Online Therapy is Convenient and Saves You Time and Money

On signing up and paying 236 dollars per month or 59 dollars weekly, a user gets access to unlimited messaging and two check-ins a day. Compared to the 60–120 dollars you would pay for a 50-minute in-person therapy session, this app-based solution seems quite affordable.

Using the app helps a user avoid the awkwardness that comes with attending a physical appointment. With TalkSpace, everything happens online and is 100 percent confidential.

TalkSpace Connects Users with Suitable Therapists

On signing up, you get to talk with a consultant who asks you about your needs and suggests the kind of therapist you would need. Typically, they provide three counselors that you could interview and make your pick.

You almost always find someone with a noticeable nonjudgmental attitude; someone who completely understands your needs.

How it Works

Your therapist provides information concerning informed consent, just like you would expect in a traditional therapist’s office meeting. Users can log on anytime and share with their counselor about their feelings through text, video, or audio messages depending on their preference.

In some ways, communicating in these ways is better than the verbal approach. Recorded content allows you and your counselor to go back and review each other’s points.

TalkSpace is an online platform that lets individuals and couples connect with qualified therapists and get the help they need. It is convenient, discreet, and affordable. People with busy schedules would benefit a lot if they signed up.