How Did The Early Life Of Gregory James Aziz Prepare Him For The Big Role At National Steel Car?

Gregory James Aziz has had a long and illustrious career path that culminated in taking the lead at national steel car, the rail freight car manufacturer. He picked up the company and resuscitated it before helping it regain its rightful position in the world of rail freight car manufacturing. Through a wealth of experience in evaluating businesses performance and even greater entrepreneurial skills horned throughout his life, he was able to pool in resources necessary to lift the company off the ground and back to profitability. But how did his early life prepare him for this:



Having started his educational journey at Ridley College, James Aziz went on to join the University of Western Ontario and majored in Economic. He would rely much on the knowledge and skills gained here in his future endeavors both at his family company as well as during his tenure as an investment banker.


Working at the family company

Soon after his graduation, Greg Aziz joined his family company, Affiliated Foods, a wholesale food business serving the expansive Canadian market. While he joined in the supervisory level, his leadership skills would see him climb up the management ladder. Over the next two decades, he would influence the growth of the family company and played a key role in expanding its operations.

During this time Affiliated Foods grew into a leading fresh foods importer in the country as well as the largest distributor in Canada and parts of the United States. Here he learned firsthand, what it takes to run a successful business.


Experience as an investment banker

While the success with Affiliated Foods exposed Aziz’s leadership skills, it suppressed his entrepreneurial side. He, therefore, left his family company and ventured into the investment baking world in New York. The new role tested his entrepreneurial skills and ability to identify businesses in distress, but which had a great growth potential. One such business was the Canadian based National Steel Car Company. Go Here for more information.

By the time James Aziz took over its leadership, the company was operating below optimum production levels in addition to being marred with numerous other operations and leadership challenges. He would mobilize resources needed to help the company overcome most of these challenges including upgrading the technology used in the production factories, hire new staff, and initiate a marketing campaign.


Bottom line

The experience and entrepreneurial skills paid off less within the three years of taking over national steel car. Thanks to the contributions of Greg Aziz, the brand is now the largest manufacturer and distributor of Rail Freight car in North and Latin America. Plus, its innovative rail car designs compete favorably with competitors’ products globally.


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The motivation behind was to create a retail environment that made the customer confident in their products. only previews the most desired and quality products. Some of the reason behind this is because Richard Liu learned early on in his career that business professionals should put a substantial amount of time into their ventures. As a student, he started his own restaurant. The restaurant failed, and Richard Liu explains to his interviewer that he believed it was because he did not put in the necessary time. He corrected that mistake when he began See This Page for more information. started as a brick-and-mortar location dubbed Jingdong Mall but found success when they started their online business in 2004. This is a reaction to a SARS outbreak. The management for Jingdong Mall thought that an online presence would be more conducive to the environment. They switch their focus and started working in the online community. This proved to be a very good move. Richard Liu Quiangdong tells Mr. Rubenstein that the business took off from there. The company remains at the top of the retail market.

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Gregory Aziz: A True Leader


There’s a lot to discuss when it comes to the life of Gregory James Aziz. One of the most important things to consider when looking through the pages of his life is the history of his treasured business National Steel Car. This business started up in the very early 1900s. It answered a growing need for more shipping containers in the railroad industry. National Steel Car would create rolling stock for most of North America by the time they reached their peak. As the company began to grow in popularity it also grew. When it came to manufacturing at that time it was truly a force to be reckoned with.

1929 was a hard year for National Steel Car. In October the Great Depression swept across North America. This financial crisis would continue for the next 10 years. While many companies were closing their doors, National Steel Car wanted to find a way to survive. They did not understand how long the Great Depression would last, but they knew that they needed to make changes to ensure that they could come out of it. There were quickly changed to the fabrication of automobile parts. They started producing things like motors and frames. This gave them an opportunity to expand their expertise. The knowledge would prove to be foundational when they went back to their original manufacturing purpose.

11962 was the next big change for National Steel Car. They were spectating and purchased by a company named Dofasco. While Dofasco was in Hamilton, Ontario they did not have the resources necessary to spread management staff into National Steel Car. Eventually, it became clear that National Steel Car was not going to be a profitable subsidiary for Dofasco. By 1990 they had lost most of their control over the smaller company. Gregory Aziz made the decision to take the company off their hands. This was an offer that Dofasco eagerly accepted. National Steel Car became the property of Greg Aziz’s holding company in 1994. See Related Link for more information.

Although it might seem like it, James Aziz is more than a footnote in the history of National Steel Car. The history of the company is important because it gives a timeline of the booms it experienced in the crash. In appreciation of this history can show just how much work Greg Aziz has put into launching the company back into the modern era. The company is now more profitable than it has ever been. This is because of the work that Gregory Aziz is put into it. He will go down as one of the best company leaders National Steel Car has ever had.

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National Steel Car Under New Leadership Of Gregory Aziz


Gregory Aziz bought the National Steel Car in 1994 from a steel-making company known as Dofasco. Aziz was working in the banking sector when the opportunity to purchase this company was placed on the table. At the time he was helping different people to understand what needs to be done to make it through sensible investments. When this opportunity presented itself, he gladly took it and started the journey of building the company into one of the biggest engineering companies in the region. The former owners of the company feared that the company would collapse since production was too low. They wanted to dispose of it off before it collapsed. Luckily, it would never come to an end since Greg was there to take the opportunity of the moment. Today, NSC is the best producer of the railroad freight cars. When Gregory James Aziz bought this company, it was the first time that he owned a company.

When Greg Aziz bought this company, the number of employees working for the firm then was about 600. After he took over, he did not terminate anyone’s contract. He knew that he would need more workforce and therefore reduction was not an option. Aziz added other experts who could help the company in other matters that touched on engineering. Since the production capacity of the firm was too low, there needed to be professionals who would work on the system so that production could be revamped. Today, the company has over 2,000 employees. Under the leadership, the company enhanced the lives of many people. Production capacity in the company also changed due to the renovation. A company that was producing about 3,500 rolling stocks annually is now producing 12,000 over the same period. Refer to This Article for additional information.

The National Steel Car has undergone a serious change in the past two decades. The changes which have taken place has led to the certification of the business by various bodies. In 2015, it received the ISO certification for promoting good engineering practices in manufacturing. TTX SECO awards also recognized the company for producing the best quality products. It received these awards for 13 years in a row. There are just some of the accomplishments that this company has made in the recent years.

The overall effect of the work that Greg Aziz has done is that there has been a significant impact of the company and for the community that lives around the National Steel Car.

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One Struggle And One Life

Why Men Like George Soros Had To Struggle

Probably the most difficult aspect of success understands the struggle behind it. No one likes to be in pain, and neither do we care to wait in anticipation of it. This is just human nature and no entire fault of our own.

James Allen, in his book, “As A Man Thinketh,” said that successful people are rarely seen for the struggles they’ve had to make. In regards to George Soros, this is what we’ll discuss today. People who look from the outside in only see a partial view and are thus partially blinded. They don’t conceive the weaknesses in our strongest men or the strength in what others call the weak.

What they don’t see is the struggle that got the successful people we know of to where they are and doing what they do best. Excelling in any area of life requires effort. In a similar fashion, Mr. George Soros had to learn that something must be giving up for another “something” to be gained, which is the basic of investing. So when we see the accomplishments of one man in particular, we can only imagine the type of struggle he had to face to “get there.”

That’s why we speak of George Soros today. His current reality and brand seems larger than life and in many ways, it actually is. But he would want you to understand the real human being inside and to see that it was never easy for him. All we have to do is match someone’s success to a guiding principal. The principal is what’s used to gauge a man’s struggle and is evaluated by their living success. Read this story at about George Soros.

So consider for one moment how expansive George Soros must be. Over his lifetime alone, he’s earned in the excess of billions and in U.S. dollars. If we calculate each dollar as the value of a certain amount of struggle or something given in exchange, then the billion dollar status he has would overwhelm anyone looking from the outside in.

And this is nothing to be a ashamed of. Remember, if you’re reading this, then you’re among the other humans in the world today. Thus, we honor George Soros because he gives every living person a gigantic glimpse of hope. The hope we gather from Mr. Soros and his outstanding worth tells a secret story we all know. That story is the cost we expend from ourselves to achieve greatest.

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The cost is a particular struggle which matches its degree to the degree in which we aspire. If one man can do it, then George Soros’ story tells us that everyone can. It’s not a complicated proposition. Let George Soros be the world’s greatest example today. If this man could apply successful principles, than you can too.

There is nothing better for George than for men and women to grab hold of potential. We’re then encouraged to take it and run without looking back, having regrets and thinking twice about our destiny. Learn more about George at Biography.

Dick DeVos: Entrepreneur And Philanthropist

Dick DeVos is one of the most successful people on this planet. He has not only succeeded at running businesses but also taken some other initiatives in order to help people improve their lives. He is a man of faith, and he acts on it. Therefore, he is confident to take on issues that mean a lot to him. He has owned a few businesses and franchises. He has also run for office. For the most part he has made charitable contributions to different causes in the field of education. He is especially passionate about making improvements to the educational system so that it can be more effective in preparing people for the real world.


Among the positions he has held in his career is that of CEO of Amway, a company that was originally started by his father. While serving as CEO, he has made a lot of changes to the company that have made it more efficient in running. The changes have resulted in the creation of Alticor, Amway’s new parent company. The corporate restructuring of Amway has made it easier for it to expand into more markets. Dick DeVos has been credited with setting industry standards in different markets. After retiring from Alticor, Dick DeVos has become president of The Windquest Group.


Other activities of Dick DeVos include setting up a foundation for supporting education. Dick and his wife have founded the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation which is used to support different types of organizations which include faith-based, artistic, civic, communal, and economic. Dick DeVos is a huge fan of the free-market. He believes that it is good for the economy. After all, the free market could allow for some lower prices due to competition between privately owned companies. Dick DeVos is doing what he can to bring about change for the improvement of his community.


A life Surrounded with Entrepreneurship and Growth Inspiration “Dick DeVos”

Introduction Dick DeVos is one of the people I see brilliant when it comes from commercial or industrial leadership. One might suggest that this innovation and leadership passion might have originated from his father “Richard DeVos” who founded Amway Corporation together with Jay Van Andel. Amway Company is a supply and sales network company that help in distributing personal care and household products through dealers who then form a chain of others until the consumer is reached.   Working in his father’s founded company, I see his leadership ability to have been molded here. Dick began working with the corporation 1974 where he was given various responsibilities later to be promoted to being the vice president. DeVos then left the company and started a new business venture called Windquest Group involved with marketing and manufacture of closet and storage organ. Still being involved in the management of Windquest group he was appointed to manage national Basket Association’s Orland Magic Basketball Franchise by his father. DeVos later succeeded his father at Amway Company. He decided to restructure the company by creating an umbrella firm called Alticor Corporation that comprised Quixtar, Amway and Access companies. The newly restructured business was also expanded into six continents and operated in more than 50 countries. Political Life After increasing the bringing dramatic growth in his father’s company, I can summarize DeVos as inspiring and focused on personal development since he decided to grow further by being part of politics. According to article, Dick DeVos later retired as the president of Alticor in 2002 to manage his private venture “Windquest Group.” DeVos went on to become part of politics in 2006 by running for the state governor seat of Michigan. He became recognized for his wealth during the run of governorship though he lost by 14 percent margin. Marriage Life Dick DeVos is married to the daughter of Edgar Prince called Elizabeth Prince or Betsy. I have realized that DeVos is still surrounded by great people in his life since Edgar Prince is also an achiever in commerce since he is the founder, president, and owner of Prince Corporation of Holland located at Michigan. The brother of Dick’s wife is also a great entrepreneur since he is founded Blackwater Private Security firm from North Carolina, which he also manages as the president. Dick DeVos and his wife have managed to have four children, and they are Elissa, Ryan, Rick, and Andrea.