How End Citizens United is Preparing for Next Year’s Election

End Citizens United announced the records of the funding that they collected over the first quarter of the year. The group intends to raise thirty-five million dollars for the midterm elections for Congress next year. End Citizens United raised $25 million during last year’s election. This is the first election cycle that they were involved. Tiffany Muller is the president and executive director of ECU. She formerly served as the deputy political director of the Senate Democrats’ campaign. She said that half of the hundred thousand people who contributed to the PAC were giving for the first time. Muller mentioned that the average contribution that they had received over the first three months was twelve dollars.


The leaders of ECU say that the goal of the group is to facilitate the election of reform champions to Congress. The donors of the PAC are people who feel that their opinions are disregarded because those who have a lot of money have the biggest say. Muller pointed out that many Democrats were not pleased with Trump’s appointment as president. They considered giving the PAC a way of fighting back. End Citizens United has been asking its donors to support the congressional campaign of Jon Ossof. Ossof is thirty years old. He is vying for the Georgia seat. The PAC has hinted that it will support Jon Tester and Sherrod Brown who are contesting for the Montana and Ohio seats respectively.


Republicans who voted to take away Medicaid were rewarded with money from a special interest group. The congressmen voted for a repeal bill that could cause millions of people to lose their healthcare coverage. It will allow insurance companies to charge people over the age of 50 more because of an age tax for seniors. People with conditions such as asthma, pregnancy, and cancer will be at risk because the bill removes some protections from the law.


The group is known as the American Action Network. It declined to disclose the source of its funding. It committed $2 million towards putting out advertising campaigns for the 21 Republican congressmen who voted for the bill. The group repaid the politicians with advertising funding that would deceive their constituents according to a statement by Tiffany Muller. She said that the House Republicans were participating in a scheme to deny hardworking Americans healthcare coverage.


The members of Congress who were part of the deal include Rodney Davis, Erik Paulsen, Paul Ryan, Greg Walden, and Darell Issa. The funding came at an opportune time since the members of Congress were preparing to go for vacation. Muller said that ECU would fight to shed light on shady activities such as this one.