Jason Hope links Internet of Things to airline industry

Jason Hope is one of Arizona’s most prominent entrepreneurs. After a career spanning decades, Hope is now known for having founded some of the most successful technical companies in the history of Arizona and the United States as a whole.

As a founder of Jawa, Jason Hope proceeded Apple and Google to the premium content streaming business model by over a decade. His company turned out to be the first successful streamer of content to mobile devices, making him the effective creator of that business model. Jason Hope s also been involved with other tech businesses, including internet website developers, app developers and business-to business application providers.

Recently, Jason Hope sat down to discuss where he thought the Internet of Things would be headed in the future. Hope pointed out that, although many people believe that the Internet of Things is the very cutting edge of technology, many of the technologies that now comprise the Internet of Things that are quickly being adapted to many different consumer products have been around for decades and, in some cases, even more than a century.

Hope says that many people do not fully appreciate the extent to which the airline industry has helped bring about the revolutions in technology that we now all take for granted. One example the Hope points to is the VOR system. Short for Very High Frequency Omindirectional Range, the system represented one of the first successful radio beacons that was able to provide sophisticated navigation down to the level of a few feet of accuracy. This system has been in use for more than 80 years in airline travel. It has also been modified to help aircraft land with the help of what’s called the instrument landing system. This is another radio beacon system that uses directional radio waves to help aircraft automatically navigate to within a foot or two of accuracy. This system is not only incredibly effective, it also predates even the personal computer by decades.

Other aircraft systems that have been in existence for many decades are also being adopted for use with Internet of Things technology. Another example of an aircraft system that is providing the groundwork for many Internet of Things technologies is a transponder. This is the device that allows air traffic controllers to glean information about a jet location, altitude and type.

Transponder technology is being adapted today for use in everything from home autonomous vacuum cleaners to automated taxis.

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Jason Hope Fights Aging and Death

Jason Hope is a noted entrepreneur, futurist and philanthropist who turned his Mobile Technology company into a huge success. He has since gone on to achieve great acclaim as a futurist who is promoting both the Internet of Things and the end of human aging.

Hope obtained his degree from Arizona State University, then went on to earn an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. In an interview published online on Idea Mensch, Hope gives a lot of great advice to young entrepreneurs and everybody else who wishes to achieve success in the future. When asked how he brings ideas to life, Hope replies he does it by keeping things simple. People destroy lots of good ideas by overcomplicating them. And his habit of envisioning the long-term meaning of his ideas is what makes him productive. He brings ideas and projects to life because he has faith in them. He knows they are beneficial, and good for everyone. That gives him the drive, stamina, passion and energy to act. He backs up everything he does 100%.

That’s why Hope would tell his younger self, if he could, to keep his eyes on the bigger picture. Don’t focus on small details. When he was younger he burned out on a lot of projects because he let the little details and difficulties get to him. He still tackles the smaller steps, but he does so one step at a time, keeping his eyes on the big picture so he understands the long-term benefit. That’s what drives this remarkable, multi-talented entrepreneur and benefactor. He advises young entrepreneurs to work on just one idea at a time. They should devote their attention to what generates their primary income. Too many business people let other projects distract them from their main goal.

He maintains his vision even when other people do not agree with him. He’s convinced aging can be reversed and prevented through the use of drugs that rejuvenate cells. That’s why he supports the SENS Research Foundation. He donated $500,000 to SENS in 2010, and continues to back their research into extending human life.

SENS has identified seven types of cell damage involved in aging. They carry out research on technologies to systematically repair and reverse each type of aging. When humanity can prevent and reverse all times of the cell damage that results in aging, then people can remain young and healthy indefinitely.

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