Slyce Inc. Introduces New Enhance 3D Object Recognition Technology in 2015

According to Yahoo Finance, Slyce Inc. has released a breakdown of the most recent technological advancements of 2015 which have been made available to their clients. One of these technologies is the Enhanced 3D Object Recognition technology which was introduced during the 2015 financial year.

This new feature allows products to be recognized from retail catalogues in all categories. This technology was only made available to those retailers that operated in verticals but may be utilized in other segments in the future. These categories are appliances, tools, home decor, electronics and fashion. Visual search technology allows for the recognition of products from User Generated Content or UGC’s. This is performed in a very unique way using 2 separate flows. The Slyce Inc. uses both Human Assisted Flows alongside fully automated image recognition flows in order to make sense of the product in the image. These 2 algorithms allow the user to first search for the product in the image through the use of an existing database of products. If the product is not identified in the first flow it moves onto the second flow which allows the user to implement certain parameters or human flows to assist the process of recognition. The goal is for the software to math the correct product to that featured in the image. This is all done in real time and does not require any technological knowledge. It is a very intuitive process making it easier for all types of users to make use of this technology. The first flow or fully automated image recognition uses a statistical matching approach where the image used is compared to a large existing database of pre-indexed images. This database contains multiple images of the same product from various different angles reducing the risk of failure by the algorithm.