Jed McCaleb – The Innovator of Cryptocurrencies

Jed McCaleb is an expert in the field of artificial intelligence research and development. In 2014 he helped cofound a company called Stellar Developmental, which aims to provide low income individuals and members of the developing world by utilizing cryptocurrencies.

Stellar intends to forge a chain of networks between several different institutions. Using the technology provided by Stellar, the institutions will be able to offer services that were previously exclusive to only the middle and upper-classes.

Stellar has a very unique core audience it wishes to reach. While most companies are only targeting the rich and wealthy, Stellar is attempting to reach the poor and needy. Stellar’s core audience consists of low income individuals and families in developed countries, but mainly they want to reach developing countries that have no other financial options. Stellar refers to its audience as the unbanked because they have no one advising or assisting them with their liquid assets.

Jed McCaleb believes that artificial intelligence is far superior to blockchain and that it will achieve more in the financial sector than most people believe. This is the reason Jeb McCaleb has invested his time with Machine Intelligence Research Insitute (MIRI.) The institute is a nonprofit organization that dedicates their time and money to inventing new tools that will ensure a safe way to use artificial intelligence software in the near future.

Stellar and MIRI are not the only companies that Jed McCaleb has invested his time with. His first major venture was eDonkey200, a peer to peer file downloading network, which was the very first to use multi-source downloading(which is now peer to peer standard.)

Jed didn’t stop his world changing innovation there. Jed also created Mt. Gox, the world’s first bitcoin exchange, which is now owned by Tibanne Ltd and operated out of Tokyo, Japan.

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