Kyle Bass’ Endless Negative Career Decisions

Kyle Bass originally became known because of his successful investment strategy during the 2008 worldwide economic crisis. Bass bought millions of dollars worth of credit-default swaps on residential mortgages given by the largest financial institutions in the United States starting in 2006. After the economy fell to rock bottom in 2008, Kyle Bass earned extremely large gains on his credit-default swap investments. Although it may seem like someone of Kyle’s potential would have an outstanding financial career, Bass has made tons of irresponsible decisions dating back to his initial spurt of success in 2008.

Since few investors and hedge fund managers foresaw the 2008 worldwide economic crisis, next to nobody purchased credit-default swaps prior to 2008. Because of this, many investors have sought after Kyle Bass’ advice, warranting a number of television appearances for Bass. Put simply, he has led thousands of investors to make financial decisions resulting in substantial losses.

The county of Argentina has defaulted on sovereign debt two times in the past two decades. Bass has publicly spoken out in favor of Argentina’s corrupt politician Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, the principal government official that led Argentina to default. As a financial professional, nobody should ever justify defaulting on debt for such an illegitimate purpose. As a person, however, UsefulStooges makes it pretty clear Kyle Bass has absolutely no excuse for defending Kirchner. And as if his story couldn’t get any worse…

Bass publicly defended General Motors on Forbes after power steering systems and airbags in their newest release of vehicles failed in several cars, injuring and even causing death to several motorists who purchased GM’s vehicles. It would have been acceptable for Bass to stay quiet and retain ownership of GM stock he owned, but instead he solely blamed the customers for their involvement in the wrecks stemming from the defects.

While on television providing financial advice to listeners at home, Bass strongly urged investors to purchase credit-default swaps against the residential market in Japan because he predicted Japan’s economy to fail in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015. Japan’s economy is not the strongest, but has certainly not failed since Bass predicted the future recession and urged consumers to purchase in dead-end investments.

Believably, Bass sued a pharmaceutical company for patenting their landmark drug. Bass tried to strip the patent from the company for overcharging customers, then turned around and attempted to raise the price! Thankfully, the rotten scumbag that is Kyle Bass lost the case.

Not only does Kyle Bass have a questionable moral compass as a financial (un)professional, but maintains a bad sense judgement as a person.

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