Jason Hope Is One Important Innovator To Watch

Ever since Jason Hope was a child, he had an insatiable fixation on technology and the transformational role it played in people’s lives. Growing up, he voraciously read such publications as Popular Science, Nature and even technical journals for engineers and computer scientists. It was with this foundation in and acute enchantment with the turning gears of science that he went about setting his own wheels of innovation to turning.

A history of foresight
After graduating from Arizona State University, Mr. Hope founded his first startup, a mobile content provider called Jawa. Jawa provided ringtones, music and videos to cell phone users on a proprietary interface that made downloading and payment as simple as a few clicks. This would all sound largely unremarkable until we consider that Mr. Hope was doing all this in the late 90s, 10 years before the first iPhone hit the shelves and long before the majority of people even had cell phones.

Mr. Hope’s crystal ball, which allowed him to apparently see trends decades before they manifested, has not failed him since either. He’s founded various firms including a highly successful search engine optimization company that has helped thousands of clients rank their websites on the first page of Google as well as a number of B2B mobile applications and industrial software solutions.

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Despite all these successes, Mr. Hope sees them as being absolutely nothing compared to what’s coming. Currently, he’s preaching the gospel to a flock of techies and internet-savvy entrepreneurs through his guest blogging and writing efforts on a number of sites from Wired to his own blog, JasonHope.com. Hope is proselytizing audiences to the technological rapture that he sees in the coming widespread adoption of the Internet of Things. Hope says that this new networking paradigm, more than just a logical extension of existing infrastructure, will represent a transformation as profound as the Industrial Revolution.

Hope states that the Internet of Things will usher in efficiency gains and reduction of labor demand that will be totally unprecedented in human history. He is profoundly optimistic that this will lead to such things as the 15 hour work week, once dismissed as Utopian fantasy.

50 Sparks to Outrageous Success

“They Can’t Eat You” is serial entrepreneur Marc Spark’s first contribution to the ever growing field of business growth instruction.

More than just an instructinal guide, in “They Can’t Eat You”, Spark’s will take readers through his own personal experiences with the successful business he has grown and continues to grow to this day. In the book, readers will find bits of wisdom and knowledge that Spark’s has gained along the way through trial and error. Follow these links: http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1132595 and http://www.nbcdvd.com/marc-sparks-more-business-than-usual/

This book is easily described as unorthodox as it defies what many people acknowledge as the “path” to success. Spark’s did not receive high grades in high school. As a matter of fact, he averaged a C+ in most of his classes.

The sub title of the book itself is “My unorthodox path to outrageous success”. Accordinf to Crunchbase and Wikipedia, Marc Spark’s story certainly lives up to the title as only a high school graduate, he has successfully ran six companies and has made millions of dollars in the process. He shares all of these within his debut book.

As mentioned before, the first part of “They Can’t Eat You” is an overview of Marc Spark’s personal experience and history. It covers his “unorthodox path” and how he ended up being incredibly successful.

The book then continues on to give readers 50 ideas and opportunities that readers can use to grow their personal business and make it more successful. He calls these the Fifty Marc Sparks. More than simple ideas or tips, Spark goes into detail explaining to readers how they can immediately begin implementing the tips to grow business now.

Marc Spark’s grew up in Texas and has had experience in many start ups, some more successful than others. He started a software company that rose to sell over $200 million per year. Read more: Marc Sparks, A Business Success Story

In addition, he started a insurance holding company from scratch that rose just as fast as it fell within only a 90 day period. Despite some of his failures however, Sparks has come out on the top more than he has stayed down.

He has experience in over 60 startups that he has generated vast amounts of wisdom and knowledge from that he is now sharing in his book “They Can’t Eat You, My Unorthodox Path to Outrageous Success”.