Does Cotemar Comply With the Regulations Of CSR?

Corporate Social Responsibility expects all corporate companies to take care of the environment as a mandated obligation. They are expected to be considerate of the social wellbeing in their areas of operation and beyond. Cotemar is a company located in Mexico and leads in providing diverse services to the energy sector. The company complies with requirements of CSR in different ways as outlined below:

  1. Observing transparency: All the employees at Cotemar are trained to observe transparency, honesty as well as professionalism at all times. The management achieves this by ensuring that they understand the code of ethics as well as business conduct formulated for them. They also enforce compliance of the same.
  2. Environmental care: Taking care of the environment is part of their day to day responsibility especially because of the kind of operations they are involved in. They have laid down some regulations aimed at helping in the protection of the environment from any harm.
  3. Social responsibility: Cotemar as a company has formulated values to be applied to everyone in the company so as strengthen the welfare of the people around them. Also, their day to day activities are carried out in a way that they follow the company’s ethics to ensure the environment and its surroundings is diligently taken care of.
  4. Respecting employees’ values: Cotemar is a company that values its employees’ talents and skills. Employees are critical assets that any business should take care of if they need a continuous success. Cotemar knows this and works towards improving their talents.
  5. Observing community values: Cotemar ensures that they are part of the community by supporting their projects and this is one way that helps to improve the living standards of the people. Taking the activities of the community as part of their responsibility shows they are observing their business ethics.
  6. Creating a sense of belonging: Their stakeholders, including the employees, feel contented to work with the company because their welfare is well considered and valued.
  7. Valuing human rights: Cotemar complies with this regulation by ensuring that they provide a healthy working environment for all employees without discrimination. They are always against harassment, child labor, abuse or any other activity that may be respecting human dignity.
  8. Responsible marketing: Cotemar values a good bond with its clients and that is why they ensure that all the safety and health measures formulated in the company are diligently observed. Due to this, their services are always of high quality.
  9. Chain of trusts: all the stakeholders of Cotemar pride in working with the company because they usually work towards gaining and sustaining a feasible chain of trust.
  10. Adherence to commitments: Cotemar fulfills any commitment they have made either with their suppliers, clients, government, regulatory authorities or chain of trust as well as the community. They also adhere to commitments such as tax compliance.

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