Rocketship Education Strives to Restore San Jose’s Reputation and Pride

Headquartered in Redwood City, Ca, Rocketship Education is a not-for-profit charter school network that was founded in 2007 by Preston Smith and John Danner. Around its headquarters in San Jose, Redwood, and Concord California, the network has 16 chartered schools. Moreover, it has schools in Milwaukee, Nashville, and Washington D.C. Altogether Rocketship Education has 25 schools in its network. STRIVE Collegiate, RePublic High School, and KIPP Nashville are some of the examples of schools in the network.

A recent article by Harvard University and the University of California, called the Atlantic states that San Jose used to be a launching pad for any American dream. It also states that children born in the 1980s in low-income families in San Jose had a good chance of prospering. Their chances were similar to those born in socially progressive countries like Denmark and Canada. However, as of today, this is not so because low-income families in San Jose are experiencing more financial problems. For example, the prices of houses and living standards, in general, have risen over the years. This makes it difficult for parents to take their children to good schools since they cannot afford it. This is the main reason why Rocketship Education was started. It was aimed at providing quality and affordable education to all especially children from low-income families.

Preston Smith says that he strongly believes that quality education can really change lives for the better. The Rocketship Education has been working hand in hand with parents and other stakeholders to provide an environment of quality public schools. This will enable children from low-income families gain access to Colleges and Universities after completing their high school studies. Apart from the key players in the network, the Rocketship has received massive funding and assistance from various people and organizations. For example, Reed Hastings, Netflix Chief Executive Officer, launched a $100 million dollar fund to help the network. Truly, Rocketship Education is creating an iconic movement through cooperating with the community members and tapping the innovative strength in San Jose. Within no time San Jose will go back to being the “Land of Opportunity.”