Handy and the Booking Boom

Handy has been influential in the booking industry. They have followed in the footsteps of other mega booking companies like Uber and have grown a great deal in the short time that they have been in business. This has allowed them to connect with people that they never thought that they would and build up huge profits in that time. When Handy first started, they only dreamed of getting to the point that they are currently at. Their success has changed the way that they see themselves in the future of the booking industry and with the people that they service.

People who clean homes may struggle with the inability to find someone who needs their home cleaned. People don’t exactly advertise that they are looking for a housekeeper and this is something that most people who clean homes need to rely on references for. The market is there, it just needs to have a better way for people to find homes that need to be cleaned. For that reason, Handy has given the people who clean homes a place where they can make sure that they are doing the most and where they are finding the different things for the clients that they have.

If someone needed their home cleaned in the past, they would have gone to a friend or family member who had a housekeeper and asked them what the best option was. This was tedious and, sometimes, embarrassing. Handy.com recognized that people didn’t necessarily want to do this and this became a major foundation for the way that their platform is set up. People can read testimonials about house cleaners and even see the services that they offer right on the website. None of their friends ever needs to know that they use a house cleaner.

Handy has been able to help people make a one-time booking, a standing appointment with a cleaner and even emergency services. The company has mainly stayed within the house cleaning and housekeeping market, but they hope to go further past that in the future. While they know that they will stay within the home services market, they do not want to be stuck with only cleaning jobs for the rest of their time in business. They want to expand to include home services like repairmen and even some professionals like plumbers or electricians who can help them out with their needs.