One Struggle And One Life

Why Men Like George Soros Had To Struggle

Probably the most difficult aspect of success understands the struggle behind it. No one likes to be in pain, and neither do we care to wait in anticipation of it. This is just human nature and no entire fault of our own.

James Allen, in his book, “As A Man Thinketh,” said that successful people are rarely seen for the struggles they’ve had to make. In regards to George Soros, this is what we’ll discuss today. People who look from the outside in only see a partial view and are thus partially blinded. They don’t conceive the weaknesses in our strongest men or the strength in what others call the weak.

What they don’t see is the struggle that got the successful people we know of to where they are and doing what they do best. Excelling in any area of life requires effort. In a similar fashion, Mr. George Soros had to learn that something must be giving up for another “something” to be gained, which is the basic of investing. So when we see the accomplishments of one man in particular, we can only imagine the type of struggle he had to face to “get there.”

That’s why we speak of George Soros today. His current reality and brand seems larger than life and in many ways, it actually is. But he would want you to understand the real human being inside and to see that it was never easy for him. All we have to do is match someone’s success to a guiding principal. The principal is what’s used to gauge a man’s struggle and is evaluated by their living success. Read this story at about George Soros.

So consider for one moment how expansive George Soros must be. Over his lifetime alone, he’s earned in the excess of billions and in U.S. dollars. If we calculate each dollar as the value of a certain amount of struggle or something given in exchange, then the billion dollar status he has would overwhelm anyone looking from the outside in.

And this is nothing to be a ashamed of. Remember, if you’re reading this, then you’re among the other humans in the world today. Thus, we honor George Soros because he gives every living person a gigantic glimpse of hope. The hope we gather from Mr. Soros and his outstanding worth tells a secret story we all know. That story is the cost we expend from ourselves to achieve greatest.

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The cost is a particular struggle which matches its degree to the degree in which we aspire. If one man can do it, then George Soros’ story tells us that everyone can. It’s not a complicated proposition. Let George Soros be the world’s greatest example today. If this man could apply successful principles, than you can too.

There is nothing better for George than for men and women to grab hold of potential. We’re then encouraged to take it and run without looking back, having regrets and thinking twice about our destiny. Learn more about George at Biography.

Activating the conversation about human rights worldwide.

Activating the ultimate champion for the people who feel powerless. Think of him as the TED Talk ( of freedom fighting. Get the picture. Thor Halvorssen’s philanthropy speaks volumes in helping the underdogs around the world. Halvorssen created the global human rights gathering called Oslo Freedom Forum in 2009. This Forum has been bringing together heads of state, Nobel Peace Prize winners and other notable people to exchange ideas and network on exposing dictators and human rights violators.

His Human Rights Foundation founded in 2005, is active in over 15 countries around the world. Speaking at various conferences and events, he advocates for democracy vouching for the benefits of human rights by ending slavery, human trafficking and freedom from tyranny with a focus on closed societies. The mission of Thor Halvorssen’s non-partisan, non-profit is to promote the freedom of self-determination, expression, association, and worship. Vital freedom from slavery, torture, arbitrary detainment or exile and coercion of conscience is necessary. Precious are the rights to acquire property, travel, equality of law and rights to participate in your own government. Thor has a deep commitment and desire to raise awareness where others turn a blind eye.

Two websites deriding human rights abuses and are quite interconnected. Writing opinions in some of the most respected journals, magazines and newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine and The New York Times has gone a long way in eradicating abuse. Appearing on televised programs for Fox News’ Bill O Reilly, BBC News, Al-Jazeera, HBO and CNN has really leveled the playing field and kept the information out there in the forefront of the world’s consciousness. Thor Halvorssen will never let people forget that not everyone has human rights available at their disposal.


Plans To Sabotage Open Society Foundation Hit A Snug

James O’Keefe efforts to infiltrate Open Society Foundation an organization funded by billionaire George Soros hit a snug after he failed to hung up his phone after the call. O’Keefe a conservative activist was recorded after he made the call to the organization with a fake name. He identified himself as Victor Kesh and left a message. After that he failed to hung up his phone and was heard telling another person not identified of about his plans on OSF.

In the voice mail O’Keefe can be heard talking about his interest in getting involved with the Open Society Foundation and what they do in Europe. In the audio O’Keefe claims to be a Hungarian-American. After the end of the call he is heard telling someone not to talk until he hangs up the Phone.

James O’Keefe is then heard telling the person his plan in the recording that is about 10 minutes. He can be heard saying that someone other than him to make hundreds of calls. He goes further to talk about his plans to create LinkedIn as a way of getting in to the Soros Foundation.

Chris Stone the President of Open Society Foundation on addressed the mater latter and said though the plans were amateurish, he did not find it funny at all. He added that attempts were dirty tricks against OSF.

Open Society Foundation was founded after Soros Foundation and the Hungarian Academy of Science signed a contract in May 1984. Afterwards other foundations in the region joined to help communism countries. In 1991, they joined with Fondation pour une Entraide Intellectuelle Européenne. Their objective being to help non-communist Easter European scientist with capitalist and anti-totalitarian ideas.
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Open Society Institute was created in the US in 1993. The organization would help Soros Foundation with its charity work in the former Soviet Union Central and Eastern Europe. The organization in 2010 changed its name from Open Society Institute to Open Society Foundation. This would better reflect its role which is funding civic groups in the world.

George Soros has for many years been involved in philanthropy. He began his charity work in 1970 when he began to offer students attend the University of Cape Town in south Africa during the apartheid period in South Africa. His funding has also been to promote democracy that is nonviolent. He has contributed a lot in the Soviet states. George Soros is estimated by PBS to have given over $4 billion dollars as of 2003.

Soros through his foundation was reported to have given over $50 million to eradicate poverty in Africa. He also gave Russian universities $50 to help in internet infrastructure. In the United States the foundation donated $742 and in total in that year 2007, the foundation gave a total of $7 billion. Soros has also helped many political causes in America. George Soros donated to Central for America Progress and has continued to support the organization through the Open Society Foundation. Visit to know more about George Soros

The OSF has active programs that are in more than sixty countries at round the world. The total expenditure averaging is approximated to $600 million every year.

Human Rights Activist And Leader Paves The Way For The Freedom of Future Generations

The Human Rights Foundation, founded in 2005 by Thor Halvorssen, works to promote much needed basic human rights for everyone around the world. Today, the foundation is made up of dedicated and passionate individuals working to spread awareness and undertake issues on human rights. With all of the inequality and mistreatment going on today, it’s a breath of fresh air to see there are those who still wish to preserve the freedom and defend the rights of every human being. The Human Rights Foundation continually attempts to improve the liberties of those who need it, and they do so despite political opposition. The foundation has even managed to help people in what could be viewed as the most isolated and politically oppressed nation, North Korea.

Long before the establishment of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen had already started in his mission to protect human rights. Along with the Human Rights Foundation, Halvorssen also founded the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education just 6 years prior and operated as Executive Director up until 2004. Further pushing his interest in the protection of human rights, was his father being falsely accused and imprisoned in a Venezuelan jail, where he was tortured. It took a large amount of international intervention to get his father freed. Both Amnesty International and the International Society for Human Rights had to get involved in the case.

He has also been presented in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Foreign Policy, The Economist, The Washington Post, Time Magazine, The Daily Telegraph, New York Post, and GQ magazine for his views, opinions, and work on human rights around the globe. Halvorssen has personally produced several successful documentaries on human rights and freedom that gained some recognition and helped raise awareness. At present he is on the board of directors at the Human Rights Foundation, while maintaining the personal goal to bring equality to people of all walks of life.