The Consesus decides the Fantasy Football Rankings

Martavis Bryant was drafted in 2014 during the 4th round of drafts in 2014 during the 4th round of drafts. He was inactive for the first 6 games of the season. The reasons for the inactivity consists of his performance during training camp and an injury he got in the final preseason game. In 2015 during the preseason Bryant was suspended. He didn’t play the first 4 games due to a failed drug test. In 2016 he was suspended the whole season due to failing another drug test.

The fantasy football rankings vary, depends on who the consensus consists of doing the ranking. There are different sections of Fantasy football ranknings. The Fantasy Football rankings consist of quarterbacks, running backs, wide recievers, tight end, Kicker, Defense and overall. More than one team/person can have the same fantasy football ranking; for example Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos rank #1 in Defense.