Five Tips For Zooming Through Your Upwork To-Do List

It is important to stay focused if you want to get through your to-do list before the evening or weekend. However, you may find yourself procrastinating or feeling unmotivated during your work day. This is why the company Upwork has shared five tips for zooming through your to-do list.

Record Every Task

When you try to remember your to-do list, you wind up focusing on your unfinished tasks instead of your current task. It is better to record your tasks on a memo pad, software or mobile application. This way, you can focus on your current task until it is time to work on the next one.

Prepare Your List Early

When you create your list before going to bed each night, you are giving yourself more time to work in the morning. It also gives you time to select the task you are going to work on first.

Keep Your Tasks Together

You are wasting valuable time by looking for pieces of your to-do list in notebooks or on an application. Whether you are writing it down or using a software, you want to keep your entire to-do list in one place.

Assign Time Attributes

Every task on your list should have time attributes such as your start date, work hours, length of task and deadline. Use the time attributes to keep yourself from taking on too many tasks at once.

Assign Priorities

There is nothing like an unexpected event to threaten your work day. You can avoid missing your deadline by assigning a priority to each task. The task with the earliest deadline is the task you are going to work on first. It is easier to reschedule the task that is due next week than the task that is due in 12 hours.

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You are sure to get through your tasks when you take the time to create an organized to-do list.