for business development initiatives and marketing strategies and implementation. In a very short period of four years, Anil Chaturvedi was able to generate the revenue of more than $500 million from the new businesses and clients that he bought to the bank. It made State Bank of India declare him as the man of the year.

Anil Chaturvedi is currently the Managing Director of the private bank named Hinduja Bank in Switzerland. Anil Chaturvedi aims to expand the horizon of Hinduja Bank by not only attracting the non-resident Indians in Switzerland and European countries but also aims to spread awareness of flexibility of Indian trade laws among the European businesses. Since the new government took over India, the trade and economic laws have become much more business friendly. It has helped the foreign businesses to expand their business operations in the country without any hindrance. Anil Chaturvedi plans to bring many foreign businesses to India via Hinduja Bank, which would be beneficial for India as well as the bank. It would also help consolidate India’s position in the FDI sector.

Broker Services Provided By Avatrade Review

AvaTrade is in Dublin in Ireland. It is an online forex and broker company. Since it was started it expanded quickly and serves more than 200,000 accounts globally. Its financial stability allows it to of a range of services and products to customers. It has different offices in major cities around the world. The company is regulated by several regulators with the central Bank of Ireland taking part in the regulation. In Japan, the company is well controlled by several agencies which offer oversight to its operations in the nation.


The company’s trade is reliable. Therefore; traders have found a solution to their problem concerning online trading. It is because it has operated for more than a decade participating in the same field. The company has maintained better services through its integrity and reliability in the online trading. AvaTrade holds licenses from European Union, British Virgil Islands, Australia, South Africa and Japan. Since 2009, AvaTrade has won numerous awards for its achievements among them being “Best Forex Broker 2016” and “Best Customer Support”. This authorisation makes customers have peaceful mind as they transact with the company.


AvaTrade has numerous trading platforms that it has made available for their customers. It provides customers with mobile trading platforms in mobile devices. It offers automated trading platforms which help the beginners to increase their trading profitability. It allows beginners who lack trading experience as they mirror to trades made by the experienced traders. It boosts the confidence of beginner traders and ends up engaging in more trading activities. The automated trading platforms include Rob ox, Mirror Trader, Zulu Trade, API Trading and MQL5 signal services.


AvaTrade provides standard trading account and demo trading account to its clients. Engaging in trade with this company is advantageous as there are bonuses, itself is a regulated broker, different choices of trading platforms, multilingual support as well as fixed and floating spreads. The company offers crypto trading facility which deals with financial derivatives such as CFDs. It provides commissions and spreads either fixed or floating spreads. Credit/debit cards and bank wire transfer merely fund trading accounts of the company. The withdrawals are similar to deposits and take five business days to be processed.

Michael Burwell Moves From Pricewaterhouse Coopers To Willis Towers Watson

Michael Burwell is the new Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson India Careers. A Michigan State University graduate with a bachelor’s in business administration, Burwell worked with Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP for 31 years before taking the position with Willis Towers Watson India Careers in 2017. For the first 11 years at Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Burwell specialized in auditing clients for the company’s assurance practice. Burwell became a partner in the company in 1997 and was chosen to start the PWC transaction services practice in Detroit, Michigan.


After enjoying a great deal of success in that role, Michael Burwell was promoted to a leadership position in the central region for Pricewaterhouse Coopers. He became the overall leader of the company’s Transaction Services in the United States. Michael Burwell was named CFO in 2007 and he was also appointed Chief Operating Officer of U.S. business for Pricewaterhouse Coopers the next year. In 2012, Burwell received another promotion. He was named PWC’s vice chairman of U.S. and Global Transformation.


In his leadership role in charge of transformation Michael Burwell was able to optimize the company’s organizational effectiveness. He created positive change while being in charge of a diverse group of functions within the company. They included finance, technology, human capital and global strategic sourcing. During his tenure with Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Michael Burwell was also the senior relationship partner for a number of the company’s clients. In July of 2016 Burwell as named a partner at Pricewaterhouse Coopers. He left the company 16 months later to take his current position.


Willis Towers Watson India Careers is based in the greater Philadelphia area. In Michael Burwell they have found an experienced financial services professional that is a proven leader with vast expertise in finance and financial reporting. Burwell is very familiar with the region having worked in the greater New York area with PriceWaterhouse Coopers from 2008 until 2016. The company is a worldwide leader in providing advice, broking service and business solutions for companies large and small.  Read This Article for additional information.


Michael Burwell replaces Roger Millay as the company’s Chief Financial Officer. His decades of experience in finance and professional services senior leadership positions makes him a valuable asset. Burwell having over a decade of experience in auditing and a dozen years handling Transaction Services advisory and helping a number of companies to complete their pre-merger valuation and due diligence also makes him well suited for his new position.



Experienced Financial Services Professional Michael Burwell Joins Willis Towers Watson

After spending 31 years with Pricewaterhouse Coopers, veteran financial services professional Michael Burwell is leaving the company to take a leadership position with global broking, advisory and solutions company Willis Towers Watson India Careers. Burwell becomes the company’s new chief financial officer replacing Roger Millay who left voluntarily in October of 2017. Michael Burwell brings a diverse skillset, many years of experience in the industry, unmatched expertise in auditing and transaction services, as well as having held a wide range of leadership positions.


A 1986 graduate of Michigan State University with a business administration degree, Michael Burwell is also a certified public accountant. Willis Towers Watson CEO John Haley said he was excited about Burwell joining the company’s leadership team. He acknowledged Michael Burwell’s expertise in, experience with and understanding of the complex tasks involved in managing and leading a global customer-focused company. The CEO expressed confidence in Burwell’s solid background in finance, business transactions and the duties required to transform a company and guide it to long-term growth while helping the staff and the company to reach their full potential.


Michael Burwell started his career in financial services with Pricewaterhouse Coopers as an auditing specialist in their assurance practice in 1986. His work was so impressive, Burwell was charged with starting the Detroit based transaction services division of the company in 1997. He excelled in that role and was given a promotion to Pricewaterhouse Coopers’ central region and given a leadership position. Not long afterwards he became the company’s U.S. Transaction Services division’s overall leader. In 2007, Pricewaterhouse Coopers named Michael Burwell chief financial officer. He became COO of U.S. business in 2008.


As Burwell’s expertise and experience grew, so did his value to the company and the amount of power and responsibility he was given. By 2012 Pricewaterhouse Cooper felt Michael Burwell could be even more effective for the company if given a bigger role. They promoted him to the U.S. and Global Transformation vice chairman. Michael Burwell was lauded for his ability to optimize the organizational effectiveness of Pricewaterhouse Coopers and introduce positive change in global strategic sourcing, human capital, finance, technology and other diverse functions. He also worked with many clients as a senior relationship partner.


In 2016 Pricewaterhouse Coopers named Michael Burwell a partner. Burwell decided to leave the company and become CFO of the 190-year-old company Willis Towers Watson in November of 2017.  Go To This Page for more information.


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