OSI Group Works In Tandem With The Client To Turn The Idea Into A Reality

The food service industry is one of the most profitable industries of modern time. There are literally a ton of these special suppliers all over the world, but all aren’t created equal. Great food and timely service is the key to success and no other food supplier does it better than OSI Group. This company is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, but it got its start over 100 years ago in a small town. That’s right! Otto and Sons was its name back then, and it was just a small town meat market. Thanks to its great service and tasty beef, this small company grew dramatically over the years. McDonald’s was one of its first prominent business clients, but today it provides plenty of tasty treats for some of the world’s most established restaurants.

The capabilities of OSI Group really sets itself apart from its contemporaries. The company works with its clients when it comes to creating unique food products. OSI uses some of the most state-of-the-art facilities for production, and it follows some of the strictest safety guidelines on the planet. This ensures the public of its safety as well as guarantees the public that the best foods are being produced right. The complete supply and demand chain takes place here. This plays a crucial role for business clients as the chain does all of the heavy lifting. This heavy lifting includes food development, processing, management, distribution and processing. You won’t find another food supplier that can offer so many important benefits. Have an idea? OSI Group works in tandem with the client to turn the idea into a reality. It’s simple give and take when you look at it and everyone’s winning in the end.

The different types of food products are too many to name. Nothing is off limits here as the company has the ability to offer:

• Foods that are made to the clients precise specifications
• Top innovative research facilities
• Extraordinary culinary skills
• Global Flavor Knowledge
• And many other qualities

OSI Group is the past, present and the future of custom food solutions. The future is looking mighty bright and this engine is showing no signs of slowing down.

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Wellness Program at OSI Philippines Plant Makes a Huge Difference

The OSI Group’s Human Health Initiative at it’s GenOSI plant in the Philippines has produced significantly positive results both for workers and company.

The GenOSI facility opened its doors on May 19 of 2017. It is located at the Canlubang Industrial Estate in Calamba, Laguna. This 7,500 square-foot plant provides increased productivity of superior-quality food items made for restaurants and other venues of the food service sector. It handles beef, chicken and fish products.

To promote “Wellness Awareness” at the plant, OSI officials teamed up with local health care professionals to provide informational seminars for employees. Topics covered include dealing with medical issues, such as pneumonia, heart disease and water-carrier borne diseases. It also provides classes that promote rider safety for motorcycles, a popular mode of transportation in the Philippines.

OSI has also participated in the National Wellness Day celebration of the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP).

GenOSI is providing free annual physical examinations for its employees. The company also offers free fasting blood sugar and cholesterol screenings. Flu shots are given for free. Furthermore, all of the above services are made available to the family members of employees at a significant discount. In 2015 alone, 248 persons were inoculated.

These and other Wellness efforts are clearly paying off. GenOSI recorded employee satisfaction rates of 90% to 93% using scientifically conducted surveys. Employee loyalty factors have increased dramatically. About 60% of employees can claim 10 years of continuous service to the Philippines location to learn more: http://www.refrigeratedfrozenfood.com/keywords/5122-osi-group click here.

It’s all part of OSI Group corporate policy that places premium importance on the safety, health and job satisfaction of employees. It’s good for the people who work for OSI and good for the company. Happy, healthy employees bolster the bottom line and produce high quality products for the consuming public.