How EOS Came to be the Second Best-Selling Lip Balm Brand

Evolution of Smooth is one of the leading lip balm brands. Most people know this fact. However, what people don’t know is how the brand came to being a top-rated player in the industry. Following an interview with the founders of EOS,, we are able to understand how the brand came to being the second best-selling lip balm brand.

EOS was started after identifying a gap in the beauty industry. Particularly, in the lip balm department. They did their research and found out that many of the players in the industry were competing through cutting of costs and competing on the basis of cost. This to the company founders seemed lazy.

They also found out that lip balm was highly used by women as a beauty regimen. But even then, they never found it to be fun. They hated the tubes that easily got lost in hand bags and had the feel of a medical product. Also, they slightly liked the potted balms that were finding their way into the market. The only problem with the potted balms was that it required the use of fingers for application. The problem was in the application, many women found it unhygienic. From this research, an opportunity was found to produce EOS lip balm, a product that women would enjoy applying and still maintain hygiene.

The founders, after a series of tests, decide to come up with a product that utilized organic ingredients, was soft in the hands, tasted and smelled good, and had varying colors to choose from. This was followed by hiring of sales persons that saw their product launched and selling on the likes of Walmart as Well. Also, they had to buy their own production equipment. Next was online via Facebook and other social media platforms, and offline marketing efforts, followed by strategic partnerships. This basically saw them beat Chapstick.

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