Elysium Health’s Place in the Supplement Business – Where Does Basis Fit?

Elysium Health, a leader in creating and distributing supplements aimed at helping humans living healthier lives for long periods of time, released Basis, their first supplement, in 2015.

As long as consumers take two capsules per day for at least four weeks, their concentrations of NAD+ — short for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide — rose, on average, a whopping ninety percent.

Thousands of people still take the supplement today and experience improved and sustained NAD+ levels, as long as consumers continue to take the supplement once every day. As a result, their cellular health, DNA regularity, circadian rhythm, energy creation, and bodily functions maintained themselves at a high level.

Where is Basis today?

The cellular health supplement Basis is more prevalent than ever before. Many people in North America take various supplements, although few of them have been clinically proven to hold true to the claims they allege.

Basis has been clinically proven, as of earlier this year, to increase and sustain levels of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide in people who take the naturally-occurring chemical compound.

In the clinical study, 120 people from the ages of 60 to 80 participated in the fully legitimate trial. The randomized, placebo-present, double-blind trial gave an equal number of participants either: a placebo, 250 milligrams of nicotinamide riboside and 50 milligrams of pterostilbene, or twice the above dose – 500 milligrams of nicotinamide riboside and 100 milligrams of pterostilbene.

After four weeks, each participant’s blood levels were tested for the concentration of NAD+ and how much it changed, if any, from baseline. As the experts at Elysium Health expected, NAD+ rose between 40% and 90%, depending on how high the dose that participants consumed was – the higher the dose, the closer to the average concentration of 90% was achieved.

Participants were found to have no adverse effects as a direct result of consuming Basis. Further, the supplement Elysium Health created in 2015 was found to be safe for everyday use.

The eight-week study found that the participants’ levels of NAD+ were sustained for each and every day they consumed the combination of nicotinamide riboside and pterostilbene, the same combination that is found in Basis.

What is Elysium Health?

Elysium Health is an organization that creates supplements. It was created as a merger between three people, one of whom was a scientist. The researcher, Dr. Leonard Guarente, is employed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as its Director of MIT’s Glenn Laboratory for the Science of Aging. Dr. Guarente remains with the organization today, helping Elysium Health lead the supplement industry.