Roberto Santiago Soars To Success With Giant Mall

Roberto Santiago is a successful businessman and entrepreneur in Paraibana. He is the owners of the Manaira Shopping center which is the largest all in the entire area. The Manaira Shopping center features a variety of activities that are fun for the entire family. There is an option for everyone at the Maniara Shopping, including an amusement park simulator, bowling, and a huge movie theater that is a perfect way to rest after a long day of shopping. This mall was creatied in the late 1980s and was built in a prime location near the beach. It is a huge area that is able to accomidate a Stadium Systen, over ten theaters, as well as a 3D equipped room. It is the best place to go for family fun in the are.


The electronic amusement park is a huge hit among attendees and chidlren. It has hundreds of machines so you never have to wait in long lines like you do in a typical amusement park. It also features many different games that are appealing to all kinds of children. There are also machines that will work with small children so they are also able to enjoy themselves. The Manaira Shopping center is also known for having its own concert hall for the entertainment of the customers. There is also a gym so you basically never have to leave. They have everything you will ever need. There is also a delicious meal that is available to all the locals in the area. It is for this reason that parents love to bring their children here to play and relax.


Manaira Shopping continues to expand to support its growing customer base. They are the biggest commerical operature in the entire states and they have well over 200 stores in operation. All of this is thanks to the hard work of Roberto Santiago. His success in this business has led to huge improveents in the economy. Roberto Santiago is also the owner of Mangeberia Shopping in the capital of Paraiba. It was created using an impressove investment number and the construction was able to be completed in under three years. It is now one of the most advanced buildings in Brazil and its modern architect is drawing a lot of attention. Roberto Santiago has also been able to increase job opporunities due to his work with these businesses. He recently created thousands of job openings when the Mageberia Shopping center was opened. Roberto Santiago got his degree in Business Administation after attending the University Center of Joao. This is what gave him the skills he needed to really break into the industry and be as successful as possible. He has always been very intrested in entreprenuership and now he has achieved his goals of opening his own business. Not only that, but it is one of the most successful structures in recent history. All of this was started when he bought that plot of lands so many years ago. He continues to make steps toward the future.