The Rise of OSI Food Solutions


Since the inception of the company in 1909, the company has managed to beat all the odds in the market to become one of the largest privately owned entity in the United States with a net value of about six billion dollars. But the secret to their success is their unwavering support for their customers as well as well as treating their employees with utmost respect. At OSI Food solutions, they all believe that both the employees and the customers form one big family. The largest world brands depend on the company to provide them with their products worldwide. OSI Food solutions have managed to open over sixty-five facilities in about seventeen countries as well as providing employment opportunity to over twenty thousand workers globally.

The company has continued to grow through some mergers as well as acquiring new partners across the globe. OSI Food solutions have expanded to Asia as well as Europe. OSI group mainly focus on supplying high-quality meat products as well as chicken products to the world’s largest brands across the globe.

But what has led to their success as a company?

Ever since the business venture was started many years ago as a small corner butchery by the German Immigrant into the United States, the founder always had a vision of providing quality to the customers. What OSI Food solutions does is understanding the culture of its customers and blend in. They further build customer trust by seeking to get to know the plight of their customers well before supplying to them. Additionally, the management has a vast experience in the logistics systems as the organization has worked with the government among other ventures for a long time and they know how to supply their produce in faster and safer in the shortest time possible (In time).

Furthermore, the venture has partnered with some other businesses around the globe that are strategically located to provide services whenever they are needed. Last but not least is their ability to stick to their goal of delivering quality products to the customers at all times has further aided in pushing their agenda also.

Global Honour

In 2016, the company’s United Kingdom’s branch was given the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honour Award. The award recognized the excellent management in the environmental risks. There were only eighteen companies that were awarded during that year OSI Food solutions was one of them.

David McDonald Works To Contribute To The Overall Success Of OSI Group

David McDonald was born in Iowa, and he studied at Iowa State University where he earned degree in animal science. He went to work with OSI Group fairly quickly after finishing up his education and initially served the company as its project manager. After working with the company for some time, he became its president and chief operating officer. Today, he has been with OSI Group for more than 30 years, and he has been a large part of the company’s expansion and growth. Part of his job is to keep an eye on the company’s efforts overseas and to ensure that these operations run smoothly.

David McDonald was a part of a move that saw OSI Group purchasing Baho Food, which is a Dutch food company that provides deli meats and other kinds of foods to its customer base. The acquisition will be helping the company to better serve its European customers, and McDonald commented during the transition that Baho Food’s portfolio of products make a great addition to what his company is already offering. John Balvers, managing director of Baho Food, will be staying on and working with OSI. He is happy about the acquisition and expects to be able to offer his company’s customers a wider variety of products.

David McDonald was asked in an interview what his favorite marketing strategy is that attracts new customers. He answered that OSI Group likes to involve itself with the local culture where its company operates. This helps the company to better understand the real needs of its customers on a whole different level. One of the main benefits of doing this is that OSI can learn enough about the locality and region it serves that it can offer the people there exactly what they desire. This also builds a lot of trust with that local community.

David McDonald has admitted that his success has came from the relationships and partnerships he has helped to build with OSI Group. He relies on the people who serve OSI by spending a lot of time in a particular reason because they help the company to make the right spending choices. By focusing on creating the most successful operation possible in every single locality that the company serves in, David McDonald is helping to contribute to the larger picture. For OSI, this means that it is one of the top food companies in the entire world.

How OSI Group Became the Leading Food Processing Company

When you are shopping at the supermarket, the least of your worries is where the food comes from since you don’t stop to think twice about that. Similarly, when dining in a restaurant, it is uncommon to question where the ingredients were bought. The type of food production is essential, so it is vital to know the firms that offer such services. There are several food production firms in the world; however, OSI Group is one of the most established companies in the world.

Most people don’t realize that they have on several occasions enjoyed the products of OSI Group for years. The headquarters of OSI is based in Aurora, Illinois. However, OSI has a worldwide reach that offers jobs and food to countries across the globe. It focuses on protein products among other food items. Some of its products are packaged and sold in supermarkets across the globe while others are served at leading restaurants in the world.

The acquisitions and joint ventures achieved by Sheldon Lavin have been planned strategically. Sheldon has also put much importance on green innovators because he feels that they are essential. Currently, OSI Group has more than 20,000 employees from various countries in the world. Lavin has seen the company grow over the years since it was established. He noted that the culture of OSI is cohesive and uniform regardless of the languages, oceans, and industry that separate plants. Sheldon Lavin has devoted efforts to making socially responsible contributions to employees and the community, cutting on environmental impacts, and promoting a sustainable supply chain.

OSI Group has continued to enhance personal connections in the communities where it carries its business operations in across the globe. In Illinois for instance, OSI Group maintains a productive relationship with essential charities and Ronald McDonald House. It is also involved in Feeding America charity. That means that OSI’s growth is related to other positive growth factors within the community and designing a mutually beneficial relationship between its clients and the Group. The future of OSI Group, its employees, and its customers looks bright.

OSI Group standardizes its products to make sure there are safety and quality of its food products, which has been made possible through the Group’s worldwide expansion. Manufacturing plants for OSI make use of the latest technologies. For instance, the company makes use of X-ray equipment and metal detectors to ensure that any foreign objects are visible and removed during the production process. The commitment to quality has made sure that OSI maintains its position within the international market, keeping regulations specific to each manufacturing facility not only in India and Illinois but beyond.

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Sheldon Lavin Steers OSI Group to Success

Sheldon Lavin serves as OSI Group’s Chief Executive Officer. OSI Group is a global food and meat processing firm. OSI Group comprises of OSI Industries and OSI International Foods. Mr. Lavin quickly became an expert after entering the food and meat processing industry. He previously worked as an executive in the banking and finance sector. In fact, he owned a financial consulting firm before joining OSI Group in 1970.

Sheldon Lavin’s path into the food and meat processing industry took shape in 1970 when he helped Otto & Sons in financial consultation. The Otto & Sons Company had an opportunity to become the Midwest supplier of hamburger to the McDonalds, but it lacked adequate finances. As such, the only option was to look for funding. In the process of helping Otto & Sons raise funds, the bank requested Sheldon Lavin to take the ownership of the company, but he declined. Instead, he opted to become its financial consultant and not a business partner.

Mr. Lavin became actively involved with the operations of Otto & Sons Company in 1975 when the owner started to invest overseas. Upon the retirement of Otto, the owner of Otto & Sons Company, Mr. Sheldon Lavin stepped in as a managing partner. Afterwards, Otto & Sons rebranded into OSI Group. Over time, the company has continued to expand throughout Europe, South Africa, Australia, India, Japan, and the Philippines. At age 81, Sheldon Lavin continues to pursue further growth of OSI Group. Today, OSI Group ranks as the leading supplier of meat and food products in the world. It currently operates more than 55 processing facilities across the globe.

Sheldon Lavin is an expert in finance and banking. He has received several awards for his excellence in business and philanthropic initiatives. Mr. Sheldon is an active philanthropist with interest in charitable causes such as the Evans Scholarship Fund, Jewish United Fund, NMSS, United Negro College Fund, and Inner City Foundation. Sheldon Lavin was privileged to receive the Global Visionary Award from India’s Vision World Academy for his excellence in the meat and food processing industry. He is recognized for his incredible efforts in scaling OSI Group onto the international scene. The award goes to visionaries who have converted their dreams to reality through hard work and perseverance. OSI Group has received several awards since the arrival of Sheldon Lavin. Mr. Lavin was also honored with an environmental award on November 25, 2016.

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OSI Group Works In Tandem With The Client To Turn The Idea Into A Reality

The food service industry is one of the most profitable industries of modern time. There are literally a ton of these special suppliers all over the world, but all aren’t created equal. Great food and timely service is the key to success and no other food supplier does it better than OSI Group. This company is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, but it got its start over 100 years ago in a small town. That’s right! Otto and Sons was its name back then, and it was just a small town meat market. Thanks to its great service and tasty beef, this small company grew dramatically over the years. McDonald’s was one of its first prominent business clients, but today it provides plenty of tasty treats for some of the world’s most established restaurants.

The capabilities of OSI Group really sets itself apart from its contemporaries. The company works with its clients when it comes to creating unique food products. OSI uses some of the most state-of-the-art facilities for production, and it follows some of the strictest safety guidelines on the planet. This ensures the public of its safety as well as guarantees the public that the best foods are being produced right. The complete supply and demand chain takes place here. This plays a crucial role for business clients as the chain does all of the heavy lifting. This heavy lifting includes food development, processing, management, distribution and processing. You won’t find another food supplier that can offer so many important benefits. Have an idea? OSI Group works in tandem with the client to turn the idea into a reality. It’s simple give and take when you look at it and everyone’s winning in the end.

The different types of food products are too many to name. Nothing is off limits here as the company has the ability to offer:

• Foods that are made to the clients precise specifications
• Top innovative research facilities
• Extraordinary culinary skills
• Global Flavor Knowledge
• And many other qualities

OSI Group is the past, present and the future of custom food solutions. The future is looking mighty bright and this engine is showing no signs of slowing down.


Wellness Program at OSI Philippines Plant Makes a Huge Difference

The OSI Group’s Human Health Initiative at it’s GenOSI plant in the Philippines has produced significantly positive results both for workers and company.

The GenOSI facility opened its doors on May 19 of 2017. It is located at the Canlubang Industrial Estate in Calamba, Laguna. This 7,500 square-foot plant provides increased productivity of superior-quality food items made for restaurants and other venues of the food service sector. It handles beef, chicken and fish products.

To promote “Wellness Awareness” at the plant, OSI officials teamed up with local health care professionals to provide informational seminars for employees. Topics covered include dealing with medical issues, such as pneumonia, heart disease and water-carrier borne diseases. It also provides classes that promote rider safety for motorcycles, a popular mode of transportation in the Philippines.

OSI has also participated in the National Wellness Day celebration of the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP).

GenOSI is providing free annual physical examinations for its employees. The company also offers free fasting blood sugar and cholesterol screenings. Flu shots are given for free. Furthermore, all of the above services are made available to the family members of employees at a significant discount. In 2015 alone, 248 persons were inoculated.

These and other Wellness efforts are clearly paying off. GenOSI recorded employee satisfaction rates of 90% to 93% using scientifically conducted surveys. Employee loyalty factors have increased dramatically. About 60% of employees can claim 10 years of continuous service to the Philippines location to learn more: click here.

It’s all part of OSI Group corporate policy that places premium importance on the safety, health and job satisfaction of employees. It’s good for the people who work for OSI and good for the company. Happy, healthy employees bolster the bottom line and produce high quality products for the consuming public.