Roberto Santiago Great Work in Art and Literature

Roberto Santiago was conceived in Madrid in 1968 and later studied Image & Sound at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid Faculty of Communication Sciences and also contemplated literary creation at the School of Letters of Madrid. He has been a screenwriter for TV, editorial manager for publicizing organizations in Madrid, maker of video clasps and has also published different novels. Among others in the collection is the Los Futbolísimos, a publishing marvel that has turned out to be one of the youngsters ‘s books recently selling and has been converted into a few dialects. His initial novel, The Thief of falsehoods, was put in the shortlist for the prize steamboat. Santiago also scooped the Edebé Children’s Literature Award with Jon & fear machine. He has of late begun the adventure Outsiders time.

Roberto Santiago has composed and coordinated, among different movies The Longest Penalty Shot in the World (designated for the Goya for Best Screenplay), The Suicide Club (in view of the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson), and the End of the Road (shot altogether in the method for St. James). Another is the International Coproduction Ivan’s dream (supported by UNICEF for its qualities for youngsters), or the Independent Horror Comedy Harvest (granted award for best film during the Festival of Terror Oregon) while his short Roulette took an interest in the Official Selection of the Cannes Film Festival. Besides, Santiago has worked as a scriptwriter or director in different TV series.

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In theater he has composed Eight Basque surnames & The Other Side of the Bed. Similarly as the first messages Share 38 (Enrique Llovet Prize), the joy of women, Topos, Naked (second prize Sgae Award), Be Adolescent 2055 and The Moon Lady Chatterley. Santiago is a Screenwriter of different humor programs in Televisión Española. On the other hand, he has been an executive of video clips & marketing and in 1999 he coordinated the short film Ruleta, which takes an interest in the Official Section of the Cannes Film Festival. In 2000, Santiago composed and coordinated his first play, Share 38, Enrique Llovet Award for Best Theatrical Text of 1999. While in 2001 he made his large screen debut with the bearing of the element Happy Men. His gathering of football & intrigue novels, have turned into a publishing wonder, one of the accumulations of best – selling kid’s literature in Spain lately which has been converted into several languages.

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Davos Real Estate Group Launches A New App

Last month, Davos Real Estate Group launched Davos CAP Calculator. This real estate application is aimed at estimating the returns that an individual can make on a given real estate investment. Davos Real Estate Group (REG) is part of Davos Financial Group. The objective of the financial group is to formulate investment strategies that are in tune with the client’s expectations. One of executive directors of REG, Gerald Gonzalez, has been working with Teknolution in coming up with the blueprint of the App.

Given that the App has been created on the recently developed technology platforms, it can be assessed on iPhone and Android devices. The initial application allows an individual to identify properties through his or her mobile phone. The device will then send historical real estate reports to an agent of Davos through an interactive chat. In response to the origin of the application, David asserted that Davos REG saw the need to develop the App in order to enable client’s diversify their portfolio by investing in real estate. Gonzalez added that through the app, clients would be able to work with actual figures rather than vague numbers. The app shall have a Mortgage Calculator that will allow clients to make rational assessment of their mortgages based on actual interest rates, banks projection and funding period. Besides working on the new App, Davos REG has been engaged in forming strategic partnerships with global real estate agents. In addition, the corporation has been broadening its outreach to Europe.

Gonzalez posited that Davos REG was committed to various projects with the goal of fulfilling its pledges of providing its customers with excellent services. In the first half of 2016, Davos REG registered impressive sales increase of 75% because of expanding its agent platform by over 60%. This information was originally reported on WRCBtv as elucidated in the following link

About David Osio
David Osio founded Davos Financial Group in 1993. In Venezuela, this financial corporation was the first to provide financial advice to its clients. Osio’s aggressive leadership abilities have enabled his corporation to open offices in Panama, Geneva, Miami and New York. Through the skills and experiences that he gained from the American Banking Association and Swiss Bank Corporation, David has enhanced the services of Davos Financial Group. Today, the corporation offers tailor-made solutions to its clients. In addition, David has been involved in different corporate social responsibility activities that have been undertaken through the Davos Financial Group. David has supported different foundations including EPK, Saludarte, UMA, Fundana and Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO). Osio is an alumnus of the Catholic University Andres Bello. This information was originally mentioned on the Official Webpage of David Osio as explained in this link

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