Dr. Mark Mofid Invests in Safe Plastic Surgery

Tummy tucks. Rhinoplasty.Breast augmentation. These are just a few of the popular procedures that board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Mofid specializes in, but he is especially known for his groundbreaking research and leadership in providing safe butt lift procedures.

The “Brazilian butt lift” is a cosmetic procedure that’s gained popularity stateside, but it’s also led to patient mortality. Dr. Mark Mofid is concerned about the rise in patient deaths that’s accompanied this popular procedure. According to a survey conducted by the Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation (ASERF), the Brazilian butt lift is up to 20 times more risky than any other cosmetic procedure. This prompted Dr. Mofid to take action.

Together with ASERF, he formed a task force to investigate the risks surrounding the Brazilian butt lift, so more surgeons can be aware of this issue. The findings were released to plastic surgeons worldwide in 2016, and published as part of a larger report in the July 2017 issue of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal.

Dr. Mark Mofid invests in performing safe butt lift procedures for his patients. Risks increase when fat is injected too close to the skin, so Dr. Mofid designed a buttock implant for Implantech that is easier to position between muscles. This also creates a more natural-looking result. And, despite patient requests, he will never go bigger than 330 cc. He explains that this is because larger implants invite more complications.

“Large implants have higher risks of… malposition,” he said in a January 2014 interview with Plastic Surgery Practice. Women seek butt lifts for a variety of reasons. When a plastic surgery candidate comes in for a consultation, Dr. Mark Mofid takes the time to discuss their needs and desired outcomes. Two of the most common reasons women seek a butt lift, Dr. Mofid notes, is to create a curvier, more feminine figure, or to recreate a firmer and more youthful silhouette after having children.

Dr. Mofid is an experienced and fully qualified plastic surgeon. He graduated magna cum laude from Harvard and completed his medical training at The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Rick Shinto Adds Penelope Kokkinides on the Leadership of InnovaCare

The importance of the healthcare industry on the quality of lives of the American people cannot be underestimated. It is important that health care facilities, not only provide quality services, but services that are affordable and accessible to, every-one. InnovaCare Health understands the importance of reaching out to people of all ages and ethnicities and making health care services accessible to them.

About InnovaCare
InnovaCare is one of the most reputable providers for managed healthcare services. InnovaCare Health operate through Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans, making the cost of their services lower than other facilities, while maintaining the quality level of their services through technological innovations.

InnovaCare is headquartered in Fort Lee, New Jersey. They have won over the hearts of many residents of North America. InnovaCare Health boast of a clientele of over 200,000 people who are serviced by their network, which comprises of over 75,000 medical services providers.

InnovaCare’s strong values have seen it grow in a very short time. They believe in the prioritization of customer needs above everything else. They also value strong relationships between their customers and members of their network. Other than that, InnovaCare Health believes in strong leadership to implement their policies, get those competent staff and make strategic decisions for their growth. It is for this reason that they have delegated core leadership duties to Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides.

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Rick Shinto
Rick Shinto is the current CEO and president of InnovaCare. He has held this position since the year 2012, when he joined the facility. Prior to that he worked at Aveta Inc., as the president and CEO. He has also worked with companies MedPartners, Medical Pathways and NAMM California.

Shinto is popular for his great leadership skills. Having worked in leadership positions in various companies within the healthcare industry, he not only brings extensive knowledge in the clinical industry but also in management and leadership

Penelope Kokkinides
Penelope Kokkinides worked with Rick Shinto at Aveta Inc. This was prior to joining InnovaCare. She also has extensive knowledge in this industry and boasts of over 2 decades of experience in this industry. She joined InnovaCare in the year 2015, and just one year later, she was promoted from Chief Operations Officer to Chief Administration Officer. Her deep understanding of managed health care systems, Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans has been instrumental in the strategic direction of InnovaCare services.

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