Malini Saba: A Real Life Fairy Tale

Malini Saba is truly one of the best success stories that there is. The way she has lived her life so far almost seems like it should be right out of the pages of a fairy tale. She went from a very poor country to becoming an extremely successful businesswoman and philanthropist, and her name is known worldwide for her exploits.


Malini was born on the island nation of Sir Lanka and moved to the United States at the age of 19. She did not really know what she wanted to do at the time, but she new that her education was first and foremost. As she was studying, she became deeply interested in the world of business. She found investments extremely interesting in particular. She pursued this field and would go out to investment firms in her spare time and ask them about their strategies and what makes their businesses work. She even tried to join several venture capital firms, getting turned down because she was apparently not venture capitalist material. Well, Malini destroyed all expectation when she created her own firm called Saban.


Saban now owns investments in several different industry sectors and commodities. It is extremely successful and has investments all over the world. Even with a few bouts of corruption trying to shut her down, Malini kept going and building her business. Her strategy was bold and extremely risky. She wanted to invest where others refused to, finding those investments to be way to risky for their liking. She also invests in countries that are deemed to risky to touch for most investors. She has said many times that she does not care what the trends are or what is good right now, she wants to be involved in what will be a good investment in the future.


Just adding to this fairy tale is the fact that Malini is also a very generous philanthropist. She has given out millions of dollars to causes that are dear to her. She also created her own nonprofit organization that is focused on helping women called Stree. This organization helps women all across Asia, Africa, and Europe get healthcare, help with legal matters, and training in business and entrepreneurship. Malini believes that all women have a right to get the chances that she had, and she knows firsthand how debilitating poverty can be. But with a little help, anybody can be anything that they want.



Portia Kersten, CFO for Skout Proves that Women can do Well in Business

Portia Kersten is currently the chief financial officer for Skout. The company is the leading and also the largest international platform where individuals can meet and make new friends. She has a lot of experience in her work, having worked for over a decade in the early stages and also the high growing companies in different parts of the country. She has managed to maximize growth potential, raise capital, operationalize for scale and also get successfully exists for the institutions she has worked for. One of the main reasons she has managed to well is because she is qualified, having graduated from Columbia University, with an MBA.

She grew up in a poor family, and she had a lot of imaginations that she received from her books. These books gave her the inspiration to do bigger things and her role models as a young girl were only the individuals who had managed to fight all odds and become successful people at the end of the day. One of her favorite models was Charles Dickens.

In her career, Portia has managed to work for several companies, both the big and the small. Some of the companies she worked for such as GE helped her to learn about the best practices and this is why she is able to run a big company like Skout without any major problems. Every company she works for brings a new challenge in her life, and it makes her a better person for the next position.

Portia has also been successful in balancing her working and life quite well. Although she admits that it is a difficult task, she says that she takes everything at a time. Her personal and professional life is well balanced, and she believes that everything should be efficient.

Working for Skout at such a big position has not been a walk in the park. She has had her share of challenges. The staff at the company have been difficult to handle, and the amount of work she performs due to her position is quite challenges.

Portia advises other women who want to become important people like her in the society to embrace versatility. She advises women to embrace the fact that they are business people first and then finance people at the end of it all. She also advises them to have patience. She has proven that women can do very well in the male-dominated industry.

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