Lawrence Bender – Recipient of Academy Awards & the Torch of Liberty Award

Lawrence Bender has produced Academy Award winning movies. His ventures in Hollywood have produced many of the greatest films in history. He was raised in New Jersey, but he was born in The Bronx, New York.

Bender is known for his work with Quentin Tarantino, producing all of Tarantino’s films except for Django Unchained, The Hateful Eight, and Death Proof. A majority of Tarantino and Bender’s films were produced by A Band A Part, a production company created by Tarantino and Bender.

Lawrence Bender, inspired by his grandfather, decided to become a civil engineer during high school. He attended the University of Maine and gained his degree. Bender would never put it to use. Instead, he gained an interest in dance in college, but he would never have a successful dance career. He suffered a injury that made it impossible for him to pursue dance.

It was with Tales from the Darkside that Lawrence Bender made his debut in the film industry. He wasn’t a producer at this point in time;however, he worked as a grip on the set of the television show.

He made his production debut in 1989, producing two films, but he didn’t obtain true recognition until the release of Reservoir Dogs, the first collaboration between Tarantino and Bender.

Reservoir Dogs is a film in the crime genre about a jewel heist gone wrong. It becomes apparent to the thieves right away that someone has altered the police to their plan. It is later revealed that one of the members of the team is a police officer, and he was shot during the heist, bleeding out during the majority of the film. The film has one of the most memorable endings of all time.

Lawrence Bender has been recognized for his efforts in film with 29 Academy Award nominations, but he has also been awarded for his philanthropy. The ACLU gave him the Torch of Liberty Award. This award is given to people and organization that have shown compassion for humanitarian issues.