The History of OSI Group – America’s Top Food Supplier

OSI Industries is a true story of the American dream. The company began as a small family owned butchery to an international supplier of food. In fact, OSI Industries is still growing to this day, continuing to exceed expectations and break new ground.

Otto & Sons was the original name of the business, operated by Otto Kolschowsky, an immigrant, and his family. This was in the early 1900s, when Chicago had a large German-immigrant population.

Otto & Sons’ first big break came in the form of fast food giant McDonald’s, which, at the time, was just beginning to expand. Otto & Sons was the first supplier of beef to McDonald’s. This was in 1955, and the first McDonald’s opened in Des Plaines, Illinois. McDonald’s continued to grow until the point when Otto & Sons primary responsibility was supplying McDonald’s with fresh hamburger meat.

It would take 20 more years for Otto & Sons to transform into OSI, the name that went on to represent that company all over the globe. 1977 saw the company open its first manufacturing facility outside of their home state of Illinois. With McDonald’s incredible success, OSI Industries had to expand in order to keep up their responsibilities. In 1978, when McDonald’s went international, so did OSI. First came Germany then Spain; now, OSI is operational all over the United States and Europe.

Another period of great expansion for OSI was the 1990s and 2000s. OSI Industries expanded their horizons beyond Europe, expanding operations to India and Australia. In 2002, OSI even moved into China.

The last 15 years have seen expansion into Japan, additional expansion in Europe and Asia, and new buildings in their home state of Chicago. OSI now has a building located just outside of Chicago in a town called Aurora. The company has also began acquiring subsidies. Recently, OSI Industries has purchased Baho Food and Flagship Europe, which they renamed to Creative Foods Europe.

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OSI GROUP – Over 100 Years of History!

The OSI GROUP was established in the year 1909 in Chicago, USA. To date, it is a worldwide organization, with more than 60 offices situated all through North and South America, Asia and Europe. The company utilizes more than 20 000 laborers who help in producing and supplying fresh, frozen & processed pork, poultry and beef products. Enjoying more than 100-years of custom, the OSI brand sustains a superb reputation in the entire globe due to being synonymous with the most noteworthy quality of food items.

With overall achievements, OSI GROUP furnishes its clients with world solutions in making and delivering of different kinds of meat items. According to the arrangement of clients, the company incorporates the world’s driving FMCG players and the key manufacturing brands.

The OSI GROUP arrangements are actualized in the working of production centers in major markets of the world. Consequently, it is always extending its worldwide assembling and conveying abilities and enhancing the utilization of local markets. Subsequently, OSI GROUP meets even the most assorted needs and gets ready to deliver precise results to the expectations of every locale. That has made the organization among the leading world suppliers of meat.

At the OSI Group, the team works with you to make and fabricate custom food items that meet your demanding particulars. As your accomplice, OSI will work with you to plan for processing & supply chain solutions that offer you driving edge thinking to cater for your most complex difficulties. The company’s worldwide system of assembling offices and local expertise offers an unparalleled array of supply chain and product capabilities to address your issues.

OSI believe that workers spearhead the success of the firm. Hence, with victory in mind being the final goal, we work hand to form and provide a circumstance that ensures stimulating, testing and rewarding chances.