Top Brands for Men On The Go


If you’re a man who’s frequently on the move, you likely don’t have time to worry about low quality products that will fall apart after a few days use. However, sometimes it’s deceivingly difficult to figure out what the best brands are. Thankfully, we’ve compiled two separate lists to guide you in the right direction with respect to mens wallet brands and headphones.

Top 5 Wallet Brands For Men on The Go


Assuming you’re not in the market for a luxury wallet, this list is for you. Not only are these wallets fashionable, they’re also extremely durable. Coach wallets are a perfect solution for men on the go. Secondly, it’s recommended that you consider checking out Saddleback Leather Co.’s men wallets. The third runner up is Leatherology, a company dedicated to providing high quality and slim-profile wallets for men on the go. Finally, if you aren’t an advocate of the aforementioned brands, we encourage you to check out MCROC and Tommy Hilfiger wallets. No matter which of the 5 brands you select, the wallet will be both durable and fashionable, no matter where you end up.   Just be sure to carefully choose the right briefcase brands, because you have to match if you’re going to be this fashionable.



Top 5 Headphones for Men on The Go


If you’re a man on the go who needs to bring his music with him, this list is for you. We’ve tested and analyzed the best headphones currently on the market and have compiled a helpful list to help you find durable and fashionable headphone brands. First, we recommend Sony for their wide array of available headphones. Secondly, We recommend Bose headphones if you can afford them. Thirdly, consider picking up a pair of JBL headphones. If none of these brands sound appealing to you, consider picking up a pair of Philips or Denon headphones. All of the above brands are durable, have large drivers, and look fashionable when being worn.