Clayton Hutson Becomes Kid Rock’s Production Manager

For the second time in 2018, Kid Rock will be hitting the road as part of his Red Blooded Rock & Roll Redneck Extravaganza Tour. It starts in August in Maine and ends in in November. His new production manager for the tour is Clayton Hutson.


Kid Rock’s Crew Welcomes Clayton Hutson

This isn’t the first time Clayton Hutson has spent time with Kid Rock. In fact, he has worked with the musician earlier in 2018. He served as Stage Manager during Rock’s American Rock & Roll Tour.


Clayton was asked how he would come up with solutions when hurdles come up, and he said he possesses experience as both a Production and Stage manager. He believes the experience he acquired from doing both will help him.


In fact, Clayton was faced with his own challenges of the tour. One challenge was maintaining his confidence, while keeping up the crew’s confidence. Apparently, there was plenty of confidence because Kid Rock’s tour was a huge success and millions of fans showed up throughout the duration of the tour.


This time around, Clayton will be serving as the Production Manager and the obstacles he is expected to face should be less challenging. As of now, the biggest challenge he has experienced was having to change a few shows in order to accommodate local production gear. He’s confident that everything else should go smoothly.


Great Expectations For Kid Rock’s Tour

Kid Rock is often associated with summer fun and outdoor festivals. He’s known for bringing a lot of energy to his tours, and this summer is no different. The tour will be hosted at various venues, including festivals. In several markets, the tour has already sold out completely and this trend is expected to continue throughout the rest of the country. The tour is rumored to feature a lot of visuals and pyrotechnics, as well as songs that will get the crowd in the mood to dance and sing along with.


Clayton is also excited to be going out on tour with Kid rock. He mentioned that he feels he has a crew that gets along and are solid. He said this is good because crew members live and work alongside each other for the duration of the tour.

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