Philanthropist Michael Zomber Devotes Time for Volunteering and Supporting Non-Profit Organizations

Michael Zomber is known nationally as a critically acclaimed writer, documentary film producer, historian, and philanthropist. Throughout his career, he has written screenplays, novels and documentaries. Soul of the Samurai is one of his documentary films that was co-produced through Renascent Films LLC, a company owned by the Zomber family. As a historian and arms & armor antique collector, Mr. Zomber has contributed facts about the culture of the Japanese and the history behind his weapon collections. Michael and Andrea Zomber have devoted countless of hours volunteering and supporting non-profit organizations, including UNICEF, Amnesty International, Doctors Without Borders, Get Lit’s, and other institutions.

While Michael Zomber served nearly two years in a U.S. prison, he devoted his time to help the inmates study to pass GED exams. He also wrote legal documents to help some of the prisoners with legal issues. Mr. Zomber proclaimed his innocents when he was indicted and convicted for mail and wire fraud. The U.S. Court of Appeals eventually threw out the conviction against him. Since Mr. Zomber release, he is devoting much of his time producing and filming a new documentary, Alone. He and his wife are supporting non-profit organizations in their endeavors to promote world peace, freedom of speech, justice, and humanitarian relief.

Renascent Films and the Zombers help hundreds of thousands of children around the world through UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, The Smile Train, and Get Lit′s. The mission of the Zombers is to help UNICEF feed and provide medical healthcare to children with fatal diseases, such as AIDS and malaria. Michael Zomber contributes financial support to the Doctors Without Borders organization to provide emergency relief to people experiencing natural disasters and warfare fatalities. The Smile Train places smiles on the faces of children with cleft palate by performing free surgeries. Nationally, the Zombers supports Get Lit′s, an organization in Southern California that helps low income high school students.

Michael Zomber has worked in the filming industry for 18 years and collected antique arms & armor for more than 40 years. He appeared as a quest on the History Channel Series, Tales of the Gun. Mr. Zomber is passionate about helping people, including those in prison or individuals needing humanitarian relief and emergency healthcare. He supports the Randolph Bourne Institute, Amnesty International, and Global Exchange to promote freedom of speech and international social and economic justice.  Follow along with Michael on Facebook, as he continues to explore history through ancient weaponry.