Darius Fisher Shows The Path For Reputation Management

When a former executive of Status Labs caused the firm a bit of bad press, company president Darius Fisher went to work doing what he does best. He worked on fixing the reputation of his company. The media created a hassle for Status Labs. Through enacted a host of innovative steps detailed in a Huffington Post article, Fisher and his company came out on top.


In the article, written by Fisher, the digital marketing expert notes that the best way to make a change in reputation is to make a change in behavior. The company made a change by removing the executive from a leadership position. Soon after, a community outreach program was launched. Status Labs invested a lot of time and effort working with local charitable endeavors. In doing this, the local community started to see a much more positive – and accurate – side of the company.


Another interesting change employed was to change the relationship between employees and management. Some employees were unnerved when Status Labs had to deal with media woes. Some employees left. By providing the employees who stayed with numerous perks, morale improved. Status Labs also enhanced internal communications. Keeping employees in the proverbial loop also aid morale.


Darius Fisher recently wrote at length about employee retention for Forbes’ website. The article shows the managerial genius of Fisher. The former copywriter and political consultant not only knows how to manage the “nuts and bolts” of a business, but also how to effectively work with personnel.


Under Fisher’s leadership, Status Labs has expanded into two cities outside its Austin home: New York and San Paulo. Fisher also received an acknowledgment from PR Week for his amazing digital marketing skills. He is a prolific writer and speaker on the subject of reputation management, and his commentary is always insightful.


Status Labs overcame a few hassles and is now a model startup success. In the coming years, Status Labs is sure to attract even more clients who are in need of a reputation fix.

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