Bruce Levenson Is A Multi- Faceted Businessman

Bruce Levenson is the prior owner of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC company, and recently, he filed a suit against the prior insurance company that was selected for coverage against employment termination. The company in question was reported to have failed to cover the incident in which the team manager was terminated. The terms of the termination were supposed to be covered by the insurance company, but they neglected to pay. This led to the the lawsuit in question.

Danny Ferry was the team manager and was terminated buy the Atlanta Hawks basketball entertainment LLC. His original contract was for 18 million dollars. A mutual agreement was made for an undisclosed amount. The only information released regarding the settlement stated that it was a fair amount in relation to the original contract. See,

Bruce levenson is also a is also a successful businessman. According to, he co-founded United Communications Group. United Communications Group started out as a newsletter that was centered around the oil industry. The company grew to an industry Giant, and they now own and operate an app called GasBuddy. GasBuddy helps truck drivers find the best gas prices in a given area. He is also on the board of directors for techtarget as well as it industry, which is a Media Company.

Bruce levenson was born in Washington DC and raised in Baltimore Maryland. He attended law school at American University and worked as a journalist for the Washington Star. He began from humble beginnings to become an incredibly successful businessman. Read more about Mr. Levenson’s charity work on PR Newswire.