The Phenomenon American Institute of Architects

     Architects residing in the United States have formed an organization known as the Institute of Architects that is based in the Washington D.C. The organization is tasked with the development issues in the surrounding communities and advocating for government issues. The organization also offers architectural education to the interested individuals and reaches out to the professionals in the architectural field.

The main reason for performing these tasks is to present a good architectural image to the public. The Institute of Architects has correlated well with other professional bodies in relation to its field. Engineers have been able to work with the organization in their building strategies. Activities that involve construction and design have been harmonized by the organization.

Robert Ivy is the Chief Executive Officer of the organization. The American Institute Organization has proudly constructed the Octagon house. The organization’s activities are conducted through the house. The Octagon house is located in the Washington D.C and it was founded in 1800. Thirteen architects founded the organization in 1857.

The American Institute of Architects has enhanced perfection among the architects’. This is achieved with the daily records of the architect’s activities. The profession has been admired by many individuals through the payments and services that they offer. The organization has managed to elevate the profession to an admirable position.

The Institute of Architects contains 90,000 members who are all licensed. The members include the associated professionals and the architects. The institute has provided a code of ethics where its members are required to adhere to the rules and regulations. These codes enable the professionals to provide good services to its clients.

The organization has constituted its membership into five categories. The categories include the international associate members, allied, emeritus, architects, and associate members. The allied members involve professionals whose activities associate to construction. The international associates contain valid licenses from other countries. The architects have been recognized by the United States as professionals in the field.

The Emeritus has been in the organization for more than fifteen years. Finally, the members who are associates are supervised by the architects in the field. Students with an interest in the architectural field can acquaint themselves with the student’s program. Many states in the United States contain the program to motivate the students.

Individuals who have been instrumental in the growth of the organization are normally awarded. The member is honored whereby he is designated in the organization. Architects who are foreign -based have also been recognized.

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American Institute of Architects Promotes Healthcare with Architectural Designs

     Robert Ivy is currently the deputy president of American Institute of Architects which began its operations in 1857. The organization was founded by passionate architects who aim at improving the construction and building industries. Besides, their other goal was to invent rich designs for their property. The American Institute of Architects has its main offices in Washington D.C. despite starting its operations in New York City.

Most of all, The American Institute of Architects is actively involved in philanthropic works that aim at uplifting upcoming architects through scholarships and many other types of support. Their contributions to the building industry have greatly improved professionalism and credibility in offering their services. Thomas V. Vonier who is the company’s president is the main reason behind its success because of his great leadership and managerial skills.

The American Institute of Architects is a major contributor to the growth and development of the United States of America’s economy. Besides, Robert Ivy and his fellow associates have also ventured into activities that focus on improving public health care delivery, providing solutions to disaster management and even sponsoring students’ research in different higher learning institutions. The company wishes to extend their services to a span of about ten years. As a result, Robert Ivy is positive that their commitments will bear fruits at the end of their mission.

According to Robert Ivy, he believes that architecture and design can as well be major role players in improving health care for the citizens of the United States of America. This has been possible through the draining of swamps and demolishing of poor housing conditions that may pose health risks to the people living in those areas. Still, on healthcare, Robert Ivy is positive that buildings can be designed with numerous staircases just to primarily impact on the exercise. These design strategies have positively influenced the recession in the number of patients suffering from lifestyle conditions such as diabetes and coronary heart diseases. Additionally, he points out that the location of buildings also plays a major role in delivering better health care. For this to be effective, architects consider the availability of water, fresh air, sunlight and many other necessities before putting up a foundation for any building.

Most of all, the raw materials used in constructing and designing buildings also affects the health of their occupants. Choosing the right materials is what every architect is after. Robert Ivy and his fellow associates at The American Institute of Architects have indeed become champions in improving healthcare and the welfare of the United States of America’s citizens.

Gregory James Aziz Knows the Secret to Business Success

Gregory James Aziz, he is the reason that National Steel Car continues being competitive in the rail car field for over one hundred years.


An amazing, lucrative, and recent business deal shows just how good Gregory J Aziz, CEO of National Steel Car Ltd, is at his job.


The business deal that proves that National Steel Car is still thriving was the one conducted with Canptotex. Canpotex is one of Canada’s main potash farmers and they needed specialized vehicles to transport their good. Greg Aziz showed them all that National Steel Car had to offer.


James Aziz showed them that National Steel Car was capable of custom designing them railcars to fit a variety of needs. The innovative design that National Steel Car developed, allowed Canpotex to optimize the weight that each rail car would hold. In addition to that, they maximized the number of rail cars that could attach to each train. This translated into more product being moved in less time, which of course meant profit. However, if that was not enough, Greg Aziz showed Canpotex how his rail cars would increase the efficiency of Canpotex by over 90%! This efficiency would enhance the capacities for transport.


When Canpotex saw these numbers, they signed on the dotted line. For how much do you ask? Recently, Canpotex signed a contract to purchase seven hundred rail cars for an investment totaling seventy million dollars. This of course does not include all the business that Canpotex has given National Steel Cars Ltd since 1999. Since that time, Canpotex has ordered over seven thousand rail cars and spent over five hundred million dollars to National Steel Car. See This Page for more information.


National Steel Car could pull of these sorts of deals because Greg Aziz has taught the company that they must be innovative. The needs of the world are changing, especially in the rail way sector. You do not have the option of a one size fits all product. You must be able to customize each job if you are to have a chance in this field. Luckily, James Aziz learned how to do that during his education while at Western University.


In addition to innovation, Greg Aziz taught National Steel Car Ltd efficiency. He understood that if you can only make a unique product for one customer that that in effect is one size fits all and if they stop buying your business sinks.


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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Using Big Data To Customize Care Plans

At the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, patients review safe treatment options with their doctor now, using the new Clinical Pathways program. Oncologists can review the evolving cancer therapy data included in the program, which is a custom solution that enables eviti’s clinical decision support program to access Allscripts Sunrise electronic health record’s data. NantOS, the interface used by physicians, creates custom treatment plans, along with supporting clinical data. Patients can compare treatment regimens, including how each treatment is likely to affect their quality of life, the toxicity of the treatment and the response rates while accessing the portal. All five of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America hospital locations are using Clinical Pathways to make patients partners in their cancer treatment.

Cancer patients choose Cancer Treatment Centers of America for their integrated approach, which combines traditional treatments, such as chemotherapy, and therapies that improve their patient’s quality of life while undergoing treatments with side effects, such as depression, fatigue and pain. Instead of a person traveling to visit various clinicians, such as an oncologist and a chiropractor, Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s doctors and clinicians operate under one roof, making it easy for patients to have a multidisciplinary team to meet their specific needs.

With their patient-centered approach, Cancer Treatment Centers of America involves family in the decisions about treatment, focusing on quality of life in addition to survival rates. Cancer Treatment Centers of America employs Oncology Information Specialists, who are available 24 hours a day, to help people decide if Cancer Treatment Centers of America is the right choice for their treatment or for a second opinion. Knowing that a cancer diagnosis is stressful, Cancer Treatment Centers of America makes it easy for individuals to discover information about specific cancer treatments and outcomes before making a final decision about becoming a patient.

The Talk About Investments, With Cassio Audi

When we talk about investment in Brazil, there is a lot to be discussed in regards to how Brazilians are investing their money in having a higher profit later. Ignorance and lack of information are two main problems when considering the investment sector in the country. We’ll be analyzing why that’s true, covering the story of one of the most successful financial experts of Brazil, as well as covering what would be the better options to achieve a higher percentage of profit while maintaining high security.

First, we have to analyze where Brazilians get investment information from, in the first place. And the majority will answer that they get from their bank agencies and the professionals that give financial assistance and bits of advice.

Not trying to misjudge the profession of these advisors, but they are paid to try to sell the investments that their bank agencies offer. In this case, the type of investment that most financial experts tell Brazilians to use is their savings account, which has around 0,6 return on profit per month.

What most Brazilians do not know is that this is the lowest type of steady investment possible. They could be achieving even 18% additional profit in a year without harming their security and confidence that the money is well stored.

Cassio Audi knows these facts pretty well. Having worked as Chief Financial Officer for Brookfield Brasil Real Estate Partners at the beginning of his career, he has tons of experience with financial management, investment, and solutions to the fiscal problems that many Brazilians are facing because of lack of options.

Cassio Audi studied at PUC and Later at the University of São Paulo, also in the big metropolitan city, where he got his MBA. Both formations are centered in business administration.

There is a lot of misconceptions regarding possible investments, and Brazilians tend to prioritize savings accounts just because of their “practicality.” About 61% of these communities still use this method, while some national treasures, for example, have about 13-14% additional return.